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  1. I am fairly sure Rimbal skills unlock their own spells and phemes, as well as lore. Also, I have seen an event or two where Rimbal playing skills are useful(I think? At least the event was Rimbal-based)
  2. You really should make a small change to the letter from Gera and Oan's visit. Namely, write in big letters that it's the TUTORIAL. It seems to me that most complaints about the game's first days comes from people who haven't played/read them for some reason. They explain almost all of the functionality in the game, including the calender's week/day relation. My other issue is that it's game mechanically too powerful to Study a subject. Supposing grades will matter in Year 2, you are likely to Study all of your subjects to 10. However, if you do it in the beginning of the game, you can even get increases to attributes, which in turn helps you accumulate skill points. It is therefore game mechanically optimal to Study everything to 10 as soon as you can. And therefore it isn't really a meaningful choice, as the default is to simply Study them as soon as you can. I understand that the game supports a wide variety of playing styles and all that, but if one option is so obviously more powerful than the rest, it becomes annoying. I am a person of poor willpower, so it's very hard for me to resist the temptation of Studying the subjects to 10 immediately. And if I do that, it becomes more of a chore instead of a fun "I wonder what I should do this day?". I understand that part(much?) of the blame is on me, because it's my choice, but it'd be great if there was some game mechanical reason not to Study them to the max as soon as possible. For example, you get huge Stress if you Study a lot in a small time, or perhaps you can Study only 1 level per month. Or simply take away the attribute increase from some of the subjects and turn it into a skill increase. Many of them already are simple skill increases, and that's okay. But as some are attribute increases, the advantage of Studying them early on is simply far too good. There's no point in Training your weak parts of a subject, if you can just Study the subject itself and gain the attribute linked to it, whereupon you will gain the skills a lot faster as well. Kinda takes away some of the point of being a rebellious youth who doesn't like to study, but loves to have fun, if each time you play you are "forced"(by your own weakness) to be a bookworm.
  3. Study Mastery: Arithmetics says "Add bonus: Athlethics" in it's Effects part. Should be Arithmetics
  4. I do believe there's a similar problem with Skill Mastery Athlethics and Calligraphy. They should increase Vitality Maximum and Stress Maximum, but I can't see either of them doing anything.
  5. Agh, that was so stupid of me. Especially since I'm studying Computer Science at the University. Makes me feel like a fool it does. Thanks.
  6. Unfortunately I still cannot find the savegames. My computer's folder structure appears to be different from that one. For example, there is no "AppData" folder(or Application Data or anything like it) anywhere inside the folder. I can find it inside Documents & Settings by the name of "Application Data", but there is no Academagia folder, or any .ams files in sight, even with the Search engine. I am using the Impulse version of the game, perhaps that affects the files? Can the savegames be traced to their origin somehow? The folder where it saves the games must read somewhere. But perhaps this is getting too difficult. It may be the bugs and such I am encountering are due to some inherent error in the way my computer is built.
  7. Tiavals

    Using items

    Seeing as how I started the game only after patching, the answer can only be that I did it after. However, I guess something may have gone wrong with the patch process itself. Is there a way to see the version of the game? Perhaps it is mentioned in some corner somewhere or in the application's details?
  8. Tiavals

    Using items

    How do I figure if it's Informed or not? I have indentified it using the "Consult the Artifact Registry" action, and I can read what it's supposed to do. I have patched, but I have the Impulse version of the game. Impulse itself claims the game being 1.00, despite me dumping the files in the patch to the root directory and overriding the files. My saves from before patching don't work either. I suppose it is possible I have done something wrong in the patch process.
  9. Tiavals

