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  1. That's correct, uninstalling will not remove the *old* Renpy *saves*. If you want to get rid of your old saves, following Zoo's instructions should work fine.
  2. Bingo! @Zoo, alerts are being shown but get cut off due to quick transition to the map. Will fix this in a future patch.
  3. I suspect it is an IE problem .... On Chrome it downloads as .crdownload and converts to .exe ok. Checking firefox...
  4. LOL @Zoo! We knew you would like that
  5. Thanks for your help Zoo. Updated with links to support for BMT and Desura. Schwarzbart, the .exe showed up for me. I'll try again but if anybody else has this problem, please let us know. @Zoo...I'm beginning to think some points are auto-awarded, vs "earned", and those may not have alerts...will speak with devs.
  6. Version 1.1 of Scheherazade is now available on BMT and Desura. It will be available on Steam as of March 26, 2015. Since there are some significant updates as compared to past updates, you will need to do a complete redownload from where you purchased it. Version 1.1 includes: UI bug fixes and enhancements New Adventure with one of the most popular characters New character art Minor spelling/grammar/and other fixes Upgraded to new version of Ren'py For Steam users, the addition of 90+ achievements available via Steam Saves from previous versions of Scheherazade *may* not work in version 1.1. Please uninstall old version and then install new version (due to new version of Ren'py and different file structure). As soon as we are able to update on Gamer's Gate, we will notify everyone. Support email for BMT if you lost your info/password: cservice@bmtmicro.com Support contact for Desura: http://www.desura.com/contact
  7. I was having problems accessing the site, so decided to repost here for anyone interested (or you can try by visiting Interview on Sub Rosa)
  8. The code got a little messed up after adding the kickstarter widget - fixed now. Thanks Adrian.
  9. That's the one! I know because my body goes into dance mode.
  10. I forgot where, but you can increase the size of fonts in certain sections...trying to find out the exact command...Ctrl +... Edit: aha found it http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=532&st=0&p=12264&hl=+increase%20+font&fromsearch=1entry12264
  11. Definitely Nigel - Sterling is too much of a nincompoop for me
  12. Command

