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  1. In regards to "programming skills", if you mean experience with some sort of coding/scripting language, you will require none to mod. The tool, from the beginning, was tailored to be used by writers.
  2. For August 24th, we outranked Victoria II in sales on Impulse - we love Paradox - and are very happy to be amongst such greatness! Go little Indie baby go!
  3. I'm going to close this thread - since the growing number of questions/answers in this thread will make it difficult for people to quickly search/find answers (since there is so much paging). Please create a new thread for a new question and we will try our best to merge/condense similar questions into one thread.
  4. Command

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    I guess for widescreens, there would be some wiggle room to multi-task, if that is the intention...
  5. Vegejor you had me at I'm a sucker for toilet humor What about -3 pairs of underwear as a result?
  6. Fill out my Wufoo form!
  7. You are totally right! I am ashamed that thought didn't ever cross my mind (during feedback) - just one of those things where you need to step back, take a break, and get a fresh pair of eyes! So many details
  8. Oh there's two areas - 1) Personal Profile pic (this one you already have set up) 2) Avatar pic (Go to "Edit Avatar Settings" under your Personal Profile) -You can try uploading there (crosses fingers it will work ) -If not, you can upload and link to the picture, where it says "Enter a URL to an online avatar image"
  9. Sure no problem! I think it might be a bug in the forum application itself - since I was able to upload it for you. I will email their support and report the bug. What browser version are you using?
  10. Impet - can you email the picture to info@academagia.com? I'll try to see what's going on. Thanks!
  11. Hi Impet - Personal picture is limited to 100kb, 150x150 px (Upload has been enabled) Avatar is limited to 100kb, 80x80 px Let me know if you still have problems..
  12. Evil Numpad - you've betrayed us for the last time! What about instead of '+' or '-', we used the up arrow and down arrow? I believe those keys should be easily accessible for everyone. As for the UI, we realize that there are many improvements that we can make for the next version (scalability, rollover pop-ups [less clicking], nonobtrusive/draggable menus, etc.), however the current challenge we face is that the game artwork is *not* scalable as-is. It would require an entire revamp involving massive amounts of time to produce new layout/artwork and to alter all dependent code. The devs can fix/improve a lot of things, but that is possibly, one of the most (actually probably the most) challenging tasks (also considering a very small staff size - even though the Legate may appear to have cloned himself on the forum ). Yes, that blue frame is quite a diva - unfortunately we've already signed a record deal. As for updates on distributor sites - I'll let Legate answer - but I believe Schwarzbart is correct - it may take them 1-2 weeks to update. As usual - thanks for the input everyone.
  13. No, you guys are great! This is easily one of the best forums I've had the pleasure of moderating.
  14. I'm running on XP, 2GB RAM, 2.8GHz and it takes about 1-3 seconds for the loading screens.
  15. Welcome Sorceress! I play many roles for Black Chicken Studios, including designing the website (it's ok if you don't like it - I am well aware it's not my best effort due to time limitations ) and assisting in producing small art assets. In addition, I am a Muse for the Legate - I contributed one cool game idea to Academagia - that no one has yet discovered while playing, but I'm sure someone will eventually...(or at least no one has posted about it yet, or maybe it's just really awesome in my own mind ) I'm not a big gamer myself - I've dabbled in the Sims the most (in fact created sim skins and once was popular among that community) and appreciate whimsical games like Kingdom of Loathing, etc.
  16. Here you go: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=509
  17. Yes - thanks to Hawkey for starting this thread! Marian, I just fixed the typo on the Admissions page - the manual I also fixed but haven't uploaded quite yet - since I suspect there might be more changes to that. I think we are definitely a group of perfectionists (and have learned a lot from working on/launching Academagia). As a minor contributor, I only wish I had more time to help (I blame it on the busy day job, working for "the man").
  18. Hi Hawkey, As you know, Academagia is a complex, deep game, and some things that may appear to be "quick fixes" may not be in reality. Although I am not one of the programmers for the game, being a programmer, I can understand how people might arrive at the conclusion, that in regards to improvements, I, too, wish this was true. The fact is somethings are easier than others, but some require extensive testing. The beta for Academagia spanned 9+ months, and yet we were not able to catch everything - but that is the nature of software. However, rest-assured, the Legate is making his list and checking it twice. Oh - and in regards to the mouse cursor - maybe it's just me, but I prefer the regular mouse arrow. Having been visually scarred by hideous web apps with custom cursors and persistent trailing effects - has given me more appreciation of simplicity. But that is a minor personal preference of mine. Also, I don't think you should stop posting your ideas/findings. I think the more they can squeeze into future updates, the better (As a developer myself, I would much prefer to get a full list, to prioritize, and see what is possible).
