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  1. A couple more random things from most recent play-through: Despite getting all four subskills of Enchant to 11, the parent skill remained only 10. Bruno still took top marks at finals (midterms was a different story) but he was cheated out of 10 points! The restore books action lists increasing the bookbinder skill by one step, despite the fact that I received the action upon getting the bookbinder subskill at level 10.
  2. Bruno Barnes, Apprentice Bookbinder. Hello, my name is Bruno, and I'm destined to be very popular; my uncle, a famous seer, told me so! I know, this seems unlikely, because our family has a stain on our honor, you see. Apparently we backed the wrong side of a minor political conflict a long time ago, and the winners continue to hold a grudge, even though all we did was sell supplies to the fighters. Anyways, my uncle (also the guildmaster of the local Bookbinder's guild!) told me that the first step towards fulfilling my destiny would be joining the most popular college at Academagia, Aranaz. The students there are all so popular that they can walk up to random students, asking for pims and candy and actually get it! All I had to do was fill out the application, give him my life savings for the processing fee and he'd put in a good word for me. Everybody except me seemed shocked when I received the acceptance letter in the post. I know that more than a few of them were glad to see me go, though. You see, in addition to having the stain on my honor, I'm also unlucky. I don't know why. In fact, I was born under a very lucky sign. I'm not at all clumsy, but delicate inks seem to spoil around me, rats get into the parchment stores, and the recipients of expensive commissions suddenly go bankrupt right before the books are ready. I've had to work long and hard to try to counter-act this bad luck, practicing from the bits and pieces of negation tomes I occasionally come across. Anyway, before setting out to school, I did a little more research (sorry about that fire, uncle!) and discovered several libraries that would be glad to have an extra hand to repair some older works. My popularity is already on the rise! And my first day of school, I was met by some spirit named Pumice or something, and all I had to do get her to carry my things was point at them and look at her! The whole area got kind of quiet right then, probably because I was the only kid to have his things hauled around by a spirit. I can't wait to see what else my destiny has in store for me! College: Aranaz Courses: Calligraphy, Enchant, History, Revision, Negation, Zoology Fitness: 2 Strength: 4 Finesse: 4 Intelligence: 1 Insight: 2 Charm: 2 Background Astrology: Comet Omen: Island Lights Family: Sports History: Artisans of Skill History: Descended from Traitors Prodigy: Bad Luck Magnet Prodigy: Center of Attention Prodigy: Negation Apprenticeship: Bookbinder's Guild Discoveries: Libraries Friendships: Actually, Bitter Hatred ((This is my first strength-based character, played more for laughs and the sake of trying different things out, but I ended up having a lot of fun with this strong, gullible, unlucky bookbinder.))
  3. This is mostly a wish, but some way to identify multiple items at once would be nice. It may not be appropriate for a first year student, but surely the registry would be able to handle such a request for additional fees?
  4. I notice that the Library of Longshade does not always improve a random skill by one step, even early in the year, when no skills are maxed yet.
  5. Torolf


