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  1. So there won't be a separate addon for the player-created adventures? Hmm. What will you do for those folks who bought all the addons and one or more adventures, in lieu of receiving the addon for free? Also, I can't seem to find the price for adding on additional books anywhere.
  2. Well, we did it. I did have questions about the player created adventure addons, though. Will they all be in one addon? If so, which one? Will it depend on the content of the adventure? If they're all going to be crammed into the same addon, will it be made available to those who didn't pledge to create that addon? Seems kind of a waste, if so. Also, having some sort of play aid (alternate character sheet) to capture all the various rule changes and upgrades from the addons seems like it would be helpful.
  3. I disagree. Calligraphy is far easier and less risky than Mastery to get students to do what you want.
  4. Actually, I'm not entirely sure how I did it, but I've been able to repeat it on certain students. I know that completing the student adventure does increase the maximum relationship level for certain students, and I've also had additional relationship maximum increases. However, the game doesn't report do a very good job (yet?) of linking the reports to their triggers, so I don't really know what caused it. 13 is the highest I've gotten a relationship, though. And personally, I'd forgo the discount on year 2 in favor of having earlier access to it.
  5. If I recall correctly, eleven points will grant you the 'affection' emotion. It wasn't until I got the relationship to 12 or 13 that I got the 'love' emotion.
  6. Are you sure we shouldn't tone down the power of these wands a bit? Even the regular wands are a lot more powerful than any other item I've ever gotten (except for the legendary item you can get from the background). Also, if you could post that list of wands already in the game, that would be nice to avoid wasting our time. And I believe the Legate posted something on wand-lore a while back, something to do with the materials typically used for wands and the rationale behind it. That would be helpful, too. That being said, I have some ideas for very atypical wands. *evil grin*
  7. Ditto what Adrian said. Between work, school and other obligations, my time is limited, but I'd love to at least do a few wands. I already have several ideas for wands inspired by some of Academagia's current students. First question: This is potentially going to add a lot of adventures, and I'm guessing that we don't want a single player to potentially have access to each new wand. Besides prerequisites, how are we going to 1). prevent adventure spam (already a bit of a problem) and 2). Tailor the player to the wand? At this point I'm thinking of something along the lines of an introductory adventure, "Special Lecture on Wand-lore" or something of that sort to help narrow down the choices so that the player gets the wand he/she/it/other might actually want.
  8. Thank you. PM with save sent. I also have a save from the first day of the year for that char, on the off chance you need it. Additionally, I didn't take notes, but I do remember that the Head Chef's Kitchen was one of the locations that was found at least twice (maybe three times).
  9. Was going to make an ironic comment about dated graphics (I actually tend to love non-graphical games), when I had a cool, if impractical idea. Why not have (at least the option) of transforming your student's font as calligraphy skill increases? While I like that idea, I'm pretty sure that it's impractical on many levels. Then I was struck by another idea, a refinement on the first. Why not (for future years; I know it couldn't happen for year 1) transform the inventory screen into a dorm room screen that changes as the level of differing parent skills increase? This would provide some immediate feedback and a further sense of accomplishment as one progresses through the years. Some skills would be fairly easy. (such as Forge, Music, Calligraphy, Athletics, History, Research). Familiar could be included with a nesting area. A spot for trophies earned from previous accomplishments. (Perfect attendance, Top academic honors, certain adventures, Winning the house cup from the last year. oops, wrong game ) I am a little worried that such a feature might run counter to the Academagia design specs, but I figure it couldn't hurt to ask, right?
  10. Okay, fiddling around with Rapidshare, trying to get you the save file. Realized that I can't find the save file. Where in Win 7 is it located?
