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  1. Thanks for the update! I missed you guys. I'd thought it was earlier because of an older thread. Glad to hear about DLC 16! Nice to have something new to tide over the wait!
  2. Hi, been awhile! I picked up the game again, and remembered the nice people on these forums. Congrats on that! I thought I'd check out how it's going! Is year 2 near the release date? Anything in a new game of year one to watch out for, for year 2?
  3. Thanks.. Sorry for the derail.
  4. Great college list btw Nyaa. How does one determine when two members of the clique don't like one another?
  5. I built a rather large clique, and then the next day, 2/3rds of it went off and formed their own clique separate from me. I got them all together, they became friends with one another, and then they left me with the dregs without any explanation why.
  6. I like to save a lot, it's an annoying extra step. Can we have an init file or some such thing with the option to turn this off? How many people actually like this thing?
  7. Hmmm... Testing.. Thanks for the heads up..
  8. Actually, I misspoke, pardon me, rather than spell -- ability. Create an Ability Effects Effect Type: Increase Magnitude 99 [increase]Increase Subject/Chance of Success [Character]Character/Choice of Character Duration Type: Action Duration: However long you want. Recompiling now with an 85% to test that out. Be a few hours.
  9. Well, with 50% and over I'd say yes, for stuff like the Public Practice Room, or if there are other tests with higher base rates of success that when added to go over 100%. I am thinking that at around 100% is where complete failure comes in, since the 99% ability plus the 4% training route appears to always fail so far in my testing, along with other larger base chance of successes. Have to do a recompile to test out lower +chance of success percentage additions, but I know +33 to +36% seems additions seem to work fine, though, just to my eye not at those actual percentage rates of success -- don't know how the random die roller works, or what other factors go in.
  10. It appears that if your chance of success is too large, you always fail at certain tasks rather than succeed. Playing with the mod files I found this out by testing out a 99% chance of success spell. So stuff with a 50% chance, like the Public Practice Room, or stuff with a small chance like the Run a Light Training Route with a 4%, won't work, ever period, if you go over the limit. I don't know what the odds are of getting a temporary chance of success buff large to do this in normal gaming, but it looks like it needs a tweak.
  11. I went to a shop recently that had the 'small quartz' item, which I also had in my inventory but not identified. Reading the info at the shop, I had full knowledge of the thing, but the item in my inventory remained unidentified. I think if you see an object in a store that's identified, the identification of the object should stick with you and travel over to the item in your possession.
  12. I doubt I'd like to be locked into 1 point per category, especially since there's a lot of variety in each category..
  13. I think if you do get 1/2 from the familiar in a skill regardless, it's a way of getting up to 15+ in a related skill, which is rather useful in some cases.
  14. Well, generally what I do, is add no points to attributes directly, and use the extra points from that to choose more in the later lists. Then take something like 'Descended of Traitors'. You can up several attributes in the later lists, so it's certainly 'pointless' to use the points for these if you just want a +1 in them, unless using one of the later picks blocks out another choice you want. I really don't know if there should be more or this is just right. It seems like the other students on average may get more to start with? Dunno.
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