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  1. My characters are usually weak in the social skills, so if you have good incantation skills, you can make her life more of a hell than she makes yours. Casting Wrath of the Comet 3x a day on her will stop her for a while. For extra points, I made sure to do it right before she took an exam. With good revision skills, you could cast Negative Alteration of organic matter (I think that's the name) to both set her bully skill to zero (for a week, iirc) and give her 5 points of damage. There's also a spell that isn't quite considered mastery yet manages to force its target to study for all three actions in a day. Also, you can make it harder for her to succeed by raising your own bully skill (the bully action is a contested roll) and strength attribute. Raising your fitness to 8 or so will give you enough stress points not to notice even when she bullies and casts Nervi on you. (You'll probably still want to rest once a month or so). As long as your relationship is zero or lower, I believe, you're on the potential target list.
  2. Are you thinking of Selective Focus?
  3. That's sort of a triumph in itself.
  4. The normal skill maximum for year one appears to be level 10. There are different ways to increase the skill max for different skills. A few can be unlocked with background options, though I usually only do this for roleplay purposes. The most common way that I'm aware of increasing a skill max is via researching the skill topic to level 10. For example, let's say you want to get your wrestling skill to 11. First, you need to unlock the wrestling research topic (This is done by being informed of the relevant location). Then you need to use the Research action until you have level 10 in the Wrestling Research lore. Having a high research skill makes this much easier (the research skills may be unlocked via background, having a high study habit skill, or studying at the Vernacilium library.) Upon having successfully researched level 10 in the Wrestling Research lore, you will be informed that your wrestling skill max has increased to 11. All that remains is to increase your wrestling skill level to 11, where you will be rewarded with a +1 to Strength. Just be aware that some skills do not work this way. Researching Acrobatics to level 10, for example, gives you a +1 to Finesse instead of increasing the skill max to 11.
  5. Sorry to grave dig, but there are several research categories that reward you with increased finesse. I'm not really sure about the adventures, since I've done so few of them. My characters seem to all want to explore the library rather than the surrounding area. I do agree that even the research rewards are biased towards Insight (not that I've managed to unlock all of them or even finish all of the ones I have unlocked).
  6. Torolf

    Patch 22 Bugs

    A few more things I noted: When researching Acrobatics level 4, no text was revealed. Miranda's familiar adventure seems to be bugged clear through: 1). On the first mission, passing the sleuthing check neither finishes the mission nor gives a bonus to the scent detection check. 2). On the second mission, passing the oratory check neither finishes the mission nor gives a bonus to the music check. 3). The third mission can not be attempted at all. When selected and the turn confirmed, the adventure is not opened at all and the report for the day automatically fails. Community Awesome event #9 (what a coincidence!): Passing the Study Habits check proceeds to a completely blank screen. The award is reported on the turn summary. I can't consistently reproduce it, but sometimes actions that should have no chance of failing, fail. For example, studying at the Vernacilium Library fails outright. This is different than when you try to study a class skill that is maxed (different error message). I've also had research actions fail (first action on a non-class day only). For example, researching level one of a topic with an unmodified research skill of 13 failed. However, the next two attempts that day succeeded, bringing the research level to level two (don't remember the topic, sorry).
  7. A little more detail would be helpful. Is it an item? A modifier? When and how did you get it? Sometimes resting will clear such things, sometimes; others just need time to wear off. I suppose you could also try to acquire a different wand. I seem to recall getting a charred wand as a result of the wrong end of an event or two, but I'm not sure it's the same issue as yours.
  8. I missed the mod tools first time around and am looking forward to their release in a couple weeks. I'm not a big modder but my computer should be able to handle it. I mostly planned on using the tools for research, but I might put out some simple background or actor mods.
  9. Torolf

