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  1. Our reward for Greenlighting Year one will, of course, be the release of years 2-5 before the end of 2016.
  2. I don't know what happened, but I was able to log in to the app, save the game key (along with about 20 of the 80 or so other games I had that I hadn't already purchased when they were on sale at GOG) and install it. If I recall correctly, DLC needs to be installed manually from here, and my old saves have long ago vanished (2 computers ago) Should I wait for DLC 17 or start a game now? Edit: I know some people think Steam is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and I neither begrude them their opinion nor wish to reopen that debate here, but please let us know if getting BCS games on GOG is viable, and if so, what we can do help that along, since I understand that is a more difficult prospect than even getting on Steam. I suppose being Greenlit on Steam would probably be a first step.
  3. I dropped by tonight looking for updates about the Holdfast app and thought I'd check up on the status of Year 2, and coincidentally just happened to land on the day that the Greenlight went up for Year 1? I voted, but I'm tempted to wax proverbial about tortoises and hares. Also, I can't seem to actually get my at my copy of Year 1. I bought it from Impulse back in the day before Gamestop acquired it, and Gamestop seems to no longer support it on their download app. I managed to log in successfully with an older version of the app, but it wouldn't let me download it without upgrading the app, and when you upgrade the app it wants an authentication code that it never sends you. I don't suppose there's anything you guys can do about it?
  4. Torolf

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    Perhaps he expired while t
  5. Well, this isn't his first Kickstarter, so I guess that he knows all this, but after the campaign is over, Kickstarter will take a couple weeks to get the money that clears to him. And I don't imagine the printers will do another run until they've been paid, and that doesn't count the stretch goals. I'd be surprised if the books are available before the end of August at best. Legate, I'm hoping this won't occur, but what happens to the promotional adventure if Carbon Grey isn't funded?
  6. I was under the impression that it'd take longer than five weeks. The books have to be printed, even if the printers already had the layouts and final proofs were approved and everything. I might have used some Amazon points to get Destiny Quest 1 and 2 to help with the wait, though.
  7. Not to steal an idea from the Order of the Stick, but if you held another Kickstarter to let fans have a go with that cat of nine tails, you might raise enough to fund Ars Magica.
  8. Oh, fine. As courtesy from one wolf to another; You sniff my butt, I'll sniff yours.
  9. I love dwarf fortress, but I doubt it will ever be finished. And I stopped clicking on links a long time ago after a particularly bad bout with tvtropes...
  10. Just think of the money they'd save on graphics alone. Dialogue might need a little work, though.
  11. You didn't hear? Bethesda outsourced the next Elder Scrolls to Bay 12 Games!
  12. Well, it can get expensive, but I took up Kickstarting as a hobby while waiting for Year 2. Waiting for other projects to be delivered helps distract from waiting for Year 2. And now waiting for Holdfast.
  13. I understand the pain of the math behind it. You might still consider putting up the raw data, though. There seemed to be a lot of people who would have pledged for print add-ons, especially a combined print volume. If you put up an update that said, "We would need a minimum run of X to break even on the deal. How many of you would buy it at a price of Y?" And then there are also a couple folks like me who'd shell out for a copy or two of print practically regardless of price.
  14. That would make sense, Schwartz, but it's sort of a running joke between the Legate and me. I won't be passing up any opportunities to tease him about it for a while. I'd only pledge for another adventure if I thought I had something really good to contribute, anyway. I only did a double-sized one this time because I thought the idea needed the elbow room to really shine. When the Paypal pledges do open, I think that I'm most likely to just get a couple of soft-covers, one for my younger brother, and one for myself. (Unless the addons become available in print, in which case I may need to take out a loan so my brother and I can have those, too.)
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