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  1. You can also use stress when you make an attempt to give you a bonus, I'm not sure how much of a bonus you get for each point used though, so it may not be enough to help unless you have very high fitness.
  2. Added the lastest patch for academagica otherwise nothing, it's not a crash on the first day it's on veranix 7, so I've played plenty of days before it and a few today, I thought it might be something that happens during that day.
  3. After I've selected my actions and confimed the game crashes with the message. System error occured. Application will be terminated. If I select only an adventure it crashes after I exit the adventure, any other actions and it crashes without loading the adventure.
  4. If I had information about them it would show if they are taking action as well, I'll have to get information before trying that in future. Thanks I didn't think of that, and didn't know Gossip worked like that.
  5. This starts with the assumption that NPC clique work like the players one in that with a low relationship between the people in it they will break up. I tried to do this to a two person clique by reducing the relationship between the people in it using Harmen Strife and the Demean, having used each of which enough times to reduce there relationship by 12 (so 24 in total) thinking that they were bound to split at -10 but nothing happened. I was wondering is there something else that I need to do, also is there any way currently of seeing the relationship between two students as gossip no longer shows it?
  6. There's two items you can get from Garibaldi's The Dopplerganger ring priced at a most reasonable $224 and the Escape wand for $405. The only other ones I could find at the moment are The Wand of Shadows for $472 and the Cap of Illusions for $716 both from the Catalog of Shadows which I think you gain from the hide skill but it was a while ago that I got it some I'm not sure. They all give a 2% decrease and you can use them all at the same time so that should make it nice a difficult to get caught, have fun trying though.
  7. There is also the added benefit of not having to worry about using actions on correspond, so you get a little extra time to use as you want.
  8. Famble

    New skills

    Thoughtful Study can select research topics as well is it supposed to be able to?
  9. Try using a different location, I noticed that if I used the help desk when trying to research in older games it always failed, when I tried at somewhere else it succeded.
  10. The Room of Cheer II description states that it removes fear, anxiety and despair, the effect states that it removes despair, anxiety and panic. The Aranaz Common room description states that it is easier to train dedication, intimidation and orthography, the effect states that it decreases training modifier for tease, interrogation and insult. Closet Forge I've not been able to get any skill increases from using as a prep location though it states to increase metallurgy and a random.
  11. Famble

    Using items

    Bouquet of Flowers remains after you use it's ability (give them as a gift), so you can use it repeatedly. The reverse engineer spell does not have a way to set a target for it and fails.
  12. Famble

    Using items

    No learning banned knowledge for me then. I found a couple of other bugs and typos shall I post them here or is there somewhere particular that you would want them?
  13. Famble

    Using items

    The book is Gate Methodologies from 79-234
  14. Famble

    Using items

    I bought a book to learn some new skills, but it there is no way to activate it, are books used in a special way?
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