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  1. Ok at this point, we've submitted it to the dev team. Will let you asap.
  2. Ok - what happens when you try to start the game outside of Steam? Trying to see if it's related to achievements. That's the only thing that needs to be initialized I think. If it works outside, then it's def the Steam app. Edit: Found this .... https://steamcommunity.com/app/298630/discussions/1/364042262880299818/ Let us know if the instructions in that thread work for Academagia.exe
  3. @XyCrosier - we haven't seen this one before...but it looks like it might be the Steam app vs our app. Is this your first game on Steam? Any more details on that error? We'll google to see what we can find.
  4. Yeah =(. Doesn't appear to be an option to do so as a default for all users..... @Metis - you can change the screenshot shortcut in Steam settings to use something other than F12 as a temp solution. Longer term though solution - any suggestions for what we should change it to?
  5. Believe you can disable the steam overlay and that *should* help with the entering name thing...
  6. No, thank you Thomas! <3
  7. Pushed it out a little early http://store.steampowered.com/app/533480 BMT updated with new install as well.
  8. Hello all, Here's some info on the new version of Academagia: The Making of Mages, which is now available! 1) WHERE TO DOWNLOAD - This is a major revamp, so you will need to download the entire game again from BMT, if you do not want a STEAM key. Please note the new system specifications as we no longer offer official support for Vista. Minimum: OS: 7, 8, 10 (x64 OS) Processor: 1 GHz Memory: 3 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9 or later with 1 GB RAM Storage: 400 MB available space Additional Notes: .NET 4.0 Framework Recommended: OS: 10 Processor: 2 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM 2) REQUESTING A STEAM KEY - If you purchased this game via any vendor besides Steam and GamersGate, and have retained email proof/confirmation, please email academagia @ gmail.com with Subject "Academagia: Steam Key Request" to get your Steam key. If you do not have email verification, we will do our best to verify with the reporting available to us, but there are no guarantees. You will need to provide email address you used to purchase Academagia (if different from the email you are currently using) date of purchase, and vendor additionally we may need your full name if we cannot verify the above GamersGate customers - Your Steam key should be accessible via your account and you should not have to email us. If you have problems accessing your account, please contact GamersGate support. In order to ensure that each customer only gets 1 key, we cannot grant you a code if you are having GG account issues and emailing us instead. We apologize for this, but we have no access to customer order details on GG. 3) SAVES COMPATIBILITY - We've done our best to make sure saves from the old Academagia work in this latest version, however, due to the complexity of the modding system, we cannot guarantee that your old save will work. There may be some data loss during the conversion to the newer format, specifically: These students will have one less spell: Aveline Aranaz Grainne Aranaz Raoul Aranaz Malacresta Aranaz Rikildis Aranaz Cinzia Avila Olivia Avila Neso Godina Isabeau Hedi Ausdauer Hedi Leopold Hedi Reitz Hedi Girars Morvidus Joana Morvidus Philippe Morvidus Hector Morvidus Mairgrete Morvidus Rixenda Vernin If you are trying to load an old game that used mods and encounter an error, please try: Starting a new game with all the mods selected that were used by your old game (this builds the cache) Once your cache has been built, now try loading your old game For example, if I have an old save called "OldSchool.ams" which used "Mod 1" and "Mod 2", I would start/save a new game "Temp.ams" which used "Mod 1" and "Mod 2". Finally, I would load "OldSchool.ams". If the above does not work, you may need to verify that you have a clean install of Academagia before trying the above steps again (making sure to delete old version completely vs overwriting files, and to clear out cache, etc.). Just make sure to retain your saves and mods so you can carry them over. 4) WHAT'S NEW? - List does not include everything, but here's the major stuff: DLC 17 - The First Touch of Summer UI now scales to different resolutions UI layout can now be changed according to user's preferences (many components can be repositioned, resized, etc.) Text font size is now adjustable in major areas of the UI Scroll bar added to many components for quicker browsing Enabled up/down arrows for scrolling in major areas (Steam only) 8 Achievements (Steam only) Trading Cards Over 200+ content issues resolved That is it for now. To view the product page on Steam, click here. Thank you!
  9. Academagia is now on Greenlight for voting! We have some special upgrades planned if it gets greenlit so please vote 'Yes'. ;) To assist in this matter, go here: Greenlight Academagia on Steam And...if you've already bought the game, you'll get a code once it launches on Steam (with proof of purchase of course). Cheers!
  10. Allright, fixed. Please make sure to opt into the Steam auto-update and this should be resolved. Thanks for your help.
  11. We posed the question in the Ren'py forums. If we had to guess, it's due to the astounding number of saves , but we'll see what comes up. Question - did the load errors happen from the very beginning when you first played Scheherazade, or more recently, which coincides with the increasing number of saves?
  12. We didn't get an email. Sorry to ask but can you try emailing again at academagia@gmail.com? Thanks again!
  13. Please email academagia@gmail.com the save file so we can replicate. Haven't seen this one before so not sure what it can be. Does it happen 1/3 of the time to all different save files...or to the same save file?
  14. You saves should be in one of the following locations: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Scheherazade\game\saves C:\Users\<YourName>\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\Scheherazade If not those, then try a windows search for ".save" files which should show you the directory. Copy and email us the .save file just before the Sterling run in Peru, and hopefully we'll be able to replicate it. Thanks!
  15. It looks like the same type of issue. Not sure why the updated version of Ren'py is triggering it (we think something changed in the interpretation and that is the cause), but we know the fix. And the save file will help us test the fix Thanks so much!
  16. @MegaDissu - You cannot max Relationship and Dream for the same character in a single playthrough. One is Friendship/Relationship and the other is Romance/Dream, and have different endings. Hope that explains things...
  17. We updated BMT version as well. If you run into the issue, you can download the latest. But the fix is simple and you could simply just finish the segment of the caper and save after that and it's back to the usual again.
  18. Just pushed out the update on Steam. Let us know if that resolved the issue for you
  19. Great...looks like we have been able to isolate and resolve it thanks to your report and the first one. It does not seem to be related to the cheat file. We'll have the patch out on Steam this week, but yes, if you finish that particular section and save after that it should resolve itself as well, in the meantime.
  20. If you own 1931 Scheherazade on Desura, we highly recommend you get in contact with academaga @ gmail.com to get your free Steam code (given the uncertainty of what will happen with the Desura bankruptcy). Right now we still have access to their system to validate purchases and to issue Steam codes, but since it cannot be relied upon, we want to make sure everyone who wants a Steam copy, gets a Steam copy while we are able to issue them.
  21. MegaDissu; We've had one other report of this, but at the moment, were not able to pinpoint the exact cause. However, in the other case, the player was able to continue once they finished the particular segment of the caper and was able to save after that point. Did this happen during one of the Ahmose story in New Orleans? If not, can you please email academagia@gmail.com your save file and we might have more questions for you? Maybe the new info can help our developer solve the mystery. Thanks again. Edit: Also, if you happen to be using a cheat file, this *might* be a potential cause, as we do not officially support the cheat file.
  22. Sale Ends June 22 http://store.steampowered.com/app/334850
  23. This most certainly means that the install is not clean. Ditto Zoo's suggestions.
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