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  1. I am embarrassed to admit that my college of choice, when I am playing for play, rather than playing to test something, is and only is Morvidus. And what's embarrassing is my reason. Because we can only study our six selected class skills, and because certain *hides and mumbles the rest* of the studies give attribute gains when you master the studies, I couldn't stop myself from considering which of the college's assigned classes gave attribute gains when study is maxed. I'm too attached to higher attributes, when playing to play at least. Playing for some purpose is different!
  2. Legate; I've played with this game and am sure I have found Lore and more lores, enough to go 'round. 'Read the small print' lawyers warn and decry Yep, doing that, Academagia strengthens one's eye. 'Twould fit somewhere within, that poem hastily dashed off - As errant and careless as urgent cough? Welp, alright, if asked I agree. Find for it a space Should you wish, and I grant leave to give it its place. Or, if soothly it is as I ken, and your comment Is praise, but of additional meaning innocent, Then my thanks you do have, and this added wordplay sincere For words are the best toys - meanings each one both hides and makes clear. and Fan, my dearest Fan ; Thanks for the praise too! Wordplay is delightful fun. Been rather overlong since I've taken such liberties with scansion.
  3. If there are such endings, they are currently in the things yet undiscovered by forum posters, and likely would lie within secret and forbidden knowledge and actions - if they exist at all. For the most part, the teachers are looking out for you and you're bespelled to stay alive (if not at all comfortable!) until one or more can dig you out of any deep holes you've taken a header into - assuming you do your part and give reasonable effort towards passing. Are there exceptions? <insert evil player laughter here> Err, well, none that I'll admit to finding yet.
  4. To fashion a poem most wondrous and fair; This is your goal, if you dare, you dare. But such an effort one may not contemplate While mountains of unread texts still lie in wait. Thus turn to your studies, if study you can For which class you have matters, again and again. Poetry is grammatical, with logical rules Rhythm and rhyme enough to please whole schools. Thus, ignore your teachers and stay glued to your books Study your way to wondrous poems and meritous looks!
  5. I believe the SP # lores are a remnant placeholder from the programming time before lore names were fleshed out, and are probably a form of typo, but one that our Devs probably can easily locate themselves when they have a chance to fix. 'Tactics Skill Point 2', and so on, is how I interpret them. There's a few duplicate lores where there's a SP # and a regularly named version as well (Though there's more than a few where there's two regular names as well).
  6. For me, I found here through Dwarf Fortress, I occasionally peek at the other games talked about on their other games threads. I dont think I'd have found here for a long time, if ever, otherwise!
  7. *grins* Even if not, the hunt for typos shall likely continue past CP1's release. It's truly awesome how much attention, work, and dedication you and your team are putting into this game. Hip, hip, huzzah!
  8. Nope, the skills are not high. The study for each is maxed. I can well believe that I'm failing the skills test there - but once grounded, there's no chance to improve those skills anymore save through the random and slow gains brought by attend class, and possibly by the detentions, if your detentions happen to be within your class subjects. The gains from Study Hall appear to come purely within study, though, and not skill gains. I've gained relationship increases during study and during Study Hall, but only until the study levels are maxed, so it feels especially entrapping on a character who already has the studies maxed.
  9. The spell, Smoke Screen contains "Truely, one would think that..." - 'Truely' should be 'Truly'. The event where a cat knocks over potions in the potions shop, the Chemistry option contains "The monste kitty..." - 'monste' should be ... something else. 'Monstrous' is used soon afterwards, but something should go there. 'transmogrified', perhaps? The event where you 'trip over nothing', the Danger Sense option contains "Y ou decide to try" - 'Y ou' should be 'You'. Zoe Melis's description starts talking about 'Cordelia' and lamenting a lack of money part way through, without any apparent reason why. Should 'Cordelia' be 'Zoe'? In the event where you believe you are alone in a shop, and then spot Philippe and become surrounded by a crowd of students chanting for a fight, if fail the Glamour option, it contains "... and of course,Philippe's is just howling with laughter." - 'course,Philippe's' should be 'course, Philippe'
  10. I accidentally skipped detention. It's possible that I didn't notice, but I believe that this once, detention did not appear on my day, that day's third activity continued to show as rest. I was caught skipping a class, if that helps. No idea by who, of course, but the next week that detention was served with Contzel Ringraeyer, in case that helps figure out why I didn't see it (Am assuming it wasn't a mistake I made, though it could have been). Interestingly, this detention skipping lead to me being grounded. I didn't know until I tried to do something for the next day. All I'd seen was that I'd been reprimanded for skipping detention. This really confused me, as my Saturday was clear. No Hall Study - the calendar showed rest there. Opening up the selection for that day, I was able to switch it to hall study. Would have been horrid to innocently skip both of those too! But the fact that these were not visible on my Saturday, for