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  1. Hmm if you have no ability in fighting and no magic of your own wouldn't it about the same as for any other type of magus hide and pray to the gods that you and your family stay unharmed?
  2. Learned why Witchbrook didn't had any news for so long: "It was originally in another programing language but the only programer they had that knew it left so they had to recode it. They focused on Wargroove for a while when that happened and then started to recode witchbrook. They didn't expect to be starting over when they announced witchbrook." (had posted this first in a PM but today I saw this posting from Ascartad again so I thought I also post it here)
  3. this card game looks interesting but from the release reviews it is apparently to much of a luck game.
  4. I think a general pure random function that also could be used in Action and Ability would be good. ( Remember the tricks BCS had to use for the few pure random functions in Y1 shudder)
  5. 2) Is it planed that we see the new Professor that join at the end of The Topiary Garden as actual teach in year 3 or later? (I don't think we see her in Y2 because of bureaucratic err game engine reasons) I suspect it is because of the Marchant family as their sons all got into Morvidus and where all troublemakers with Philippe the youngest and most tame one.
  6. The Topiary Garden was considered such a case till the player finish this adventure. At last from my understanding.
  7. good luck that the team find and fix most bugs already during the alpha
  8. have you tried to load older save of this game, perhaps you still have one before this adventure bug started. (In my last game I made 4 save before I discovered that my game did get corrupted, lucky I had some even older save)
  9. For Y2 and maybe for Y1 if there is a other update we need a easy way to check what DLC and mod where used to start a game. @Rhialtogood luck with the surgery
  10. A other question from me, did you use any mods and if so which? I ask because some content released by the community was made as Official Content instead of a Mod.
  11. When set up the game did you select "The First Touch of Summer" and "Summer's Blush" or as you correct should only one of them?
  12. I don't intent to start a new game soon but If I do so should I talk to you for the version with better log?
  13. Did your game tester find something from my save files? (especial just let it run in the background while doing something else only put strain on the PC and not the tester ^^)
  14. The big question is if there still enough people active watching Academagia who might be willing to regular pay for something on Patreon. BCS discouraged many people by now because Y2 need so extrem long, if they set up a Patreon short after the Steam release for Y2 it might have worked. (If my RPG is of any relevance it was only visited by 9 people per page I made and some of them from BCS them self) Also people want something in return for the money they spend, what will cost BCS extra time. BCS, unlike some other people on Patreon, have to pay taxes so it becomes a difficult balance to not even end in a netto lost for them.
  15. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1586960/Cute_Bite/ Cute Bite have a page at steam and the planed release appears to be Fall 2021. Sound like a other interesting game from Hanako, this time about raising a Vampire "child".
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