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    Bugs and errors

    Hi Esper, Thanks for letting us know. For this particular one, luckily you should be able to continue by clicking "Ignore". This one should only affect instances where Claudia is talking (the presents-giving should be the last instance of Claudia), but should not affect your stats/ending. We will correct this in the next patch.
  2. I think it took me ~20+ hours for the Spy storyline but I tried to win all the obstacles in his adventures, so I didn't get too much into the side adventures (and I regard my reading speed as on the lower end). Character storylines also differ in length. And I totally agree it is way more than just a love story. I see some comparisons to Carmen San Diego, but I think it reminds me more of Indiana Jones and that spirit. The romance is there if you want it and it's quite charming.
  3. -Red indicates a critical obstacle - one that requires success in order to progress further with an Adventure (You'll find critical obstacles in Adventures that are not necessary to complete the Main Adventure/Caper) -White ones simply mean you can proceed even with failure -Even if you train your skills, and keep stress very low, you are correct, you will almost always need an inspiration or two/three to win an obstacle. So while you can stock up on inspirations, later in the game you'll need both Skills and Inspirations to raise your Relationship/Dream score -Sounds like you are playing on Normal, or you're playing a lot of Adventures? I think the most you can expect to see for each playthrough is at most 1/4 (based on my own exp) of the content (or even less!) and that's if you don't care at winning too many obstacles. Most characters have a set of skills associated with them, and the good news is if you focus on those, that will increase your chance of success. That's my impression but I'll leave it to the Legate for more.
  4. Command


    Easy level is definitely the way to go if you want to see more of the story in one shot - you most likely will be able to play through 2 character storylines (not in full obviously) and have your pick when the major decision points come.
  5. I sense a lot of people are going to pick Mummy first (as I did), but I've played 3 in full now (Nigel, Roland, & Ahmose), and I would say that all of them are pretty great...Such that I would have a hard time recommending one over the other.
  6. Command


