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  1. Aaran most certainly needs a friend, and props to your girl for deciding to be one! He's a bit of a weird one, but I think he's fun and his adventure is what I jokingly call the heartwarming one (Louise's adventure is bittersweet, Miya's is just plain odd, and Antonio got the most 'normal' one). You know, I've heard a lot of comments about his portrait. It seems males seem to think he looks girlish, but gals seem to find him okay looking, if not pretty. I think it's the slight anime influence- if you're used to bishonen from anime, he doesn't look out of character at all, but compared to the other male portraits in the game, he really is sort of a pretty boy. I didn't really intend it, but I find it works. I imagine at his age, it just means the other guys tease him a lot for looking 'sissy' and other horrible things. Maybe if he makes it to 16 or so without going crazy, it'll start working for him with gals, though. (And I'll still take cookies and sushi! Not much for cake, though.)
  2. My brats sadly aren't on there. Hint hint, someone?
  3. I have a bunch of events, the Plays the Thing adventure, and a familiar I want to add (purely to amuse myself and torment others). I also wanted to write an adventure about the character getting apprenticed to a fencing master. Just because fencing is fun. Also, ninjas. Though that can wait till year two, I suppose.
  4. Gah, I still have so many stuff I wanted to write for year one! I found a document full of events for my four new students that I had forgotten about and never used. I should probably send them to the Legate and see if he wants them. And then year two... /scribbles notes
  5. I downloaded this today, so it's still working for now. Thanks, Schwarzbart. Hopefully I'll be able to start my playthrough soon. Mediafire still allows free uploading and free downloading, but you need to set up an account to do the uploading. Still, it's a place to host things now that rapidshare is being all mean about it.
  6. I'm sorry, I just saw this today. I've been bad about reading the forums. Thank you both so much. I really appreciate feedback, and the fact that people are enjoying them is possibly the greatest feedback I could ask for. I'm happy you liked Antonio and Aaran's adventures, Xian. Miya's also has some feel good bonding at the end of hers, if you like that. Louise, alas, is a bit too difficult for some feel good bonding, but I'd like to say her adventure still ends up on a happy note, especially if you've built up your befriend skill by the end of it. I wanted all of them to feel like you definitely got closer to them through their adventure, and were more like friends- I think Aaran might even call you his best friend at one point. (And, for Aaran, you actually don't need a guy- Aaran and Miya are bi, as that needed some representation, too. So they'll be open to both male and female students... in Miya's year two adventure (that I am still, alas, working on), she definitely flirts a bit with your character be they female or male. Antonio is males only, though, and Louise is females only. (Louise actually has two bonding events for female characters only, that I think are nice, but random events are random as always.)) And, Adrian, thanks for all the support you gave me while I was building these brats. I'm so glad to finally have them done and in the game, hah. And Miya's quest is very silly, but I think it's certainly fun.
  7. I think Aranaz is more popular then some might think. It used to have many loyal supporters around here, anyway. And like Mor and Vernin, it's the collage with a chance in the merit races- as much as I like Hedi's Innocence adventure, I almost always play one of those three colleges, so I have a chance of getting the loot. (Not that I compete often- I'm too busy. But my minions compete for me, so it's something, right?) I didn't like Durand until I did a roleplay as one of them, and now I really like them. They don't get much talk here on the forums, though... they might be as unloved as poor Godina. For me, though, the reason I like Aranaz: ambition and drive, and interesting classes (calligraphy: just like Mastery, only legal!). The characters aren't bad, either (personally, I find boring the Morvidus kids, sad to say: how many varieties of 'I like the outdoors and animals!' can there be? There's like, five students where that's the base of their personalities!). Also, your Regent is the most scarily awesome who will probably doom you all one day, which is always a plus. Plus, the one-sided rivalry versus Durand is hysterical. Go go Aymeri! My favorite college is probably Aranaz, but I can only play a girl. The male Aranaz portraits are extremely ugly. Likewise, second favorite is Avila, but I can again only play a girl, because I hate the male Avila adventure more then anything in this game- your character comes off as vile and smarmy, and that's not the kind of characters I play. (If I'm powergaming, though, I go Mor, because of the attribute bonuses from the classes they take.) My favorite pillar... meh, I don't know. I like Astrology, Mastery, and Glamour. Revision is good, too. Enchant and Incantation are the ones I rarely if ever take.
  8. I once thought about making a character that before she made friends with any of them, she would break them down to -10, duel them, win and geas them so they could never hurt her, then balance them back up to friendship and befriend them knowing she had created broken wrecks loyal to only her. But, yeah, the timeslots that would take. Ugh.
  9. I want to make a familiar... Hm... Starveling Starveling Starveling Starveling Kitty... (On the other side, I enjoy cats, because cats rule, Pamela, because I don't have to raise her skills, faux dragon and strange doll, because they're adorable, and Elephant, because his one adventure is adorable.)
  10. Er... Zorzi is very persuasive? XD Nah, I imagine she bitterly complains about the naming to anyone who will listen, and probably won't admit she's part of the clique, on bad days. But it's good that she's making friends, I er, guess?
  11. Is this download dead? Looking for the Class Fix for my next game, but I'm getting 'Contains no data. Edit this Share to add data.' rather then a download.
  12. Just watch out. Descended from Heroes + Bitter Rivals (Joana or Phillipe) = lots of missed days due to unproductive weeks. And honestly, Bitter Rival is a great background- because while there's a 2/11 chance it will end in tears, there's a 9/11 chance that you will get absolutely no consequence for your background pick. I have Bitter Rivaled every student in poor Morvidus by now, and the only ones who care are Joana and Phillipe. And if you really want to make friends, getting ten points of relationship with someone to get them up to 5 from -5 is terribly easy. Likewise, I choose History of Traitors over Black Sheep every time (unless I'm roleplaying, anyway), as a 50 or so pims a month is nothing to sneeze at, while a bunch of people being at -2 or so with you is easily fixable.