absolutely sure, makes me more suspicious that punishments given by Contzel Ringraeyer may not be properly interlaced with whatever changes the calendar's defaults. The following week the detention and Hall Studies were already on the calendar like normal. Which leads me out of 'possible bugs' and back into Suggestions! We need to know when we are grounded. Sure, we realize this when we open up our 'what we want to do', but as is, it really does look like something's wrong, and that something isn't that we messed up too much at the wrong time. We need to be told, explicitly, what we have done wrong and what we must do to atone, especially when the punishment is 'you can't play like normal, you are severely restricted and must wait.' This is in accord with 'good parenting' and 'good teaching' as well - if punishments and expectations are not clear, the feeling created and the student's focus tends to be on hostility towards the authority figures (or the game in this case) or on dislike of oneself, and not on 'what I should be doing, what I will do in the future'. This negativity translates into a strong urge to simply reload to before the grounding, recreate another character, or just play a different game. Please reconsider the length of being grounded. A player tends to greatly exagerate the feel of the length of being grounded, especially when this grounding includes weekends and holidays - some weeks have more than one holiday, and missing every one of those chances for no chances at all is acutely uncomfortable, increasingly so with every day that passes without change. This increases more extremely upon seeing the next week, and seeing that there is still no chance to take voluntary actions, especially with no feel for when this truly player-and-playstyle-punishing-punishment might end. I would suggest giving things like a three-day grounding, a five-day grounding... have groundings initially only cover school days (and Study Hall days), with the 'free' days not included, unless students continue to mess up on these weekends or when the grounding ends. Please reconsider Study Hall. As is, it gives awesome increases in Random Study expansions, and may lead to relationship increases based on those expansions. If you already have all of your study levels at 10, Study Hall gives nothing. Nor are you released from it, it appears to have no direct test associated with it. If nothing else, allow a Study Hall student who has mastered their subject(s) to offer tutoring to other students, either in Study Hall too or just studying (the Great Hall's description suggests that students chosing to be there mingle with Study Hall students among others). This may well lead to relationship increases, a 'something' for otherwise good students who end up with Study Hall - and thus currently have nothing to gain but lost opportunities. Thanks!
  11. Evil Overlords make zillions of mistakes, it's in the Code of the Evil Overlord, that Each Overlord Must Ensure His/Her Own Destruction. Even if they memorize the information to be found here - http://www.eviloverlord.com/lists/overlord.html they have no chance, alas.
  12. Amusingly, quite a few students appear to not have much in the way of language skills, for any of the 5 languages. Which are quite easy to passively train. Good thing the bug's loophole will soon close!
  13. Playing around with this a little more revealed that it actually attempts to raise a relationship level twice. Once is automatically included in the teach language to who, and a second chance comes with 'pick anyone'. Additionally, the first time you use teach languages, the field of who to teach is lit up as a 'have to choose someone', as is the who to improve relationship with field. When you use teach language a second time, the field of who to teach is filled in for you, but not with your previous student. Instead, you default to trying to teach yourself that language.
  14. When you use Teach Language, you are allowed to choose both who you wish to teach a language step to, and also who you wish to improve a relationship point with. There's absolutely no need to choose the same person when doing so - I succeeded in teaching Vincent while becoming a better friend with Carmine quite nicely.
  15. Found another 'Detention for you' event, that did not lead to actual detention. The event where you are urgently studying and falling asleep, the Brew coffee choice, if failed, leads you to be caught by Violante de Canapierdra. She is so furious not only does she immediately assign you detention, but she also confiscates your study materials. Ouch! Detention, sure. But I supposedly really, really needed those materials, argh! Character's probably ashamed awake enough to keep studying now, for whatever good it won't do. Course, the detention isn't actually assigned. Bummer all the way around!
  16. Apparently less serious, but the event where a boy bumps into you and "you realize your money is gone!" can occur even when you have no pims. If you don't catch him, your history shows that "You have decreased Your Money by 15." Happily this did not lead to a crash, and no, I do not have negative money now (It's still 0) - but I am quite sure I didn't have those 15 pims to lose.
  17. I can half see devoted modders striving hard to make various forms of '(un)happily ever after' to sort of play through after graduation!
  18. Well, if they'd been Impet I suppose it might have looked like that! This is what I saw - Carmine Sturzo did not succeed at using Hang out inside the College on Carmine Sturzo and Carmine Sturzo. Makes me want to share a cup of cocoa with him, he seems so... needy and made of anti-win!
  19. Not sure if this is fixable, but NPCs sometimes try to use their 'hang out inside the College' ability on themselves. They fail, of course, making themselves look very lonely in the process.