    All these poor students out for world domination via Mastery, when doing it through Calligraphy is so much easier...
  6. Actually, you are not winning the roll. Selecting the compete action will gain your college 3 merit points. Winning the roll gain your college an additional 3 points on top of that.
  7. Hmm; I usually have not reloaded in Academagia; though I have no problem doing so in other games. I think it's because of the genre. When the patch comes out; I'll post here, too.
  8. On a related note, in my last game, I became afflicted with cowardice (among others), which did not disappear, even though I raised my courage to 10. I then raised my schoolyard education to 10, trying to get rid of it, but to no avail. It wasn't until I had rested again (even though I had already removed the stress) that cowardice disappeared.
  9. Hopefully those updates will arrive elsewhere, since I don't have a facebook account (and won't get one). In any case, I finally remembered the last suggestion I forgot from my above list. The computer seems hard-pressed to determine who my character's actual friends are. This is most noticeable at the end of term, where it chooses at most one student in my clique (if I have one) and usually other students I've never interacted with, even though there are other clique members or at least other students with a much higher relationship. On one occasion, it actually chose two students with whom I've had negative relationships. It would also make more sense to me, if the computer put a higher priority on choosing the students whose adventures were successfully completed.
  10. Well, ever since I started taking athletics as a class to boost fitness and took the sports family background so I wouldn't miss a day's worth of classes each time I failed a random event, yes, all my characters would get perfect attendance. Even when you class skills are maxed you can still learn stuff from them.
  11. With regards to 3), Did the character end up having to send Pims to his parents every two weeks? How funny. I almost never use Pims, but it strikes me that having to send money to support your family back home might make for an interesting background option.
  12. Misc. suggestions: 1). Clique takeover. If you've been befriended by someone and made part of their clique, and don't necessarily want to ruin your relationship with them or leave the clique, it would be nice to still have the option to befriend other students instead of relying on an NPC. 2). Parental Favor should be at least partially influenced by your exam scores. 3). Speaking of parental favor, it really stank when I was a black sheep, worked a professor's relationship up to 10, used favor, and only got 10 parental favor as a reward. (instantly reset to 0) A professor that liked me that well would know how useless it would be to talk to my parents. 4). Speaking of black sheep, it seems to reset parental favor to zero each turn, not allowing it to drop negative. When I received random events that lowered favor, it still remained at zero. Is this intentional? 5). We need a perfect attendance award! 6). You've already helped us out by listing the exam date in the course description. However, I find that I misread the date often enough that I incorrectly prepare for negation instead of say, music. Would it be possible to display "Music Exam" or "Negation Exam" on the calendar instead of "Exam." 7). After referring this game to someone else, I later found out that she thought the game kept freezing on her the very first day after submitting her schedule. It sounds like she just didn't recognize that you have to confirm your actions twice. It might be worthwhile to alter the UI to draw more attention to the second confirm button.
  13. Actually, there is the Common Ground spell, which allows you to steal someone into your clique, but I haven't found one of the phemes for it yet.
  14. I'm aware of several actions that give you a small chance of boosting fitness. I've gotten my own Vitality up to 22 without magic (and starting with only a 1 fitness) without using any of them. Taking Athletics for a class helps a lot.
  15. That's how it's supposed to work? Hrm. I kept getting bullied by Joana of Morvidus, and dueled and beat her, but the very next week (I reduced her to -2 Vitality) she was back to her old tricks.
  16. Ack, I'm having the same issue with this patch that I had with the last one. Overwriting all files removes my game's ability to detect the content patch. Deleting the mods folder and reapplying the patch does not fix the issues this time, however. Edit: On a hunch, I started the game via running as Administrator and that seemed to clear up the issue. *sighs*
  17. Had what might be a related bug in a patch 3 CP1 game. This player never missed a class for any reason (We need a perfect attendance award!) and never skipped a detention, or at least never missed one that I knew of. After studying a few actions at Esteban's School of Incantation, however, I received a message that I was reprimanded for skipping detention. A couple days later, I received a message that I had received a reprimand for skipping a hall session that I also knew nothing about. (I don't schedule anything in advance, so I'm pretty sure that I didn't schedule over either.) Then I received a message that I had been suspended. I was close to the end of the term, so I kept playing about a week, I think. And I found that I was able to perform all actions normally again, no message or anything.
  18. Just ran into this bug, and running as administrator did provide a useable workaround.
  19. For sheer personal preference it would be either "Speak Quietly of Riddles" or "Friendship is the Treasure" For gaming utility it would seem to be "Friendship is the Treasure" or "Prepare" I need to try "Beware Courtesy" sometime, but their motto and reputation is just too off-putting.
  20. Well, my innocent looking little potted plant had scores of 10 in Astrology, Athletics, Negation, Revision and Society (that last isn't a testable subject, of course, but I thought it would come in handy). I'd certainly have been glad for an extra 50 points on the first four subjects. I never used Pamela much; I'm still having too much fun learning about all the exotic ones. Speaking of exotic familiars, is there any particular reason that one character build received Rapidly as his familiar 5 times of 8 (on identical builds)? Is familiar selection partially influenced by background or stats?
  21. Schwarz: Improved Familiar Handling I only wish that your familiar contributed to your test scores (If the profs don't mind you using magic to boost your scores, why should they care about your familiar helping?)
  22. Torolf


    Wow, you'd best be careful with service like that! I might start failing my temperance rolls and start asking for bigger and better things. Like chapter 2 next week or something. Thank you!
  23. Torolf


    Thank you, Legate. So your attribute really won't matter much, except as it relates to how easy it is to train up your skills. Getting 30+ is mostly a matter of maxing your skill and piling on the bonuses. Erthael, yeah, I saw that Intelligence and Insight were generally best for skill maxing. You get some nice Astrology spells, too, though, which I think falls under insight. Slightly off-topic question. Since maxing the bonuses is so important, how are we supposed to train our familiars since none of the skills that increase their bond seem to be working? I know that it's supposed to be fixed in patch 4, but the familiar is a big part of the game for me. It really bummed me when I started a new game under the latest patch, got a faux dragon for my familiar and couldn't increase its bond at all. Edited for correct grammar and punctuation. (My mother is an English teacher.)
  24. Torolf


    Another question on rolls. I had assumed, given the seemingly default mechanics of attributes being 'maxed' (with exceptions) at 10, that the roll was a simple 1d10+stat+skill+bonus. What actually is the roll, though?
  25. Deleting the the mods folder and reapplying the patch resolved the issue. Thank you!
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