  11. Yes, this was a new game created in As it happens, I spent some time on Explore as well, using explore actions (outside classes) from Aruit until Anedeus, stopping only for rest and detention. I explored only in Academagia proper. I was able to repeat exploration of known locations about three or four more times, (though it's hard to repeat, due to the random nature of Explore) additionally, I had several odd failures to explore. I stopped the exploring after six consecutive failures, guessing that I had run out of locations to find in Academagia proper. I've never uploaded a file in my life, so you'll have to walk me through the process to get you my save. More thoughts on explore: A message notifying you that you've explored the entirety of an area would be helpful. There are many fascinating things to be uncovered by exploring, though far fewer useful ones. It struck me that exploring might be less of a time sink and more useful if the areas to explore were broken down into smaller areas to potentially decrease the time spent trying to find a certain area. For example, I concentrated on exploring Academagia proper to gain access to all the classrooms and professor's offices. Right now, it seems that the time spent exploring to uncover useful areas would generally be better spent unlocking locations through skill training. Bonus random thoughts on cliques: A message notifying you that someone has joined your clique would be appreciated. Right now, the only notification I get is that the one that notifies you of getting their clique ability.
  12. Schwarz: the last I knew, any attempts by other students to befriend you while you were in a clique automatically failed. And I've never seen this happen before across dozens of playthroughs. The most I've ever seen was a message saying that random@student failed to Befriend me. Once or twice I've been recruited into a clique when I wasn't already in one, but the clique never grew after that. This is something new and drastic. Many times I make the end of the year without any friends at all. (Not big on social skills) Legate: At least I now know to expect reprimands if I explore. Just to be safe, I verified that my game version is
  13. Okay, finally made a luck based character who maxed his Explore parent skill and set him to work exploring Academagia. The first three times, he 'discovered' locations that were already informed. Block Puzzle, Negation Classroom and one other. Then he found a couple new (to him) classrooms, and then his next explore action failed. Now, with a luck of 7, an explore parent skill of 10, and a familiar explore parent skill of 6 as well (for a roll of 0-14 + 13) vs. a target number of Luck/Explore vs. 4. Should he really have failed? There were no negative modifiers that I could find. He hadn't run out of locations, for his next explore action yielded the arithmetic classroom, and a reprimand for trespassing. When exploring locations, would it be possible to remove already known locations from the list of potential explorable locations? I had thought that trespassing was only invoked when taking at action at a location, not merely discovering it? Are locations discovered in any particular order of difficulty, or is it completely random? Also, on the same character, even though he had already formed his clique with Silke, Neta and Vincent Eins, Three other students (Zoe Melis, Malthazar, and Vuillaume Eparvier of Godina) somehow were added to the clique with no action on my part or reported action of theirs (or my own clique members that I could tell). Once this happened with a relationship of zero with (Vuillaume). I had thought that this couldn't happen.
  14. Please, don't even think such a thing. How would we ever survive her helping us study then?
  15. Yes, attending classes will train the class-based skills over time without giving you a message. Kinda like real life, I think. No one gives you a message telling you that you're actually learning something by paying attention in class. There are so many benefits to attending class that many of my characters end up with perfect attendance at the end of the year. But there are other benefits you get, as well. Phemes, as Nyaa mentioned. Being informed of new lores, skills and locations. I've even gotten maximum skill increases (something otherwise only achieved with a great deal of effort), and once even an attribute increase. Well, to clarify the befriending mission text, I suppose you can use gossip to do so, but due to the increased effort of raising three Gossip subskills, I never have. I usually use the befriend action, or some other action unlocked by social skills/school survival to increase the relationship points. However, if you want a large clique, you will need to start using Gossip or some other ability to increase the relationship between clique members before you'll be able to add any more. Even with a high charm, I've never grown a clique beyond four students (not including myself) with befriend alone. The tuition requirement is stated in the description of the school. Maybe it isn't in the action. There is a separate action to Pay Tuition for Esteban's School of Incantation. Now you have me wondering about the cave. Never having explored much beyond the library, I've not run into that issue. I know that locations are often informed as you are informed of or increase subskills, so maybe there's a prerequisite there for a dialectic subskill that you don't have. This game is so detailed and balanced that I would be surprised if there isn't potentially a great deal of benefit to exploring, just that I haven't figured out how to do it effectively yet, just as it took me dozens of playthroughs to learn to complete adventures effectively. (Though I believe some patches lowered the difficulty on some adventures as well.)