    Demo Questions

    The demo is a limited version, with most of the content/stories stripped out post New York You only have the ability to try capers while in New York and will not be able to continue those that carry over to other countries The demo allows you to play up to Egypt (to be exact, you get to take a look at the Egypt map and try out one simple action; no Egypt capers) The current version of the Demo does not contain the latest patch (the patch for the Full Game will not work with the Demo, and will likely break your Demo)
  13. Yep - don't be afraid to take Anna/Evelyn adventures - their relationship scores don't compete with the main characters, and it's for the reason Mikka stated which is because there are no Anna/Evelyn endings. The articles are a riot and the typewriter one is probably my favorite that I have seen. Looking at the "What Character Storyline Will You Play First?" thread, looks like not a lot of people are playing the professor? I would have to say that two of my favorite jokes are in his storyline - one involving Lorelei and the other Steven. And I like how some of the thugs have a "softer" side in Roland's
  14. Looks like it was quickly resolved https://secure.bmtmicro.com/servlets/Orders.ShoppingCart?CID=6209&PRODUCTID=62090001
  15. I believe most of the time you can repeat it... I say "most" however because I think if a Caper is limited to a specific location like Peru, you are limited to your time in Peru to be able to retry it.
  16. There are 4 different types of Actions you can take in Scheherazade. They are: 1. Increase your Skills 2. Acquire Inspirations 3. Relieve Stress (you can view Sadie’s current Stress level easily by hovering over her portrait on each map) 4. Go on Capers The first 3 actions prepare you for Sadie’s Capers. The more Skills you have, the better Inspirations you acquire, and the less Stress you have, the better your Caper will be! That’s because the first 3 types of Actions help you to prepare and overcome Obstacles during your Capers. There’s no way to fail when you initiate any of the first 3 types of Actions. * Pick Skills and train them - the points you gained will display in the cloud. * Pick types of Inspiration you want - you can see what you received in the cloud. Rollover the Inspiration name to see details on the Skills it gives temporary bonuses to. When you have maxed your number of slots, make sure to exchange for cards which give better bonuses. * Pick any Action that has the purple icon next to it - this will decrease your Stress. Your Stress points are added to Obstacle difficulty levels, so you want to keep this at 0 or very low! There’s no single right way to do the above, and there is no wrong way. It’s up to you and how you want to roleplay as Sadie. The actions above are intended to prepare you for the Capers you want to take. If you want to Win Obstacles, It boils down to this: Your Choice Points + Inspiration Bonuses >= Obstacle Difficulty + Stress But remember: * You can use as many Inspiration cards as you like. * Each Choice corresponds to a specific Skill. The higher your Skill points are, the higher the corresponding Choice points will be (for each 10 Skill points, you get 1 Choice point). Let’s talk about the different types of Capers that you can go on. They are: * The Main Caper - this is required and if you don’t initiate it, it will force initiate. You can continue the Main Caper even if you don’t win any Obstacles. * Character-Specific or Standalone Capers - these Capers revolve around one or more of the main characters and they are optional. Because they are optional in nature, some of them require that you beat Obstacles in order to progress further with a particular Caper. Think of these as extra-curricular activities or ways to increase friendship/romance with certain characters. * Day Events - these everyone must do and are forced at specific dates during the game. They may consist of Sadie traveling, taking exams, having brief conversations, etc. So now you know the basic elements of the game design, let’s talk about strategy. After all, Sadie’s adventures are only limited to a year! There are three available actions a day (morning, afternoon, and evening), minus those already reserved for Day Events. You’ll have to schedule your Actions/Capers according to your goals. In addition, Sadie spends about one month (or more) in each location at any given time. Keep this in mind if you want to finish an Egypt or Peru standalone Caper! You can refer to the Journal screen to plan ahead and see what dates Sadie will be traveling. It’s just like planning for a trip in real life without the pesky relatives! Ok, let’s do this. So you’ve finished the in-game tutorial, and you are on the New York map. Now is a good time to explore before you have to start making choices. Train a Skill or take an Action that sounds interesting to you and check out the results. Shortly, you’ll see a series of Day Events (over the course of a week or so) introducing you to the other main characters besides Sadie’s family. After this, you’ll notice while hovering over different locations on the New York map, that Capers have appeared. Makes sense, right? For example, the option to Adventure with Sterling only shows up after you’ve met him. Now it’s about picking what Capers you go on. Here’s what we recommend: * You want to befriend/romance a character - look for Capers with that character’s face icon and make sure to complete them and beat as many Obstacles as you can. You’ll need to raise your Relationship with them up to at least 30 by late December to get a friendship/romance ending. Conquering Obstacles are a good way to raise Relationship scores! Sometimes characters have more than two Capers on a map- be sure to complete them all, if you are trying for the friendship or romance! * No romance please - look for Capers with *any* face icon. Beating Obstacles will increase your stats and ensure a better ending overall. However, if your Relationship score with a character is high enough, and you choose to romance them in December, your Dream of Family is no more... At this point, you’ll want to know how best to prepare for and overcome Obstacles. You’ll notice that when rolling over a Caper Action, a tooltip will sometimes appear. It lists, in sequential order, the Skills required to beat Obstacles in that adventure. Green text signifies a possible rest period in the Caper - time for you to decrease Stress, train, and gain more Inspirations. Red text signifies a CRITICAL Obstacle, one that you must win in order to continue said Caper. Most of the time, you’ll have your pick between two or more Skills for each Obstacle. This means you should either train Skill A or Skill B. Often times, a character will be associated with a set of Skills, making it easier for you to train. For example, Awareness shows up a lot in Roland’s Capers, therefore spending more time to increase that would be very wise if you want to take his path. Observing the tooltip that is shown when rolling over a Caper Action, you can later find the particular Skill or Skills you wish to train via the Skills screen. Clicking on the Skill will show you where you can train it and where you can gain related Inspirations. You can also click on Sadie’s portrait on each map, after a simple action, to repeat that Action (and thus train quicker). Applesauce, that’s the end of the quick tutorial! For other guides, please check out: Nina de Boo's Intro/Guide
  17. We just got our first official one via Gamezebo: Gamezebo Review Hopefully we'll get some more this week as well.
  18. Command

    Bugs and errors

    Hi Mikka, If I am correct, you can check your autosaves unless you have that turned off? Hopefully that will save you from having to redo a couple of adventures.
  19. Command

    Bugs and errors

    Glad that worked out! Here is the text that would have been shown if it had been working correctly..so you don't miss out on anything..hope that helps
  20. Q. What is the target audience of Scheherazade? A. Simply put, if you like to read, chances are you will like this game. Great writing, witty, and whimsical. Is it meant for just women? No. Does it have romance in it? Yes. We like to think it has everything. And if you are a parent, it is kid-safe. Q. Is Scheherazade gameplay as difficult as Academagia? A. We don't think so, so don't be afraid to try it. If you have any worries and prefer a casual experience, we highly recommend playing on EASY level. We've had several first-time gamers try Scheherazade and their feedback was that it was pretty intuitive. Q. How do I know when I fail in the game? A. The only place you can fail in Scheherazade is at Obstacles. If the choice you select has fewer points than the difficulty points (as shown in the heart icon), then you have failed. Only some adventures/capers require you to succeed before continuation of that particular adventure. However, I do believe you can finish the Main capers without winning any obstacles, but your ending and character stats won't obviously be as good. Q. What's up with your demo? A. We currently have a demo on Spoon, but there have been reports of performance issues. We are not sure due to what, but we are currently in the process of making our own, which will allow you to play up to Egypt. Please check system requirements as listed on the website. We finally have a standalone demo out! Click here to download a free demo via Desura.
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