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  1. I understand Thanks for correcting the inconsistencies so far as fast as you did. Can't complain about that!
  2. Curious to know whether you are considering a general review of things like Prerequisites and what you called "Mistyped" information in the game, things like that which have been popping out since the game got out? (although less frequently as time went by). To clean out what has not been reported by players. But I can only imagine the huge amount of information we are talking about here... Just asking. Thanks for your time.
  3. It's listed as a fix in the Patch 6 thread. And patch 6 is scheduled for Monday already - just a short wait
  4. I'm starting to get curious too... perharps we should make this into a contest. What about : the first person to find where the color code did come from wins a free Academagia game to gift!! Three, two, one... Google!
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    But not specifically in the support forum, please? I'm one of those people who don't want to know a thing. Still I do monitor the issues that arise and work that is being done on the game.
  6. Hi, congratulations on releasing CP1 one month before it was originally scheduled. May I ask if you have already decided on a time frame for CP2? Didn't want to start a thread just to ask that question and this seemed like a good occasion. Thank you!
  7. I do agree about this game being hugely ambitious and hugely great (lol) and I've haven't stopped jumping up and down since the release because I am another one of those life sim craving fans. I also am amazed by the customer service. I've been lurking on this forum since Aug 13 for a couple of hours a day, so by now I have an idea of when Legate of Mineta starts his day and how fast on average he answers a post. It's so fast that I wonder how he can work on Patch 2 while answering systematically each and every one post. That being said, I am a bit disappointed by all the little bugs and all that needs to be cleaned up in CP1, and also all the typos (only a tiny fraction of which must be reported on this board I assume). The truth is I don't feel I can recommend buying this game to people I know and talk about it on boards until CP1, hopefully. I'd love to and I wish I could, but I'm not comfortable doing that just yet. This is not my first experience with indie games and I know about patches etc... but really this should be improved upon for the second game of the series (the devs must wish the same right now, no doubt!). At this time I'm not playing because I fear issues could arise with any games saved before a given patch. I also don't want my fun of discovery to be spoiled by a weird issue jumping at me and confusing me. I don't feel like holding it against the devs especially since they are furiously trying to make things right as fast as they can. I obviously see that. But at the end of the day we do pay for the product and I expect it to be mostly without typos for instance. There were probably specific challenges with this game, being what it is, but I don't want to pay for a game and then have to take some time to write down and report all that I found wasn't working right either. It's great that people do this on this board, I am grateful for their efforts and I'm sure the devs are also, but that isn't what I personally want to do after spending money to buy a game. I wanted to say how I felt because I'm really the target audience for this game, so I imagine people who aren't so fanatic could be less forgiving. I am rooting so hard for this game to be successful because I badly want western life sims to develop and multiply! But still a part of me is a bit disappointed by all the little bugs, typos and issues adressed in the content patch. And I'm not talking about some clunky-ness in the interface, or needed tweaks in the gameplay etc... for me that is OK in a new game and especially when it's unique. I really don't mind that, it's clear from reading the board it will be improved upon in the next installment (or in some cases even earlier, lucky us!), and I'm totally happy with that.
  8. That would be great! I would be very happy with that. Thank you for your answer, and of course I understand things don't always go as planned Good luck!
  9. Hello, There are two small improvement suggestions that have been made in this thread and that I like. I just wanted to know if their implementation was actually considered or was possible relatively soon? (meaning a month or two). (1) Adding the midterm and final exam dates to the class skill description (2) Adding a parent skill in paranthesis next to a sub-skill display wherever possible, to help avoid lengthy hunting down operations. I thought they were modest suggestions, but helpful nonetheless to get around some of the problems often mentioned. Perhaps realistic to implement without having to wait for game #2... I just wanted to say I liked them and I was curious to know if they were seriously considered and if so, what kind of time frame would these kinds of improvements require. Thank you!
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