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  1. I'm absolutely lost as to why I couldn't activate the Sterling romance. I saw that there isn't the dream switchover at Christmas like there is for the other boys but nothing came up later. I saw him at Christmas and was able to choose to spend Easter with him, but after Christmas I never encountered Sterling adventures in any locations. Do you lose the ability to do Sterling's adventures if you don't have his relationship points up high enough? I'll try another playthrough, but I'm wondering if there's some major point I missed that messes everything up. Heartbreaking doing the last bit in Turkey after trying to cultivate Sterling in the first half of the game and getting forced to choose 'just friends' responses. He's far and away my favourite of the boys.
  2. I haven't noticed any other threads that mentioned this problem, although maybe I missed it. But I figure with such a huge game, there's a lot of stuff that isn't going to pop up in the game for everyone, so it's something worth drawing attention to, even if someone else may have mentioned something similar. One of the odder bugs I've encountered has occurred almost consistently and exclusively in events or adventures with Ana Flavia Bassa - when she's mentioned in the text, instead of just saying "Ana Flavia" and linking to her profile, I get "Ana Flavia Bassa" followed by the first line or two of her biography. I haven't noticed it with any other characters as of yet, but it happens almost every time she's referred to by name when I do her adventures.
  3. This surprised me enough that I actually went and made an account just to post my experience with bullies in the game so far. On nearly the first day, my character was targeted by several bullies. By the time midterms rolled around, the relationship with one of the bullies, Phillippe, was at -10. A couple months later, and there is at the very least a bully attempt on me several times a week, along with spells and his sending his familiar after me. My character doesn't have much in the way of vitality, so there have been a lot of infirmary visits lately. I've also learned (and used on him) a lot of spells that are hostile and do major damage or increase stress, or knock down his stats in various skills by five points or so for a good week. It really is a sign of the game's strong suit that different playthroughs can be so different, to the point where people can play and never experience something that's part of my character's weekly routine, trying to strategize the best time and spells to use to reduce the likelihood of being mauled by a familiar and losing a day.
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