    Patch 22 Bugs

    After a hiatus, I have again returned to my favorite education simulation, installed patch 22 and the latest content patch. Here are a few bugs/undocumented features that I've noticed in my first (patch 22) complete playthrough. This is fun! (nothing new, but still worth mentioning). Bugs/Undocumented Features: Researching Character to level 10 yields no reward. (I thought this was on the list to be fixed a while back?) When researching Theory of Negation, the descriptions seem to be talking about Mastery. (Ditto) Oratory skill: At the time I started training it, it required 3 steps per level (from level 0) with an insight of 7 or 8 (I think: Finished the year with an insight of 10.) Oratory skill: Training it to level 11 yields nothing. This might as designed, but training just about anything to level 11 gives you a nice bonus, and with the difficulty, I was expecting something special. On the other hand, Selective Focus is now working. Yay! Improved Familiar Handling: It's always possible there are penalties I couldn't see, but with a Familiar kinship of 10, vs an Insight/Familiar Kinship target of 8, I shouldn't be failing regardless of the roll, correct? Yet very often I would fail several consecutive attempts. Suggestions: When researching, it would be nice to be able to see risk of discovery. It's one thing to be researching phemes at Grisbane's Forge where you have a 25% chance of being caught. It's quite another to not know that that's what you're doing because the location isn't changeable, so it isn't selectable, so it isn't readable (the location names are almost always too long to display fully). [After I had finished researching them, Grisbane gave me permission to use the forge.] It would be helpful if the location descriptions told you if you had visitation rights or not. Reading the climax of the semester, it struck me how disconcerting it was to read about all the adventures the character had had when he'd actually been too busy in the library to have a single one. (he even declined to go with the Mentor). On a related note, Is there a way to inform a character of all the duel skills without progressing along the mentor adventure chain? I'm aware of a location for Dueling Circles, but that's it. Joana (yet again) took a particular dislike to this character and without any social skills, dueling skills or Incantation, he didn't really have a way to stop her. All year. Related to Joana, at the end of the year, if your character has a particular rival it could be cool to have them make an appearance during the wrap up, the way your friends do. (this guy had no friends and no clique, so I half-expected Joana to show up for one final shakedown.) It would be nice to have an additional line of feedback from detention telling you if you would be returning or not. It's not clear without flipping through the calendar if you passed or failed. It would also be nice to make it clear exactly what you learned in detention, if anything. Sometimes it looked like I learned phemes, or was rewarded with flavor text, but I'm not sure. Improvements: (last game I played was DLC 1) Having the subskill linked to the parent skill was helpful even for someone like me who's sunk endless time into this game and yet couldn't remember that Artisan was a subskill of Sabotage. For the first time, I had a character who was able to cast the appropriate spells before the appropriate test. Earlier efforts were probably hindered more by my absent-mindedness than by the UI, but it was still hugely satisfying to take top honors in all my classes (except Athletics, of course). Looking forward to 2nd year and taking more than six classes if that's still on the feature list. I loved the new backgrounds. Kudos to the player who suggested and the team who approved and implemented them. Still need to try graverobbers. Probably next build. Lag was noticeably decreased. Because it took less time to check my inventory, I spent a little more time in that part of the game and as a result, I never was surprised by reprimands for carrying around too much. Also, it took less time to change calender pages. I think saving/loading times were decreased as well.
  10. Torolf


