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  1. Okay. As we speak, I'm having this problem. The game is still running, but I'm unable to save. Is there any way to salvage this, or is my game doomed? Is there anything I can try, any information I can send to help diagnose things?
  2. I'm sorry to zombify an old thread, but I'm having this problem again and I never have figured out what skills might extricate me from a clique, without destroying my friendships in the process if at all possible. What should I be training? Does anyone know?
  3. Well, rats. And things were going so well, too. That'll teach me to stop playing before the year is over.
  4. I went to play my saved game tonight and the last save I used was just...missing. I checked the saved game folder and I can see it there, but the game doesn't show it as an option to load. Is this what the Vista save game corruption thing does? Is it safe to assume this means my save is corrupt and lost forever?
  5. Early on in the school year one of my classmates succeeded in using Befriend on me. That would be great, except that I don't want to be his friend. Or rather, I would be happy to be his friend, but not be in his clique. I'm finding it pretty limiting, and now nobody else will be my friend. Is there some way for me to leave a clique? It seems odd that there wouldn't be, but I haven't found a way to do it yet.
  6. Hmm. I'm actually not sure. I certainly don't want *less* - I struggle enough every time prioritizing things I want. But I worry a bit about upping the number, because it might make things unbalanced. Maybe a small boost - something like two points - would be fine, but I'd not want to get into the range of "5 points for traits and ten to disperse among the other categories" - then you'd never have to make hard choices at the outset.
  7. I am looking forward to Patch 3, 'cause I've had detention now every Tuesday since the third week of school and we're two weeks past midterms now. Maybe if I knew what they wanted, I could get out of this! 'cause now I'm stuck there Tuesdays and Thursdays, and at this rate I'll only have free time on weekends.
  8. Hee. I am unlikely! I kind of like that, even though detention sucks.
  9. Wow, I really am terrible at this game! Last play through I had detention every Tuesday for the whole year. I'm not even a bully or particularly rebellious! Well, it's okay anyhow. That save was destroyed by patching, so I can always try again.
  10. I *wish* that had happened to me. There was no good choice (even if I'd passed - they were all "be an idiot" options) to a random event I rolled, and I ended up with detention - every Friday for the rest of the year. It was only the second week of school. I quit. It wasn't worth losing a Friday for the rest of the game.
  11. Fairly late in the year I picked up the skill that allows you to research someone's family. I tried it out on a fellow student that I knew well (not in my clique - I confess I never befriended anyone out of paranoia that doing so would mean someone else would never be my friend later). When I read the resulting report, I was surprised to find that their basic traits - fitness, charm, intelligence, etc. - were WAY higher than mine. Is this because I'm not playing the game correctly? I felt really foolish carrying around my 1in strength while he had nothing less than 3 in everything.
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