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  1. You can only find it if you set system hidden folders to viewable, this setting is usually under 'tools' 'folder options' under the 'view' tab. Or you might be able to find them using a search for the names you gave them in the game, if search searches hidden folders.
  2. I also see 'Study at Esteban Contu's School of Incantation' listed on the ability list of newly created character, but no option to actually visit. I wonder if it is a bug of student not knowing where it is too? Very nice ability to start out with if one can!
  3. Big database games slow things down more than high quality graphics games. Funny how database processing not advance much with processor etc. advances compared to graphics processing.
  4. Yes that was it! Now I know why it didn't work! Thanks!
  5. Hi folks! Must've been fun to work on this game! I always love sim games, too much they suck me in! This one has great potential that way!
  6. How can student be expect to remember everything?
  7. Yes, I started new game, put it on, it is not listed as a possibility to visit. Wish I could remember name, will let you know if I do. It was either for great forge or enchant ability I think, that you could make items for other people for money, and had 200 or over money rewards, but it never showed up as actual possibility to use in action list even though it sounded like you had it.
  8. shin

    What is Glory?

    I've read some things add plusses to glory? What is glory?
  9. I chose the Officer's School beginning choice, and do not see the ability to visit it listed? Also later in game gained the 'artifice for money' (forget exact words it was a large amount of money!) ability because of great skill but never saw it show up in listed choices.
  10. Suggest mouseover phemes when adding them to spell shows what pheme does. Otherwise have to close spell window and scroll through long list to find answer.
  11. Ah this is good info! Because I skipped so much always detention if I skip now. Perhaps I should've worked on professor relationships.
  12. Somehow I missed out on befriend for long portion of game, despite having befriend at level 6! I had to find it by 'Question Surroundings'! Must be because I was part of Morvidus along with Philip! Start out without ability to make friends!
  13. Interesting! Thanks for the info. I first thought study alone determined exam score, but found out otherwise hard way.
  14. shin

    Saved Game Files

    Found thank you! Suggestion: put them in game folder area, or in user's visible folder area, not in hidden system folder area.
  15. shin

    Selling items

    Oh good, this is reported. I had the same problem! I sold some things and wound up with zero.
  16. shin

    Saved Game Files

    Question as to where they are kept? Want to backup? Thank you.
  17. shin

    Artifice & Skills

    1. Whenever I try to use artifice in one of my games, the game crashes, with a ton of error popups. This happens in one of my games, in another, it at least gets to the red orb screen. 2. On a different topic, I've also noticed a few times I wound up with '6 out of 4' in a skill, and had to do a training session in it to have it register to the next level. 3. I think the 'use item' problem has already been brought up? I bought some glamour training books but was unable to find a way to use them, they didn't show up on the 'use item' list. 4. Feature suggestion: It's easy to follow a lot of students, and that really spams up the daily report when you want to scroll down to see how the competition is going.. put the student activity reports at the end of the list, or make them collapsable please.
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