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  1. So any news on the App or the Character Sheet and the Kickstarter Add Ons for Drive Trough? https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/142621/Holdfast-Record-of-the-Dwarven-Kingdoms-Volume-I
  2. Similar to many adventures we can't be sure what the long term consequences are for the character. The Special Summoning could i.e. have an interesting adventure as follow up in Y2 or gain some powerful ability from the creature you bound your self to and then suddenly it becomes interesting. For me the biggest no go from character view is that you not knowing what creature you are binding your self to. I.e. you might end to be bound to an dragon this way that then suddenly appears in Mineta when enough people bound to it.
  3. For me the price, a increase in your Stress Minimum, of the Special Summoning is not worth the gain of a single Attribute point. At last the adventurer live of my characters give them more then enough attributes that for some they probably not even need a single increase in Y2. (Yes Legate you can report this to your team as well, maybe they change the price or reward of the Summoning in Y2 i.e. when the gate magic skill increase)
  4. This is interesting so there probably was once a way to redirect the chaotic energies within the gate magic to the wand instead of the mind or the magic.
  5. Would after such a long time when no one official teach gate magic and its history anyone still recognize her or her name? Unless she is pictured with clear Gate related monster or magic I think 99,9% of all people would think it is just the picture of a other woman. After all when there is no prosecutor there is no judge. Edit: I personal suspect that there even some picture of her in public Art collections without anyone beside some Gate mages know about it.
  6. If not for the bugs that some player have with 2 mini games of "Chinese Parents" I would say this is the better game then "Growing Up" especial when it comes to replay value. Not only have Chinese Parents more different mini games, IMHO it also allow a better control what Job and Partner you end up. Also a warning Growing Up appears to force gay relationship up to the player character, at last all 4 times I had a male character it ended in a gay relationship. Of the 3 "romance" choices you get I got at max 1 of the opposite gender so far in the 5 rounds I played. Also it appears that you need to have to answer all questions correct to end in marry one of the 4 choices instead of a random one with little or no hint what the "right" answers would be.
  7. A re-education consequence could be an interesting ending for Y2 and later as it allows to end the story for the current year early while the character still can be imported in the next year with some (massive) changes. Alternative the re-education consequence could be something like long time Hall Sessions in Y1 just with more focused changes. Although it would be a mild punishment for the character if they allow her / him to continue at Academagia I'm not so sure if the remove of the freedom is a mild punishment for the player behind the PC. Edit: if the player can no longer change any time slot on her / his own how about add an optional auto-forward till the player have time slot (s)he can change again? (This way punishment that take away the freedom from the character isn't that punishing to the player)
  8. Who said without consequences? The licence for Syncronicity came also with some consequence although they didn't matter in Y1.
  9. Will Y2 allow the player character to earn the right to study some restricted or even forbidden magic beside Syncronicity?
  10. was asking about the locker (ingame called wardrobe) that's why I also mentioned depend how old it is.
  11. is the magic that protecting the wardrobe the same for each or different depend on the College, or even for each wardrobe? I suspect the last because the protection might be different depending when the specific wardrobe be installed, what college it is installed and the students also use their own magic. Wait a second, how common are strange magic results from the Students also try to add their magic to the wardrobe?
  12. to put up my age old request up to the top again ^^
  13. apparently via the icon spoiler is working Edit: @Rhialto it is the eye like icon that is last in the line
  14. is there a count how many mages took over the leadership of small settlements and then wenn they move on gave this position to an apprentice or other mage?
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