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  1. Im pretty sure Ive come across recipes and materials in shops so you might want to try shopping a little. You get the accept commision skill when youre skill is high enough, though they tell you you have it before your skill gets high enough. Try taking discovery libraries for a artificer type. It may seem counter intuitive but the library of manetele raises 1 subskill of your choice, 1 random revision skill, and one random forge skill.Thats kind of my power training location since revision is almost always one of my classes. As a side effect my characters tend to be very good at Forge, at least theoretically since they never actually make anything.
  2. Im pretty sure that you cant gain more than 1 skill level at a time no matter how many skill steps you gain. I used the potentially crippling route and never got a fitness increase. Bad luck I guess.
  3. Im not sure if its a bug or if my character spent a former life sitting under a fruit tree to gain inner peace, but I actually had a stress level of 19 without any bitter side effects. The only emotion I felt was alertness. LOL. Pretty much what happened, was a bully singled me out and bullied me every day for awhile. Plus one or two failed events. To be fair, she was messing with a master of mastery so I made life "interesting" for her as well . Anyway back on subject, Ive noticed a couple times near the end of the year where characters have developed nerves of steel. The character I mentioned initially would feel bitterness at a stress of about 4 at the beginning of the year. And while I know that i've gained several abilities that improve my stress maximum I wasnt sure if it was 15 points worth of expansion, not that I'm complaining if it is possible. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. And by the way, Congrats on making such an awesome game. The patches and new content have improved the enjoyability of an already addictive game.
  4. Im a little confused about where I need to copy the patch to. I have an academagia folder , this is where my academagia exe. is located. Though it isnt called that. There is also an official content folder which contains both media and resource folders.....so which would i install it to?
  5. I had patch two. I never changed my starting location so it should have been the default, which I'm relatively certain is my room. I am actually reinstalling academagia right now with the intent of Installing patch 3 and the content patch. Glad to hear it was just a bug because I was getting a little flustered. I explored twice in one day after casting sense of direction with a pheme to increase explore by 1 more so failing twice in one day seemed a little odd. I am sorry that I have already deleted academagia. I would have liked to be able to help you with a save file or something. If the problem happens again I will let you guys know.
  6. I have an explore of 10 and routinely successfully cast a spell to boost my explore skill by 4 points. Even with my skill boost and adding stress to the action I still fail constantly at my explore actions. And when I do succeed I find things like the vegetable stand. Is there something else I should be doing to increase my chances of finding locations?
  7. I think that having 5 picks for attributes and 10 for other picks would be far too much. As a general rule I boost a couple attributes and then work on focusing on picks that create the kind of character I'm looking to play. I have found that for a lot of my characters I have wanted to take just one more pick and wasnt able to. Even after picking descended from traitors or black sheep. I think that 12 picks would be a nice number but thats just me. I cant really justify it with a grand argument. Even with only 10 picks I've been mostly satisfied with my characters. As I've stated in another post, I dont want to play some uber mage, at least not until my last year. If we cant have more picks perhaps having a couple more flaws we could pick would be an option. I went through the whole set of options repeatedly hoping to find more than the two negative qualities available to us. Maybe a couple flaws that make it hard to learn specific main skills. While someone could easily argue that you could just pick a a skill you dont think you'll need, the fact is that so many skills come up in the daily events and adventures that having to advance 7 skill steps for a low level of an otherwise easily advanced skill could effectively close off certain quests. While this may sound like a negative, it just means the clumsy kid who has trouble advancing his athletics skills will probably never finish a quest line that requires him to possess a high level in athletics. At least not without a little help from his friends .
  8. Ok, so first and foremost I find myself addicted to the game. While there are bugs( like getting stenchtastic, curing it and still suffering the penalty) I dont find them game ending. I completed my first year last night and started a new character with a different style and approach to problems. Its easy to say that some of the daily missions or adventures are unsolvable but to me that is part of the atmosphere of the game. When you start out you have limited skills in a few areas. And that is exactly how it should be. You're 13 and a novice mage. You're not merlin. I actually enjoy the first couple of months where Im constantly in trouble because my character is clueless. Aftert midterms I had trained my skills up to the point where there was almost always at least one option open to me. At that point I looked forward to those daily events. I sometimes even picked a red action if it involved a skill I thought fit my characters personality as I'd envisioned it.Even when you fail you can gain a new skill path to advance in. Plus in the adventures if you have a friend you can sacrifice them to move on to the next part of the mission. Its not nice but you gotta do what you gotta do. You can always spend some time repairing your relationship. On the negative side, some skills really do seem unnecessary. Perception,listen,awareness, observation. I think the idea of interconnecting them and using a skill you have that is similar in place of the skill asked for would be perfect. I did have locations which i couldnt really use esteban contus incantation school. And for my last week i was only allowed to rest and attend class. I did spend several days in a row getting caught being stupid so maybe i was just on severe academic probation. Familiars did seem relatively useless to me. Who am I going to train when my actions are limited to 3 a day? Myself or my familiar? Umm... me hands down. I think some more in depth examples of how to make friends and build relationships couldnt hurt either. On a scale of 1-10 Im going to give a 7-8 leaning towards 8. Awesome game and i look forward to the sequels. Keep up the good work
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