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  1. swang

    DLC 17 Bugs

    Based on Modtools, The investigation for Random Rampant Creature 1 is right, but the check is wrong: It should open up (the hidden exit 3) Revision Spells. Weaken the pot with a revision spell. The plant should trap the purple rodent. which has a pre-req of [Existence]Prerequisite, Existence/Memory/Rare Sticky Plant = [Existence]Prerequisite, Existence where it should equal: [Existence]Prerequisite, Existence/Character/Self (at least, that's what the other memory based investigations use)
  2. swang

    DLC 17 Bugs

    Found it. Anedius 1. Thanks Legate and freespace
  3. swang

    DLC 17 Bugs

    More modtools wierdness (note that I'm using modbase 4...) Student Adventure Strolin 3 - Exit 1 - Opposed roll on initiator and target. The target of the adventure is Emilia Strollin, but according to the success/fail text, you're rolling against Sheary Warrington Student Adventure Strolin 3 - Exit 3 benefits - The increase relationship [Durand-boy MC] target is Relationship]Character/Actors/Actors/Adventures/Student Adventure Strolin 4/8138/Character/Self - you're expanding relationship maximum with yourself? The prerequisite for Ballon Day - Year 1 is: [Numeric]Prerequisites, Numeric/Relationship/Selection/Morvidus/Joana Lio y Rossollo/Character/Selection/Morvidus/Philippe Marchant = -924. Is this another way of saying, this is cut content?
  4. swang

    DLC 17 Bugs

    Not necessarily bugs. But strangeness in the modtools for this adventure chain: Student Adventure Milena 3 and 4 - Failures on the exits go back to 2? is this intended? Thematically possibly correct, but there's a stage pause between 2 and 3/4 which makes the punishment for failure rather harsh. Student Adventure Milena 12 - Failure of the investigation results in no chooseable exit? (there are no non-hidden options) What happens? does the adventure just putter out and end?
  5. In the mod table, there is a separate "sacrifice" text, which is rarely (if ever?) filled out. That text should show up instead of the success text. Which usually means it's blank... In either case, the reward and the success continuation are applied. tbh, if the sacrifice is empty, the success text should just show up by default.
  6. swang

    DLC 17 Bugs

    Typo: Student Adventure Aveline 6 - Leadership exit - toliet should be spelled toilet Durand College Adventures 8 - all exits have drawbacks and failure continuations, but no roll, meaning that success is automatic? (I don't know if this has been reported before, just saw them while going through modtools and updating the wiki...)
  7. Pinky: Gee Brain, what do you wanna do tonight? Brain: The same thing we do EVERY night, try to take over the World!
  8. I don't know that the Sphinx is my friend anymore. He lost one of his skillups in the latest DLC. He now only gives 1x Random skill 1x picked skill 1x Random known skill My new favorite is now Culiman's Shack (Bassan 10): 2x Random skill 1x Random skill (2 SS) which gives you 3 chances to pick up that skill you haven't unlocked yet, although late game, if your training modifier is down due to having all ability scores >= 6, the extra SS doesn't help that much.
  9. Been a while since I've been on the forums, but I think I edited that page. the "Bonus" is -1, so to every roll, you add '-1' to that roll. Since all rolls have an attribute, and attributes give 0 to 2x their value, C&R can potentially give you -1 to +5 bonus as a net effect. The only reason it's a bonus is because that's what the modtool uses. Instead of having a Bonus and a Penalty, they just have a Bonus, and uses negative numbers for Penalties.
  10. Favorite Pillar - Mastery Favorite College - Morvidus - More creatures to exert Mastery over. And your most important question You don't want to wake up the Dragon. Do you? Why, yes, yes I do.
  11. Mastery, so you can puppet master your clique into a chamber orchestra. and Gates, so you can summon some imps to sing the Hallelujah Chorus
  12. Wait what are you guys talking about? I'm playing year two right now? Rimbal FTW!
  13. Short answer: I didn't. I spent most of my time in college polishing up my gaming skillz. I was able to get a B average, and that's good enough. It's the degree that counts. In Academagia and in IRL, just go often enough that you don't get kicked out, and you'll have the most fun/learning optimized.
  14. Music isn't exactly useless. It has many high level actions that you can do for Glory. I find that Glory is pretty helpful, and it distinctly makes a difference in how often you can get away with skipping class. Although I seem to remember someone saying that it was possible to never get caught skipping classes, that'd be an interesting character to run. Never showing up to class other than midterms and finals. Speaking of which, that sounds suspiciously like my own college!
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