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  1. Randomly visiting game forums while bored and look what we have here, an update.
  2. Solution from LoM: When you create a new game, please always check to use the official content patch/DLC.
  3. Hadn't updated since about patch 8, updated to current version on Impulse and then applied patch 13 yesterday.
  4. Reached level 10 of astronomy research but did not receive the bonus for having mastered it. Instead, I now had astronomy research listed twice in my stats: once at 0, once at 10. i had no other events happen on this day (other than just going classes). Thinking this was weird, I researched both of the 2 astronomies listed on the same day a few weeks later. The 10 one failed (as expected) and the 0 one succeeded and is now at 1. Stat sidebar now looks like: Research Astrology 0 Astronomy 1 Astronomy 10 Athletics 0 This did not happen when I maxed out Trigonometry research, so I'm guessing it might specific to Astronomy (or a select few research topics).
  5. The red color of the time slot where detention is does not return to normal after you end the need for attending detention. Example: You have detention on Thursday. It is red here and every week in the future. You finish detention. On next week's schedule, the default, Rest, is red now. Any other tasks you schedule during that time is also still red.
  6. I meant the classes that are put there initially. That way if you didn't want to pick all of your classes but still want a variety, you don't have to. But you'd still be able to pick your classes if you wanted to.
  7. Idea: random default classes. Instead of arithmetic, astronomy, athletics, and sometimes Botany defaulted to after the 2/3 college-mandatory classes, have the optional classes be set to random courses instead of the top of the alphabetical order. Or have default course lists for each school.
  8. You just need to invite people to have access. The issue there is that people would need to install the sharing program (some people might have issues with that). Basically, when you update files on your version, it updates the central location. Then when other people are connected, it updates their files, too. Yes, this could cause issues. They do keep copies of older versions of files for 30 days, though, so while having multiple people update the same file would be an issue, any data would be recoverable. Google docs is nice because people can modify the same file at the same time, right? (Not sure, haven't used it much myself.)
  9. Hardcore mode: You get 5 points instead of 10 in character creation. All relationships start at -3. Permanent increased chance of failure. Actually, that sounds like it would not be a fun experience. Oh, will we be able to add new locations/lore/people? Also, will we be able to modify existing locations?
  10. Check out Dropbox, might be useful for this.
  11. The issue happened again. Emailed the error file log thing.
  12. I also had the issue and did not have 4.0 installed. I have 3.5 SP1 and 1.1. Am installing the 4.0 standalone now.
  13. There's lots of mentions about "rolls". What are rolls in this game? Skill plus a die roll, it seems. What kind of electronic die is used? 1-10? 1-20? 1-8? 2d6? Can you roll a 0? Guess this might be one of the things that should really remain a mystery, though.
  14. Thanks, that was really fast. Where do I go to change that setting? Went to Control Panel->Personalization->adjust font szie (DPI). ->custom DPI. It's already at 100%. Default scale (96 DPI), alternate option is Larger (120 DPI).
  15. I am also unable to move items from wardrobe to inventory. While dragging, my mouse has a "illegal" cursor (circle with diagonal line). The green item box stays outside of the bag area. Also, before patching today, but also after patching: Can't save games. On my first try, it worked. But since then, when clicking the arrow to confirm the save game name, the progress bar fills up but no file appears in the list of games. I then tried saving the game with the same name as the successful save. It let me overwrite it. But unfortunately this meant that my original file got overwritten by this new save which then did not appear on the list. Ran the game in administrator mode, started a new game, still unable to save. Looked into the game's AppData folder. I see a 22.1MB .ams file, 6 empty ones. The 22 MB file has the name of the second save I attempted. Vista x64.
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