  13. I haven't played this patch yet, but I can guarantee I have failed the Sphinx when I had Insight/Wits way over 13 on DLC 15/CP3. Personally, I just assume the Sphinx hates me (which is why it keeps trying to teach me forbidden magic that will get me killed).
  14. So. You know. Hey. Remember this topic? I lost most of my old Academagia documents (and sadly, a lot of my saves- though I still have the two I did RP's with!) in a computer crash a while back, but today I was drive searching, and I found my 'TwoNewbs' document hidden in the shadows of my G drive. And I looked at them and realized, 'they're almost done'. Almost all their random events are complete, as well as their duel adventures: all they really need is adventures and a touch up from me on the random events written so long ago that myself cringes to read them now. As I think the Academagia team is fed up with me (and how long it is taking me to write Miya's year two adventure >.>), I doubt these two would get released as a DLC, but if people are interested, I could always release them as a mod. This would lead to one complication: if you play the mod with them in it, you will probably not be able to play a year two game with that save file until I release the mod for year two. But it probably won't take long for the modtools to be released in year two, and I can work quick when I need to. So my question, to all of you: would you be interested in a mod that added two students to the game? I need to, you know, finish this silly Miya adventure that's taking up all my time, but I could pretty easily then go to work on these two and get them released. Just putting it out as a question. Don't worry, I won't be offended if you say you aren't interested.
  15. It's sort of background information, but Aaran's mother was supposedly a Mastery mage who concentrated on the healing uses of Mastery (though with the changes in this DLC, she likely would have had Sync as well, and she did have some blind spots). I'm not sure if he ever mentions that in year one, though, or if it's just background information that'll come up in later years. Wait, does that mean I spoiled people? Hm!
  16. I think I played a roleplay with a character with 1 Fitness once, didn't I? Ceyn? Or did he have two? I just know it involved everyday trips to the Infirmary, courtesy of dear Joana. You can get through a game with 1 Fitness (though it may very well make you cry), but don't couple it with the rivalry background. You never know who you'll get, and if you get Phillipe or Joana, it's over. It's just over. Magic skills- all of them- are very important for adventures. Honestly, I'm not too big on taking Incantation (as there's a location where you can learn it very well), and Astrology also has a location where you can learn it very well. Negation now also has a location where you can learn it, hurray! So I would say definitely take Revision and Glamour, as so far they don't have locations dedicated just to learning them. (The forbidden pillars- Mastery and Gates and a bit of that Sync thrown in- are rarely asked for, so you can safely ignore them if you so choose.) Some of us (like myself) like to only take classes that give you an attribute point at the end. Attribute points are nice, and you'll want to push your attributes as high as possible. Doing adventures is of course a good way to get them; almost all adventures reward you with an attribute point, and the ones that don't usually reward you with a nice item or location. When starting off, do only adventures that are blue, basically. Actually, that's generally good advice period, though sometimes you can't make it. Also, when building your character? The omen that gives you a 5% success chance is very, very nice. You'll come across an event with only purples, choose randomly, and suddenly SUCCEED. Great fun!
  17. Mikka

    DLC 16 Bugs

    That's from the event I had labeled Random Event - MKA - Miya - The Dragon, the one that starts with "So," [Character]Character/Female/Selection/Miya Hikari starts. "There's this dragon." I always make that typo. ;_;
  18. Looking back, it probably should. ...I blame tequila.
  19. Sync would have been useful for poor Cyen or whatever his name was, that roleplay I did, when he was convinced Emilia was Mastering him. Poor kid. Learning Sync will be a number one priority in year two. ...It could also be useful for the next playthrough I have in mind. Hm.
  20. NOOOOOOO, Aranaz! Alas, alac. And, well, Antonio would probably tolerate Kurt well enough, I guess? (Poor kid.) And Kurt always needs some friends.
  21. Oops, double posted! ...But, but, I was kind of planning on maybe kinda two more if I ever finished the year two stuff... >.> More seriously, if you need any help on the gradebook stuff, just ask me and I'll offer what I can. I'm sorry it caused trouble. :3 (And hey, be happy! I think adding Antonio, with his heavy Aranaz Rules focus, might have been the straw that will cause Aranaz to WIN THE MERIT CONTESTS FOREVERRRR because he competes so darn much. And we all know Aranaz should WIN THE MERIT CONTESTS FOREVERRRRR.)
  22. Heh, thanks for liking them. Personally, I like Antonio, too; he's somewhat interesting (and he's Aranaz!), though his adventure is dumb. Miya is... Miya. Still giving me headaches, but fun to write. >.> And yeah, that does sound like a bug. That sounds like the final Befriend exit, where I think the option is something like 'Hug her': if you succeed, she lets you, and tells her story, if you fail, she yells at you not to pity her, but tells her story anyway. Report it in the bugs thread, please?
  23. You know, I once started a tutorial on how to make a student for the game, but no one seemed interested so I abandoned it (like I abandoned the poor other two students I was working on- maybe one day I'll go back to them). If you're interested, though, I could try to dig it out and restart it. All it takes is a lot of time and patience; it's not hard, really, but it can be a lot of fiddly bits. My priority right now though is writing something for Miya in the future, but after I finish that (admittedly, I can't promise when I'll finish that), I can restart that thread up.
  24. No, thank you! It's the first I've heard, so I'm glad someone is appreciating them. If nothing else, I hope they're fun to bully. >.>
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