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  1. Seriously, guys~ Please update the main page. Once in a while I check the main page, because too lazy to type in the forum lnk. It still report dlc 15 as the latest.
  2. You guys just plain dont have witnessed the competitive streaks in overachievers. Let Hermione's use of Time changer a lesson to you: nothing is out of consideration when you think about cramming. Sure, in normal schools the competitive streaks of students wont get free reign. at best, it's satiated during sport events. BUT we are talking about a campus filled to the brims with youngster divided into several competing colleges, that has competitive streaks a mile wide and a mile deep. That curriculum are full of tools for overachievers. They most certainly will use magical methods to ensure high points, not just for the CV, but to put one over others. And the teachers will encourage them. Dispell before exams is kind off a wet blanket. It level the racing field between the ones work like slaves all year, and the so-so students, between the magical-talented and the nonmagical... Other than *redacted name of a nation*, i cant think of any nation that can think of this wet blanket policy. And it certainly dont fit the Academagia as experienced in Y1 events.
  3. Nah. Dispel before exam? What are we, students of a mundane school? It's like asking a computer students not to use their computers for exam. Absurb! My proposal above is based on a single criteria: *minimum time slot*. Time is the most valuable resource of all so we must spend it carefully. And each exam worth maybe two or just one time slot for buffing. If we have exams close together, that a 9 day duration is enough, then yes, your grouping of 6th finger make sense. Heck, generally speaking, 6th finger make sense with its longest duration, smallest threshold, and easy to get +4Personal Forge. BUT I keep other considerations in mind. Like doing adventures during these days. Or events. And for that purpose the buff to Enchant doesnt help much if at all.
  4. My suggestion about the questions above: 1. Fresh start: nonY1 students Obviously that student is transfered from another school into Academagia. The character creation should reflect this in a few aspect: Base stat: Y1 get 7+10 stat amounts. Y2 transferee should get 14+10 stat amounts, basically 2 per attribute and the same +10. The 7 point difference make it so that they got a few adventures in the old place. 7 might be too few but the versality of getting a cap+6 to each attribute should compensate for that. in plainer speaks, the possibility of getting a Strength 10 character should be a powerful incentive to play transferee. Backgrounds perks: A few more should do it, to reflect the past schoolyear. Starting item: More (pims, accessories). Starting familiar: Stronger non-Pamela familiars. In a way this also an incentive to play new chars and reflect the last year playing around too much with familiar. Starting subskills: Get 5 on ALL subskills. Minus the Gates and Mastery, of course. This will be quite attractive to a few players who didnt develop their char in an allround manner. 2. Adventures: More rounding up the quests. Currently there's too few options. Half of the current quest get one investigative option to increase the chance to solve it. I'd like you guys to add at least one more, so that all quest get atleast one investigative branch to help ease the transferee into solving the quest. 3. Item crafting Currently there's no usage for that aspect. The cost of time slot is too huge to even consider touching it: at least one time slot to search/buy materials, then one slot to Artifice it. To make it attractive, we'd like the gains must worth the cost: 2 timeslot = 6gains item. for example: we can buff the Ring of Astrologers with Perfectly Revised (+1SS), Refractive (-CoD?)(+Conceal +Hide) It can be horribly difficult but it must be possible, so that we can consider planning for it. The achievement of a second year student should be making one such ring.
  5. Dang but the article illustrates perfectly the unattractiveness of Vista. People just dont want to move from XP to it, though maybe to W7 or W8. Anyway, nothing prevent you keep your PC games on desktop XPSP3 and do business on laptop's fashionable operating systems. I suspect that the work's laptop in XPSP3 could have detrimental effect on wowing the customers, who mostly not very savvy in computers.
  6. And I dont know if it's been considered or not but the Exam titles of the day should be changed. There's no reason at all that you cant have it auto changed to Exam(Class). Currently we have to check the List to see which day has which class, very inefficient and slow. It's very convenient to glance at the Calendar and see: Tuesday: Exam Negation Attend Class Rest
  7. Now that's just strange. Is there any game designed for non-XP Windows only? 'Cause I sure havent heard about it. With XP, you can have emulators to play almost any games, other than the ones exclusively for XBOX360 and PS3.
