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  1. I can't download the DLC. It says that the page is not found. Any help?
  2. Hello! I'm Venetica (though it's only my screenname here and in Academagia), and I've only just recently discovered this game - and it sucked me in immediately. I already finished the 1st year and am now replaying it. XD Anyway, I'm 25 years old and live in Slovenia. English, thus, isn't my mother language, but with how much I read, talk and think in English, I feel like it is my mother language. I love the Harry Potter series and this is one of the reasons I was so curious to try Academagia - and I wasn't disappointed. I can't wait for 2nd year and so on. I also love Sim games, like shin up there, and they also suck me in. But I absolutely adore RPGs, Adventures and HOG games. My favourite game series is Gothic, but Risen is a great game too. I just recently finished playing Rise of the Argonauts (I mainly started playing it because of greek mythology which interests me a lot), but I really liked the game... played it for 10 hours straight. XD Anyway, I should finish this introduction and if anyone has any questions, go ahead and shoot them. Venetica
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