    To check your exact stress level, you can rollover Sadie's Portrait. The Portrait also changes depending on your Stress Level. To repeat a simple action like increasing your Skills or gaining Inspirations, you can click on the Portrait.
  7. Thanks for the support everyone! Working with Ren'Py was pretty fun and we are proud of our Ren'Py stats - last we checked: It's pretty ambitious in terms of content size for a Ren'Py game
  8. In celebration of the anniversary of our launch, Academagia is on sale at Impulse for $6.95.
  9. Hurray for a Summer Sale! 50% off at Impulse: http://www.impulsedriven.com/academagia
  10. Yes indeed. Also, if anyone wants to help, you can read more about donations at the Red Cross site.
  11. Thank you Grunthex and Schwarzbart! I don't mind sharing the privilege
  12. Spoon.net is now offering Academagia on their site. Click for details. As stated from their website: ...This also means that for the first time, you'll be able to demo Academagia for free using the Spoon service (capped at 30 minutes). If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the support forum.
  13. Make sure to check our "Updates" forum for the latest patches/dlcs. Information for most recent update will be pinned. http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=13
  14. Subscribe to Black Chicken Studios news, updates, and sale announcements
  15. Please visit this forum for latest details. The Mod Toolset has been released, and can be found here: The Mod Base has been released and can be found here (RapidShare link): The Mod AMO has been released and can be found here (RapidShare link): You should get all 3 files, in order to mod for Academagia. You only strictly need the Toolset and the AMO, but it's best if you use the Base as a starting point for your Mods. First, a note of caution: you should never, ever, ever make changes to the AMO. If you do make a change to the AMO, it's best for you to delete it and download a new copy. The AMO is the reference content, and if you change it, any subsequent mods you create which are based on it will have a hard time being used. It's better not to even open it- just keep it off to the side for publishing (see below). To begin, open the Mod Tool tools and go to File -> Open Mod. Select Mod Base here, and you will be able to see the Academagia content, current to DLC 2. From here, you can make whatever changes you wish: adding, deleting or modifying any entity in the game. Probably the first change you will want to make is to go to File -> Properties and name your Mod. You want to name it something unique, or there may be problems when it comes time for your Players to enjoy your mod. Once you are complete with the changes that you have made and are ready to test/publish, shut down the Mod Tools and reopen. Then go to Tools -> Publish Mod. Here, you will first want to select your Mod (in this case, whatever you renamed Mod Base to), the AMO it is referenced from (in this case Academagia 1.0.0), and finally what you want to name your Mod. Once you have done so, give your computer lots of time (6+ hours), as it checks exhaustively your mod against the official content, and all the complex links between entities for changes. You may want to sleep during this time. When the publishing is complete you will have a brand new Mod to share with us. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! As a general request: if you find typos or other errors and you choose to correct these in your Mod, please also keep a record of your changes so that we can incorporate them into the official content! Enjoy.
  16. Oh!...I had forgot to post this in the featurette thread but Academagia's artist, Robin, did work on an incomplete version of the map. Not sure what the final wiki versions will look like compared to this...but should be some eye-candy
  17. Thank you Vieux! I'm sure your comment will bring many smiles to those who have worked really hard in creating Academagia - probably *the* biggest bunch of lovable geeks (in my opinion) who are very passionate about making innovative, meaningful games. Needless to say, we are really happy with our little (but growing) community.
  18. Hi Jazerus, there is currently an alternative: Source thread
  19. Because I love to tease...here is a screenshot of the mod tool
  20. Welcome AdW! Good luck with your lectures - I actually miss being in college - so enjoy while you can.
  21. A file renamer tool should help you extensionfy quickly: http://www.tucows.com/search.html?search_s...search_type=all Also I very proud of myself for resisting the temptation to install the "evil browser".
  22. Presently, we are on track for the release of Patch 3 pending testing. [Estimated Date of Monday, 8/30/10] Patch 3 should address: 1) Knapsack bug - Workaround: Save, and reload. For 1 Day you will have access to the Knapsack again. 2) Further expansion of dynamic font adjustment in the right hand windows. 3) Pheme Roll Overs 4) Artifice Menu Review 5) Detention Skill Feedback 6) Astrology Skill Feedback ...as well as others.
  23. You can find your save file(s) in one of the following locations (depending on your OS): [Windows 7+] C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Academagia or Your Profile -> MyApps -> Local or Roaming -> Academagia
  24. ***** Warning: We are meeting with the coding team presently, and the doubling of Backgrounds we are seeing in Content Patch 1 has been solved. However, it appears that this doubling is occurring in a much more problematic way than just in the save games: it appears it is affecting the primary database. This (almost certainly) means that those of you that have used Content Patch 1 will need to uninstall, then reinstall, Academagia once Patch 3 is available. We will not remove Content Patch 1 yet, but consider it use at risk until our investigation is complete. Thanks, and we will keep you posted. ***** Content Patch 1 has been released, and can be found here: Instructions: Copy all files and place into your Academagia install folder (same folder as Academagia.exe). For example: C:\Program Files\Academagia\Mods\Content.mdm (Please overwrite all files) Important: You must begin a new game in order to make use of the Content Patch. When you begin a new game, simply check 'Content Package' under mods, and proceed. Before you Install: Patch 3, to be released on Monday, 8/30, will contain fixes only accessible from a new game. Patch 3 will not require you to create a new game, but if you wish to have certain fixes, you will need to create a new one. This Patch adds this content: 1) New Exits to introduce Pamela, the Invisible Friend. 2) All Locations in the game were revised to raise visibility on Location Abilities. Almost all Location Abilities which offer Expansions to statistics are made Active. All Location Abilities which offer inspirational Increases remained Passive. 3) Books are now Typed correctly. One may be 'Equipped' as a source of reference and study. 4) The Academagia Block Puzzle is now 10,000% less Glorious 5) The Safaviore School is now attendable, if you have the appropriate Background 6) Spells now display all Rolls and Effects in the Description 7) Befriend is now immediately available to the Player 8) New Background Options are available ...updates these: 1) Extrapolation of Evidence 2) Trial and Error 3) Class Skills now display Instructor and Date of all Exams 4) Accept Commission 5) Reverse Engineering is now more useful 6) Zoology Skill Perks reviewed 7) Play Action now correctly refers to the Familiar 8) Go Outside the Fences now correctly refers to the Familiar 9) Entertain now correctly refers to the Familiar 10) Looks over Substance is no longer juxtaposed (Substance over Looks, indeed!) 11) The Vihuelan Lyre now is much less likely to be a source of Reprimands 12) All Bully Skills are now Informed in the Schoolyard Education Skill. 13) Revision Classroom now has the correct Ability 14) Pure Luck now has a more sensible dominant Attribute 15) Practice Math Description 16) Unicorn Tears may now be Equipped 17) Study Mastery: Botany Description 18) Study Mastery: Athletics 19) Explore Action now has the correct Roll 20) Updated Run Abilities to improve chance of Fitness Expansion 21) Study Mastery: Arithmetic 22) Romance is now Trainable 23) Memorization Skill Perks 24) The Ability 'Elegant Service' now takes place in the Great Hall 25) Merit Review for Information 26) Limning reworked 27) Tutoring Services reworked 28) Scratch reworked 29) Enjoy Silphium is more enjoyable 30) Tour the Tapestry Room now has Effects! 31) Pet Therapy now correctly reduces Stress 32) Practice Run's second Effect should not work as intended 33) Lucky Sprite's Coin may now be Equipped 34) Cheryl Aemegus has decided to sell Items 35) The Four Phases Bookstore is much harder to steal from 36) Rabbit Kick reworked 37) Animal Analogy now works correctly 38) Teach Language now works correctly 39) Professor's Lounge is now Informed correctly 40) Emperor Sphinx is now Informed correctly ...and corrects many typos. Special thanks to the following Academagians who originally suggested or raised awareness of these: .H. Advanced Class Draigh DWhite6666 Elwin emerssso Emperor Norton I Famble Hawkey Housellama Impet jc315 Jeff Wang JolandaRossa Justin Knightav Marian Medic Mikka nightguard Nikolaj Ragbe Ranielle Reiji Kido Schwarzbart shin Sorceress Synel Tiavals Vhailor
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