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  1. Yeah, I figured it might be an engine problem. And good news on the Modbase. Thanks for the answers, Schwarzbart!
  2. While I was playing I had to reload a few times because Library of the Mantle Stars insisted on giving me skillsteps in a subskill I already had at max. It is a little strange that someone would spent time studying a subject they already know everything about instead of using it to gather new knowledge. And another question, will there be modbase 4 release after DLC 15?
  3. Aah, the Item Type that makes sense Anyway while adding some stuff from the modbase3 to the Wiki I noticed the following: School Survival and all it's subskills seem to be missing the lvl 11 skillperks. Furthermore the Study Habits Skill Perk 6 Inform Cryptology has a magnitude of 0, which should be probably be 6. Now I'm off to play like a madman and hope I finish this game before the next DLC hits
  4. I just noticed that there are several items that list Paper as one of their ingredients (Scoll Sheets and the Large Clock Face for instance), but I can't seem to find paper in Modtool 3. I can find Parchment and Scroll Sheets, but there is no mention of Paper.
  5. Finally got time to play my favorite game. And already at DLC 10! Good job. I noticed while trying to use the Walk the Path of Fire ability that it reports succes and it takes the five pims, but doesn't say anything about the skill steps you should get. So I looked it up in the modtool with the modbase 3 and under effects it just says pay price, so the skill steps for Courage, Endurance and Willpower need to be added.
  6. Perhaps sticky this one and unsticky the patch 26?
  7. I figured that would be the case with the The Schohanwicht School stuff but better safe than sorry And found three more today: Skill Perk Geometry SP X is missing the name of the spell (Spatial Sight) in the Subject line Skill Perk Famous Geometry Problems SP VIIII is missing the name of the Spell (Squaring a Triangle's Sides) in the Subject line. Skill Perk Geometric Laws SP X is missing the name of the Spell (Law of the Circular) in the Subject Line.
  8. And a few more things, not just Skill Perks. The skill Perk Explore SPX: is missing the name of the Action/Ability it is supposed to be giving you. The Location: Library of the Forbidden has two research topics: the Beguile research topic has only 9 entries. Beguile has another location that opens this research topic (The Venalicium Library: Tutor's Desk), so it should probably be removed from this location. The Minds of Men (Location: The Venalicium Library: Restricted Section) has as a reward an increase in Anthropology Skill Max, which seems a bit inconsistent with the other rewards for researching. The Location The Slipped Crown opens up the research for Mastery Phemes, but it only has nine entries, so no reward. The Location The Schohanwicht School: The Great Lecture Hall opens up research with just two entries. The Location The Schohanwicht School: The Obranab├║ Library opens up research with just four entries. Anyway I hope this helps and looking forward to the new DLC!
  9. While adding stuff to the Wiki I noticed a few things in the new Modbase: Tease SPVI: The Subject part is incomplete. It is missing the name of the Action it is supposed to be giving you Accounting SPVIIII: The subject part is incomplete. It is missing the name of the Spell it is supposed to be giving you. Demi-Tour SPVI: Increases the Skill Minimum which doesn't sound very usefull to me. Demi-Tour SPX: Also increases the Skill Minimum. Anyway, as always, keep up the good work!
  10. While adding stuff wiki I came across a number of abilities that give a bonus to a certain subskill and I started wondering about the following question: How is a bonus of 1 in a certain subskill, different from a skill raise of 1 in a certain subskill?
  11. ragbe

    Merit Prizes

    I noticed the following in the modtool: The Ability Merit Prize XXIII, Merit Prize XXIIII and Merit Prize XXVII áre not in Ability part of the modtool The Ability Merit Prize XXVIII is in the Ability part of the modtool twice. And in the Merit part of the modtool there are 34 items, while there are 36 prizes. Hope this helps!
  12. ragbe

    Patch 21 bugs

    While playing I found the following bugs: At game start I could use the Elegant Service (Action) which is part of the Apprentice: Page choice during Character Creation, but I didn't choose that option, so shouldn't be able to use that that action. The Artifice Book (Ability) description doesn't match it's effects. The Research Revision Spells Action unfortunately also gives you Spells you already know and it has a tendency to be gone from the Action list without warning. The Study Armor Action gives the name of the item you have researched but it links to a blank page. And it doesn't always add the item to the Recipe list. The Deflecting Chest Armor for example is added, but the Armor Chestplate of the Doorways and the Armor Chest Plate aren't. It also gives you Recipes you already know. The CE:Rex III Ability description says it should give you an uncommon pheme, the effects say it should give you a common spell but it does neither, at least nothing is reported. The Sparkling Field Spell says it has been cast succesfully but the effects don't show up in the affected subskills. The Looks over Substance Action says it the skills involved have been succesfully switched but it doesn't show up in the effected skills. Anyway keep up the good work!
  13. ragbe

    Study Mastery

    And the last two I think: Revision Skill perk VI points to /Random, Common (Default) Revision Skill perk VII points to /Random, Uncommon It unfortunatly it doesn't give us the random Spells like it is supposed to. Anyway keep up the good work and as always thanks for quick replies
  14. ragbe

    Study Mastery

    While adding stuff to the wiki I noticed Study Perks Zoology IV, V and VIII according to the Mod tool all point to the same thing: Animal Supplies. I realize this might have gotten corrected in the last DLC, but I thought I would let you know anyway, just in case. Edit. I tested it with newest patch and nothing happens at the mentioned study levels.
  15. I think it would be really nice if there was some way to see all the bonus/malus/CoS etc on Actions/Abilities/Spells etc that are currently affecting you. There's quite a few of these, which is good, but keeping track of them can be hard.
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