  8. .Net updates eh? I know your pains. I only install the most stable version then ignore them from 1 to 4. Some of them unmentionables just plain refuse to install on my machine. Ditto with the Office updates. Update only when it's conflicted with game/app. And no, it's security updates. MS still churning out them little piggies quite often. Really, when it's the choice between a stable, much tested, much beloved, possessed the biggest bloc of users and therefore internet source of feedback, it-just-wont-die-on-MS-command operating system, and a johny come lately like Windows 7, or, hah, Windows 8, I know which is my choice. Fashionable be goshdarned! When it's come to OS, functionality worth much more than being fashionable or playing the latest.
  9. Mhmmm~ Considering I have just downloaded the weekly chunk of ten sec. updates for xp alone... You really dont have to worry on that score.
  10. What's wrong with the perfectly functional Windows XPSP3? A so successful windows that even Microsoft cant kill it?
  11. Well, more like something remember, but I want to pull the developers' attention toward the fact that I play the game with the Alphabetical list of subskills on Wikia open in the background so that I can alt tab out http://academagia.wikia.com/wiki/Alphabetical_List_of_Skills It's frequently of use.
  12. Eh, I just have a hanker for some pipes recently. Scotland bagpipes are a bit too shrill for Academagia. The pan pipes are just right. When the mood pass I prolly will try a collection of my national songwriter Trinh Cong Son. Right now, piiiiiiiiiipe~
  13. Reference: Playlist running during Academagian time
  14. So we have no way to modify or add new music to the game. After the 30s times listening to Pascalle, we just HAVE to mute the music and run a music app on the background. What's your playlist? Considering this as reference datum for Year 2 and later. My current Playlist: 1. 11 tracks from the Gheorghe Zamfir - Pan Pipes tittle.
  15. Luckily I havent change the pagesys location yet. So I change it to another partition. Have more space for cache and save files now.
  16. Can you code that portion out of engine so that year 2 people can add/modify their own playlist? At least make it easy like the portraits portion.
  17. Music in Academagia is great and all but the playlist is a bit too short. So I want to ask: 1. Is there anyway to add more music ingame? Anyway at all? 2. Is there anyway to replace existing music files with others? Awaiting~
  18. The trick is triple Compete at the first day at school. By and large, that will let your college in the forefront. Maintain a 6 point lead is enough, and only intervene otherwise.
  19. Refractive pheme add to a nice weeklong spell will get you -2% CoD easy.
  20. I am saving at the next to last day. 4 saves so far. All of these are to be preparations for Year 2.
  21. Drakov, a word to the wise, please. The nearly whole group of possible Phemes, Spells, already up in Wikia but it's incomplete and could use some look over. If it's complete, search in wikia using google engine will be much better. A text list would be nice but that more works for you while you still have plenty to do. Phemes: we need more info on what dont work with which spell. Like Cleanse doesnt seem to work with Cleanse and Remake, for example. But that is of low priority Spells: List sorted according to rolls. This is actually of much use, and hard to find info due to the way google search. We just need a list of two columns: First Roll to succeed, and, Spell list. Ie, as long as that first roll succeed that spell will shoot. SS expanding: shortlist of targetable actions. You want to target certain skills but you also want to be most efficient.
  22. Chaps, I've added the Familiars' benefit to the http://academagia.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Familiars Please check to see if I post it correctly.
  23. A few things to think about this Question Knowledge 1. It expand maximum one level of that subskill. if that skill is 0/3 for example, that is two SS wasted. Very useful for high level high modifier SubSkill. plus it is targetable, which is a very good thing. Also very useful early game when we have low stat for some. 2. It reduce one level of random subskill. This has good sides: it could smash an easy to train subskill, which is gravy to retrain; it could smash a half-trained one, ie Observation level 9: 1/7 for example back down to level 9: 0/7. The reduction could be a good thing end game, because at that time we may have maxed too many skills and the abilities can no longer give much SS, so that reduction bring back values. Currently there are two Question abilities to reduce skill, this and another which -3Leadership, an easy to train skill. Listen to Debates expand fixed skill group, so it's not as good as it should have.
  24. There are two more things for Duel 1. An easy adventure to expand a few of your Duel SS, sorta like a tutorial adventures for it. 2 time slot, teach 8SS for 4 subskills. That way people is more inclined to take it. 2. A duel-type adventure to force player use all activities related to that: duel SS, Field medicine, tactic, strategy, acrobatics, running, climbing, etc... A non-magical Strength-only 8-stage adventure for player who want to concentrate on physical and warlike class.
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