    Don't discount getting a skill to level 11. There's a lot of nice rewards there, including attribute increases, special abilities and other fun stuff.
  11. You may only gain one level of a skill at a time (per action, I think), no matter how many skill steps you gained. Gaining three skill steps at once would be huge for those harder to learn skills, though.
  12. Don't forget your familiar bonuses. With 'Improved Familiar Handling' (unlocked at Zoology level 5) you can train your familiar in four skills at once. It does take work to get your bond level to 10, but after that, you can trail your familiar easier than you can learn things yourself sometimes.
  13. Well, I did that sort of thing quite often when I was in school, actually. No game involved there. And you if you want to increase your incantation level, try the Incantator's workshop.
  14. Well, I have noticed sometimes (and more towards the end of the year) that attending class can grant you increases to a class subskill maximum level. I've had Theory of Negation at level 15, for example.
  15. Oh, you don't need to shuffle the order around for me; It's just that house Hedi is the one I'd likely choose in real life, and so I'm more interested in it than the others. Besides, if I play my cards right, and hone those writing and lore skills, maybe I could write a Hedi random event in there when it's ready.
  16. That tease was more evil than Gates and Mastery combined!
  17. I wasn't researching anything bad; just my class skills. Dialectic, Grammar, Rhetoric and Calligraphy. I would understand getting in trouble for researching the forgery skill, but that actually never happened.
  18. Okay, just finished the above mentioned patch 5 game; kind of. The character was suspended during the last month (and never got unsuspended). Now this character (like a lot of my characters) has never missed a single class, never done a single adventure, and generally only got into trouble on the wrong side of random events. But while researching to unlock the eleventh skill point for class skills, he got beaucoup detentions. I'm vaguely aware that the research skill location changes with the subject being researched, but was it really intended to get students in trouble who only only there for research?
  19. With reference to the enchant subskills not raising the parent skill past 10, I've also run into this bug in a different game with Calligraphy, Dialectic and Grammar. All the skills in question were class skills, perhaps that has something to do with it. The games were both patch 5 (finishing my last patch 5 game before working on patch 6 stuff). Also, the reward for getting your forgery skill to 11 was... not what I expected. Well done.
  20. That's when you need to start using some of the actions to whittle down their merit points. Trash talk; Defile the Trophy room; Etc.
  21. or if the DLC mods are inclusive. Does DLC 2 contain both DLC 1 and 2?
  22. As far as I'm concerned, Firaxis sold us out by making it Steam-only.
  23. (okay, here's my first attempt) Looking for secret passages Academagia is a big place. The class rooms are too far apart. The kitchen is too far away. The only place that's ever really close is the library, which is not a good place to take care of serious business, and there are always older, or at least bigger students all over the place, ready to cause problems. What you need is a way to get from one place to the other, preferably without running into people you don't want to meet. You need to find a secret passage, or maybe even a whole network of them! You could swear that the statues in the corridors are pointing to hidden levers just waiting for you to pull. Intelligence + Study Habits Exit 1: Why distract yourself with foolish daydreams? You didn't come to school for that! You'll spend your hour the proper way, studying! Success: Time flies when you're having fun. The hour is up before you know it, and your homework essay impresses your professor enough to give you two merit points! Gain: Two merit points; Expand stress -1. Failure: This studying stuff is really pointless. And boring. If they had a course about Fun, the professors would still somehow manage to leach all the fun right out of it. Perhaps you shouldn't have actually written that in your homework assignment, though. When it's time to read your essay out loud, @Random male Student@ finds your insight amusing, but your professor does not. Gain: Expand relationship with @random male student@ +1; Lose two merit points. Charm + Architecture Exit 2: The easiest way to find secret passages would be to look at the blueprints, of course. Unfortunately, you'll need a librarian's help to find them. Success: Although the librarian looks suspicious when you request to look at the school blueprints, your request to study the architecture of Academagia as it relates to period building techniques within the economic framework of the Third Legate is sufficiently unique to pique her curiosity. "That gives me an idea for my thesis!" she mutters, "And they won't be able to ignore this one!" After rattling off a quick incantation, a nearby quill furiously darts over a nearby parchment. She thrusts the parchment at you and disappears into some cubbyhole in the library. This particular copy of the blueprints isn't detailed enough to help you find any secret passages, but will be valuable for helping you sneak around and avoid people you don't want to see! Gain: Expand infiltration by one step; Expand danger sense by one step. Failure: The librarian's eyes furrow as soon as you say 'secret passages.' "Not another one!" she mutters, "Do they really think I have nothing better to do than help them get into trouble? I'd better make an example out of this one so they don't get any ideas..." You spend your free hour cleaning ink stains from study cubicles. And if you don't find any secret passages in the library, you now know more than you ever wanted about how to remove ink stains. Gain: Expand Ink Compounds by one step; Expand stress +1 Insight + Court Hairstyles Exit 3: Are those statues all pointing to the same place? Are they all looking at the same torch-holder? Is there a pattern to how they're positioned? You'll never know if you don't investigate. Success: Your knowledge of current fashion pays off; The statues are subtlety but distinctly all arranged according to hairstyle, and therefore rank. The highest ranking statue, of the late Grand Duchess Merilen, sits on a throne. Her hairbrush is mere centimeters away from her elegant coif. Glancing around quickly to make sure that no-one is watching, you push her hairbrush towards her hair. With a distinct click, a compartment in her throne opens, revealing a jeweled ring! Gain: Ring of Grand Duchess Merilen. (Up to devs, but I was thinking +1 to aesthetics parent skill) Failure: A statue of an ugly old hag sitting on a throne seems to watch you with beady eyes as you poke and prod various statues. Her hair is done up like some monstrous beehive, and you imagine that the old bat is just waiting for you to put one foot wrong and unleash an army of insects upon you. You are so nervous that you quit searching before the hour is done, but you console yourself by thinking up all sorts of clever insults on your way to the next class. Gain: Emotional state, Anxiety; Expand Insult by one step.
  24. You're assuming that the launch proceeds smoothly tomorrow, even with the early preloads.
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