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  1. Because the idea of porting Y1 to the Y2 engine came up again: Could the team make the year soft coded and not hard coded in Y2? (usual hardcoding things that don't change is easier that why I assume you hardcode it)
  2. although the mod tool of Y2 is supposed that it can edit the Y1 database, so we probably can get a Y1 running in the Y2 engine, the sure problem is then the import of a save into a Y2 game.
  3. because Rhialto mentioned the bug in Prodigy: Incantation, I made a fan fix for this and you can find the download of my mods here:
  4. In the build suggestion of Rhialto your class skills are Revision, Zoology, Grammar, Athletics, Dialectic, and History. You get this skills automatic trained during the 2 time slot you spend in class Mo.-Fr., so don't spend to much time to train them.
  5. Most important thing to remember for Academagia save each day and keep at last 8 different save files as there is a rare still unfound bug that corrupt an ongoing game and all save past the point when this bug hit. If you play in fast follow without reload you maybe need even more save files as only with a reload you realize the bug. (had 4 or 5 corrupted save files till I got aware of the bug in my last game ... lucky I only lost this 5 ingame days and still could continue the game) https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Academagia_Wiki is your friend For a starter I would look that the attributes of my class skills and Insight hit 3 fast and are not below 2 after the 1st week. The adventure chain with Oan is still a great adventure to do early. Unlike Rhialto I think Zoe isn't all that great because you can easy unlock Judge the Instructor's Taste by the time Study at the Venalicium Library, a Ability you have right at the start, lost its meaning. Especial for builds that are planed to keep if BCS ever release a Y2 I would avoid a clique having rival college in it or is of more then 3 different college. Edit: The current still most unbalanced ability Create Formal Invitation is in Calligraphy where you can ask other students to go on adventure for you! But the difficult of the roll is extrem high that you need to know how to buff your self to have a chance with this roll.
  6. Unless something happen I first have archived 17 finished games from Y1 that I can use to start a Y2 (played between 2012 and 2017). I think the last games are not even archived there so it should be even more. That why there is no need for me to go back to Y1 any time soon once Y2 is released ^^.
  7. From my understanding Y2 main way to start is with a new character instead of an imported character.
  8. Any news on the class list? Ohh and welcome back Nyaa
  9. duel have some protection mechanism and rules compared to actual combat. Edit: Also it was already told to us that dead of the player is a possible outcome in Y2 if I remember right.
  10. I think the level of violence of my suggestion is full within what I read Y2 should have at max. With a combat engine part of the game you can't actual prevent dead any more.
  11. Actual such an encounter could also the start of an multipath adventure: best outcome attacker captured and target survive: after some questioning player get a reward and friendly connection to the target. second best outcome attacker died and target survive: after some more intense questioning player is asked to investigate who is behind the attacker while also get a temporary bodyguard job for the target. (the bodyguard job could lead to more clue that help with the investigation i.e. when the target got attacked again) Attacker captured and target died: after some questioning the player is asked if (s)he want to help with the investigation (same as second best outcome just without the helpful bodyguard job) player just escape, no matter the actual outcome there isn't a follow up Attacker died or escaped and target died without player have hurt anyone beside the attacker: After 1-2 day in prison player is released because (s)he proven innocent. During this time the player could maybe make a connection to a criminal that prove useful at a other time. worst outcome attacker escape or die while the players attack killed or badly wounded someone beside the attacker. This would be end in a trial that depend on the connections of the player, the money (s)he want to spend on a representative and his/her law and rhetoric skills. The result could be from even get money for be false accused over some restricted movement over the rest of Y2, to be Imprisoned and banished from Academagia. Using forbidden magic at such a public place should also end in the worst outcome ^^. And no, I still don't want to write it so free to claim by someone else.
  12. Idea for a random event in Y2. In the crowd before a stall with a great bargain offer the person before you suddenly draw a dagger to attack the person before him. I think that something that can happen in Mineta and where the choices of the player could have interesting consequences. (like do the player try to run away, attack the attacker, protect the attacked etc.) I wont write it my self but anyone who want to write something with this as base is welcome to claim this idea ^^.
  13. Because the development of Y2 takes so long might there art of Y2 show up because the secrecy clause running out?
  14. https://www.deviantart.com/antiburn/art/Academagia-Game-Artwork-93208476 https://www.deviantart.com/antiburn/art/Academagia-Isle-Position-93208625 Are this concept art that where dropped in Y1 but we might see again in the Y2 UI?
  15. A suggestion for future KS is then to make it more general sounding like: "past Kickstarter Shop: link" natural you need to keep the store page on the same link then for the future.
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