  19. With a quick google, I was able to find this online: http://www.archive.org/details/Boccherini-Passacalle The Legate should be able to offer more assistance.
  20. 1) Did you double check that you have .NET 4.0 installed? If you got it from Steam, you should have 4.0 already. The system error message is usually related to an earlier version of .NET. Probably the easiest thing to do is to download the .NET installer from here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...9f-b21f31ab88b7 ...and install. *Ignore this step if you are running Windows 7. Windows 7 has the correct version of .NET pre-installed.* ====================================================================== 2) Are you running the game as an Administrator? If you do not have anything special set up to do this, you will need to right-click on Academagia.exe and select: Run as Administrator. You can also try the following, which should allow you to run the game as Admin automatically without having to right-click in the future. 1. Right-click on the shortcut and select Properties. 2. In the Shortcut tab, click the Advanced button. 3. Check the box for Run as Administrator. 4. Click Ok to apply your changes. For Windows 10, please try: For Vista users, you may have to do the following: Go to the programs folder in the C: drive and run Academagia.exe directly from where you installed it (not the shortcut). You will hopefully get Run as Administrator option there, if you do not see it by right-clicking on the shortcut. Windows authority is a tricky thing- even though you are on an Admin account, programs have to be given Admin rights individually. It's annoying and inconvenient, but...it also helps protect your computer. ====================================================================== 3) Your game crashed and things have been weird since. Most of the time this is due to a faulty cache. Find your cache folder which should be located: C:\ProgramData\Academagia\Cache_V3 And delete it. If you can start a new game, but cannot load previous saves which used mods, try this: (1) Rebuild the cache by simply starting a *new* game and selecting the mods that were used by your save (2) Quit the new game (3) Try loading your old game save now ====================================================================== 4) You get an error message about some file that the game needs, but that is being used by another process. Try this: (1) Ctrl + Alt + Delete (2) Go to Task Manager (3) Check if Academagia is still listed under running Apps or Background processes. If yes, right click on it and end the task, and restart Academagia. ====================================================================== 5) Version 3.0.6 already has everything. DLC 17 is all inclusive and contains all previous DLC's. Make sure you have the latest and greatest. First, download the latest patch if you don't already have it (the latest is always stickied at the top). Next, navigate to your Academagia folder and delete all the files inside which also appear in the patch. The important ones are: Mods (folder) Academagia.Core.dll Academagia.exe Academagia.UI.dll Common.dll ContentModel.dll GameLogic.dll Storage.dll ...make sure you delete them, and do not overwrite them with the ones from the patch! Finally, move the files from the patch into your Academagia folder. Make sure to Run Academagia.exe as Administrator. ====================================================================== 6) Saves compatibility - We've done our best to make sure saves from previous versions of Academagia work in the current version, however, due to the complexity of the modding system, we cannot guarantee that your old saves will work 100% of the time. There may be some data loss during the conversion to updated formats, specifically: These students might have one less spell: Aveline Aranaz Grainne Aranaz Raoul Aranaz Malacresta Aranaz Rikildis Aranaz Cinzia Avila Olivia Avila Neso Godina Isabeau Hedi Ausdauer Hedi Leopold Hedi Reitz Hedi Girars Morvidus Joana Morvidus Philippe Morvidus Hector Morvidus Mairgrete Morvidus Rixenda Vernin If you are trying to load an old game that used mods and encounter an error, please try: Starting a new game with all the mods selected that were used by your old game (this builds the cache) Once your cache has been built, now try loading your old game For example, if I have an old save called "OldSchool.ams" which used "Mod 1" and "Mod 2", I would start/save a new game "Temp.ams" which used "Mod 1" and "Mod 2". Finally, I would load "OldSchool.ams". If the above does not work, you may need to verify that you have a clean install of Academagia before trying the above steps again (making sure to delete old version of Academagia completely vs overwriting files, and to clear out cache, etc.). Just make sure to retain your saves and mods so you can carry them over to the latest version. ====================================================================== 7) RivaTuner - A few reports of Academagia crashing due to this free app, which may be resolved by uninstalling RivaTuner. ====================================================================== 8) If the above steps have not corrected the error and allowed you to play, please email info@academagia.com the following information: Your System Specs - are using a Mac, and just running Windows virtually? The log file 'Academagia.log', which will be present in C:\ProgramData\Academagia for Windows 7+. Your save (.ams) file(s), if possible. Any mod(s) you used. Instructions on how to replicate the issue. ====================================================================== We'll try our best to resolve your issues, and thank you for your patience!
  21. In good humor, we celebrate one of the first major milestones of achievement - Our very first Forum Troll! http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/604974-acad...-mages/55949408
  22. More promised behind-the-scenes art:
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