  16. Okay, will try to answer your questions in the order you asked. Though I rarely use 'Work till you drop' anymore myself in favor of studying at the Venalicium library, if I did use it, I'd use it for my first two actions on a non-class day and rest for the third action. That will prevent you from getting ill due to having your stress too high. Attending class is important while at school. Each time you skip a class, you have an (increasing) chance of detention and eventually expulsion. Also, there is benefit to attending the classes in the form of gaining steps to increase the skills that govern your class as well as gaining other benefits such as lore, phemes or other bonuses. Officially, the best thing to start training are your School Survival skills. The most commonly used options are unlocked by increasing those skills. The Devs have called that your toolbox for the year. The befriend skill, btw, is unlocked by increasing your social skills subskill to level 2, if I recall correctly. I'm not sure that there is any consensus for when to start focusing on increasing your class skills. I personally don't bother until a few weeks before finals. With reasonable attribute levels (3 or above), I gain enough skill steps just be attending class that I usually only need to bump a couple skills to max out the class skills. This will mean a lower midterm score, but the midterm score is not weighted heavily into your final grade for the class (again per devs). On the other hand, my characters max the Study level of their classes as soon as possible. You'll want to do it at some point if you care about your grades at all, and you get bonuses as you increase the study level (typically boosts to student and instructor relationships, bonuses to actions, and, for some classes, an attribute increase at level 10). And the sooner you get attribute increases, the better, because it will make learning all subskills governed by those attributes faster. I don't know the exact math required to make a friend, but the higher the relationship, the easier it is. Also, the more friends you already have, the harder it is. Your ability to befriend someone is a Charm + Befriend roll, and the befriend subskills are unlocked by training your social skills subskill (under school survival). Note that even a failed befriend roll will often increase your relationship with the target by one point. Your familiar has many potential benefits. Like many things, the more you put into your familiar, the greater benefit you'll get out of it. A familiar will add half its skill bonus to yours for all skill rolls. A familiar opens up one or two new adventures for you. A familiar can help you in duels. For the greatest potency, you'll want to train your familiar to increase its skills to get its bonus added to yours. Your ability to train your familiar is limited by its bond level with you. Also, completing your familiar adventure usually further rewards your familiar with attribute increases and/or new abilities. All this takes time away from training your own skills, of course. The Familiar Kinship subskill under school survival will unlock many actions to interact with and train your familiar, and the Improved Familiar Handling ability (unlocked by getting Zoology to level 5) is especially powerful. For your familiar's adventure, the difficulty is against your familiar's skill, not yours. For locations, some locations will provide you with a benefit only when you are at that location. It's not a permanent increase, but is still helpful under certain conditions, such as adventures. Another example is the Great Hall, which adds +10% to your Befriend chance of success when attempting to Befriend a student. To use a location in that manner, you'll need to manually select that location after choosing the action, but before confirming your calender for the day. Getting attributes of 6+ isn't especially hard, it just takes time. There are many ways to earn attribute increases. Without intending to, I've had characters end the year with an average attribute score or 6.3, with the highest attributes being 10, 9, and 8. Most of my increases come from researching level 10 of certain topics, training certain skills past level 10 (10 is the normal max), and as rewards for completing certain adventures. Also, befriending certain students will increase attributes. Schwarzbart already told you about the School for Incantation. It sounds like you discovered the cave (possibly through dialectic class) via lore perhaps? Without actually being informed of it. That location is the last on a 'path' of dialectic related locations. It has always unlocked for me as I used the lower level ones first. Options to help you explore are unlocked by the Curiosity subskill under the school survival skill. Though one (Go outside the Fences) is unlocked by familiar kinship and will train both you and your familiar in random explore subskills. Beyond that, I can't help you too much with exploring. The only time I ever had a student attempt to focus seriously on exploring, the actions I attempted were bugged (this was many patches ago), and I haven't gotten back to focussing on it since. However, I understand that a high luck is useful, since luck governs the explore subskills, if I recall correctly. Hope that helps. The game is really big, but really fun.