  20. Welp, if this was implimented, in whatever form our Developers run with (Betcha anything it won't be 100% what I described above, cause it won't be me making it ) I did suggest that it be a selectable (multiply selectable please!) background. That would save players like yourself from ever having to deal with it except when you wanted to; and you'd start the game with full knowledge of if you were to face one or more such enemies - or not. As to wether this idea is right, good, or realistic, well, that's a harder call. My first best friend ended up messing up my life quite a bit, mostly because I was a rather better friend than she, and she wanted certain things far more than my friendship and she saw a way to use me to achieve her goals. And because I lacked the understanding to realize what was going on, but then again I was 14 at the time. Some of the generally nicest people can have 'grudges', and even fairly irrational motivations for liking just about everyone 'but you'. Maybe they see you as a threat, maybe they think someone they like likes you more than them, maybe someone else offered them something unattainable if only they make you miserable enough. Maybe your enemy is only your enemy because -they- have a secret enemy, and it isn't you, but they believe it is you and they have no choice but to defend themself by taking you down. I kinda envision 'catching' this person as either being a process of elimation, or outright luck. Maybe you'll be watching several students actions, and notice someone doing something odd (or not doing anything you can recognize, when everyone else is) during a day when your enemy acts. Maybe you'll have to provoke duels with several students as you try to figure out which one your enemy is, and deal with whatever problems come from picking the wrong fights with would be friends as your real enemies learn more and more ways to mess with you. In any case, I'm sure this idea, if implimented, is not for everyone. It brings a darker, meaner tone to the game. I described the idea as intended for a selectable or not -penalty-, not benefit to begin the game with for players who were interested. I completely agree that this 'random horrible enemy' should not be a part of every game for every player's characters - that's not in the spirit of what this game is. Likewise, I don't recommend making every player's characters have to be black sheep or descended from traitors either
  21. Oh yeah. Since stats can go to 0 and into the negatives, would you consider allowing us to lower, as well as raise, our stats in character creation?
  22. I ran into an event on a character's first day of play, the one where a student tries to blackmail 20 pims from you. I failed the option that causes the amount blackmailed to double to 40 pims. Course, my Black Sheep student started play with.... no Pims. I've seen stats go into the negatives. I eagerly pressed continue, looking forward to seeing negative coinage on my inventory screen! But that didn't happen. With a horrid and ongoing growl-like sound, the game crashed, offering up a runtime error and the suggestion that I contact the makers with a report. I kinda like imagining that the weird sound was the growl of the blackmailing student, having started to rifle my pockets looking for the money I simply didn't have! I must say though, this is the first time the game has crashed for me at all, since I learned that I needed to run it as an administrator. And I've poked and proded at every bug-like and odd thing I've been able to notice, trying to see what happens and if it crashes, works, or works well indeed. I rather expected to find quite a few crashes, and I haven't
  23. Impet

    Full Screen

    I'm also really pleased with how well the game behaves when you switch to another task. I use the windows key to change, rather than alt+tab, but if the game didn't allow such things, I doubt I'd have reported even a tenth of the bugs I have. (if the game allowed one to copy and paste text from it, that would make tracking the silent things much swifter and easier - though also get the wiki made vastly faster )
  24. When I 'do' something in this game, usually I do a bunch of it. When I study, I usually study 20-60 times in a row, unless something very tantalyzing distracts me. Same with skills, I usually take one after another to whatever point the step jumps get harder, then move to the next. When I adventure, I do one after another steps of the same one... in any case, it's not uncommon for me to have my studying done by the end of the second month unless I'm exploring another part of the game specifically. One way to inspire me to 'slow down' my study (if that was a desired goal? for whatever reason) would be to make certain times more or less advantageous to study one thing or another, or nothing at all. Study groups are popular and sometimes more effective than solo study (not for every student, but still it's true for some). If there were occasional group studies (like study hall, but voluntary? Maybe joining the involuntary study hall, and studying with the punished?) that offered some advantage to studying, especially in combination with a delay (increased step penalty, most likely) or other drawback to studying at other times and in other ways, then I would be very likely to pace my studying to adapt to the new rules. That said, I'd also be inclined to just take prodigy:curiousity for the work til you drop RR study+chosen subskill step, which is how I handle most of my studying about half the time anyway. Unless that was tweaked too, of course. Right now, the order and efficiency you do things (or the consistancy with which you roleplay your character) is kinda the core of the game for most players, I think. Discovery is the early core, of course, but once you start to understand how to play a bit and figure out how things are working together, that probably ceases to be a real goal. Even when a later-stage player is looking for a specific set of discoveries, I'd bet their focus is on speed and which technique might find it the most efficiently, or else on how to look for it like their character would. That's kinda 'what this game is and allows' for now, least to me. Thus, study doesn't really seem much more or less 'needing adjustment' than anything else, really. Each playstyle is going to follow its priorities, but study doesn't seem inbalanced or broken to me.
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