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  1. Legate of Mineta, I am glad to read, that you understand my point of view. I was worried that you were going to stick with that flaw through the whole series! If you really can solve the problem I will definitly continue to buy the other games. In my previous post I forgot to mention the great artwork and amount of stories!
  2. If you think that the game deserves 5 stars, it is OK with me. In my own opinion I would not give the game 5 stars. Don't get me wrong, I like the concept of the game and the fact that they are busy trying to improve the it. However, there is one major flaw. That is the big blue frame. If I don't downsize my screen solution to 1024 x 768 in order to remove the blue screen, Academagia would be not be playable in an enjoyable way. I know they implemented the feature to increase the font size, but this is just to cope with the symptom and not curing the root problem. The "center page", where the main story text is told, should be bigger. Please, Legate of Mineta, don't take this personally. You are really doing a good job and I really sense that you are putting much effort into it. This is just my realistic point of view. I think, it is better to tell his true opinion and to say what is not 100% correct in order to get the best out of it.
  3. Ah it works! I thought, I had to use the up and down arrow keys. Thanks!
  4. I thought they added this, but if so it is not working.
  5. Hi! It would be great to be able to increase the size fonts by other means, as my laptop has no numpad. Also it would be nice to see in-game with which version you are playing right now. Impulse says an update is available for Version 1.031, however I have already updated it with Patch4. This is a bit confusing. Thanks for the patch!
  6. Thanks for the patch, I appreciate your efforts. I will try it soon!
  7. Schwarzbart, you can just update your game manually. First of all, I immediately bought this game after browsing through the impulse catalog for the very first time. I really like the idea and when I was younger I also wanted to create a game with a similar game mechanic. The game feels not to be fully using its potential. At first it is a little bit disappointing, to be honest. However, I hope by buying the game it will support this team and will allow them to improve Academagia. I have a good feeling about this, when I see that you guys are releasing new patches in that short period of time. The amount of stories are really astonishing. I would like to contribute some ideas/problems. - I tried to increase the font size, but since I am playing on a laptop without a num-pad it is not working. The other + button does not do the trick. - To be able to increase of decrease the font size is in my opinion just curing a symptom. I uploaded this picture http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/2ta9-5-jpg.html I think it would be more effective and less troublesome than constantly in- or decreasing the font size, if you would use the the screen more properly. The blue frame needs too much space and he is not contributing to the game. Is it possible to stretch the game related screen? Take care
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