  17. Torolf

    game play!

    For Neta X. Mission: Minor Spoiler: for the Negotiate check I usually do okay with an adjusted Negotiate of 23-24. Fortunately, it's easy to bump that skill up. 1). Get your negotiate to 10 (without any adjustments). This will unlock two options. 2). Cast your new spell Golden Tongue. This will raise your Negotiate by 8 for 4 days. 3). Visit the new location the Auctioneer's. This will raise your Negotiate by 3 for 3 days. You may get detention if caught here. 4). Save before trying adventure, since the Negotiate check is the easy one. There is a check immediately following (same adventure) that you only get one shot at, and it's difficult.
  18. Okay, there was the problem; out of the dozen or so adventures I started trying to find it, that one was near the top. Could I request that student adventures be labeled with their name?
  19. New game with DLC 5 and latest patch installed. Vanishing Pims?: Somehow, my char developed a hole in his money pouch partway through the year. I don't know how it happened. At first Pims would accumulate normally, (saved up to apprentice to Brisbane), but towards the end of the year I noticed that I had no Pims. Ever. Despite putting dozens of actions in at Brisbane's work area (was saving up for the Esteban's school). Then I looked close and noticed that my Pims apparently reset to zero after every turn. Inappropriate skills?: I assume that it's a bug when a Vernin college student gains access a different college's special skill (history subskill) after using office hours with Orsi. It also unlocked an action restricted to that college. I don't know the various DLC stuff too well yet. I can probably find out the particulars if you want. Missing adventures?: Did the prereqs for unlocking the student adventures change? I was recruited into Amanda Kilfer's clique, and had relationship 10 with her, but never saw an option to go on her adventure. This also was an issue for a couple other students I wanted to pursue. On the other hand, I finished Neta Xemutrue's adventure just fine, who was part of a different clique. Also, despite using the Adventure in the Venalicium Library action, the Veraprix tower adventure never became an option.
  20. Does your idea involve a neurotic, telepathic cactus who constantly wants to be cuddled?
  21. Well, it's been many patches since I've dueled, but it was while dueling that I realized that just because you know a spell, doesn't mean that you know all the phemes you need to cast it.
  22. This gives me the beginnings of an idea for a familiar worth -1 background points... A familiar worse than Pamela!
  23. In order to duel, you need to declare a Vendetta against her. If I recall, the Vendetta action is unlocked via increasing schoolyard education (level 8?). Once the Vendetta is declared, you'll have a new adventure option to duel.
  24. Good for you! Though it would be hard to bully her, since your ability to resist bullying is partially based on your own bully skill. It could be done, just not sure it's worth the effort.
  25. Generally, incantation seems to have all the good damage spells. Revision has a couple. Negation has some useful things for a duel, but they mostly involve protecting yourself or trying to jinx your opponent. The bullies seem to like physical attacks, so I don't go that route with them. When I've won a duel it's been either by incantation spell or by out damaging my opponent with combined physical attacks from myself and my familiar (doing the familiar quest unlocks an ability usable in duels for at least some of them). As far as training goes, I max my classes one at time (to save extra clicks on the UI probably), and usually have them maxed before midterms. I don't worry about the actual skill levels as much because the midterms don't weight as heavily towards your final grade as the finals do, and because as long as you don't skip classes, you are earning skills steps or other goodies in class. As long as I had a reasonable attribute level (3+), my class subskills are always maxed before final without any actual effort on my part.
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