    Using items

    I can't read the book "Epic: Kensab the Ilician", despite having it in my knapsack. It's not listed in either the Use Item or Use Ability action.
  10. That would be Rixenda la Serenada of Vernin College, with her Scavenger Tales ability, I believe. Oh, and another question: Where can I find my save games if I'm using Windows XP? I don't have a path such as this: Your Profile -> MyApps -> Local or Roaming -> Academagia I even searched my hard drives for the saves, but it still came empty. But they must be somewhere, seeing as how I can load and save games. any idea?
  11. As I try to use the Adventure option, the game crashes. I tried waiting past the day and trying another day, but it still crashes. The time is around the first exams. Can't really think of any other useful info to tell. I have the save that this bug recurs in, which I can send if necessary.
  12. I've been playing the game some time now, roughly 4 half-playthroughs(each was botched due to one thing or another, more about that on another thread), and I have a large amount of questions, so here goes: Spellcasting: 1. Not all spells say which skills(if any are used). Examples would be "Channel Masters" or "Blotted Forms". (As a side note, is it possible in a future patch to put the phemes in groups, such as Social, Combat, Statboost, and such. It'd be easier to see what sort of phemes you would like to use. The game has so many of them, you can hardly remember even a third of them.) 2. I noticed some spells can't have phemes added to them. Are these the automatically successful spells? 3. Suppose you cast a spell on an opponent, and add phemes. Does a stat increase(such as +1fitness) affect you or the target? 4. How hard is an "easy" spell-casting check? 3? 5? 7? It's hard to gauge meaningful decisions if you have no idea if you even can succeed. Student relations: 5. Is there a point in pestering and aggravating another student? Say, Bullying them or Sudden Punching them in the nose? 5.a Or is this something that is more meaningful in the future years? 6. Are there plans on a more "goal oriented quest system"? Such as: "Make life miserable for Prudence, so that she's stressed out and her studies suffer", whereupon succeeding you would gain something out of it. Questions about the second(and further) years: 7. What will the skill power be in relative to the later years? Will strength 7 still be incredible, and Incantation 10 godlike, or will they simply be average? Such as, each skill and stat has an area of about 10 per year. Meaning it'd be average for a second year student to have an Intelligence of 13 or for a third year to have Running 22? 7.a Any pessimistic approximate on how long till you can make the second-year of the game(s)? A year? Two? Three? Questions regarding familiars: 8. As I understand it, familiars give ½ their skill rating to you. Do their stats only affec their skill learning speed? And does Bond only limit their skill maximums? Or does it have another use? Say, you have Bond of Stars at 7. Does it have a meaning? Artifice: 9. Can you craft items with artifice yet in the game? Supposing no: 9.b Is this something that will be expanded upon sooner rather than later? Supposing yes: 9.c How to do it? I have bought some iron bars and coal, and have studied armor design(so I know I can make some breastplates or such). Yet when I visit the forge with the Artifice action, all I get is the "Artifice screen" that has the red gem and all, but none of my recipes or items or such can be seen, so it's impossible to craft anything. Blackmailing: 10. How to do it? I have a skill of 5, yet I don't have an action to blackmail anyone actively. However, I have some information spied from a few students. I do get a "blackmail" option sometimes when I involve a student I have info about in an action, but what does it do? Do I get a bonus to the roll in question of the action, or something else? Exploration: 11. How is exploration handled in the game? Is there an exploration skill check or something else? If there is, what difficulty is it, or does it depend on where you explore, and how many places you have found? Or must you "learn" about a place before you can explore for it? I think I have "learned" about a few locations, yet I can't do the actions involved with them. Must I find them with explore first, or are there some secret skill-prerequistes that I do not have? (For example, I learned of the Circus, yet I cannot use the action that the Circus has) 11.a That student with the exploration power(which tells you about a location) has an action if she's in your clique that allows you to use the power. Yet, I have tried to use it some 10 times, but it always failed. Why is this? Is there a skill-check involved that isn't written in the description(or one that I missed), or are there other prerequistes?(Though this was some time ago in the Release version of the game, perhaps it was a bug that was fixed) Thank you for any and all answers, and for the patience.
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