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    While I love to play soccer and other sports, my main interests lie behind the computer and then mostly playing games. Ranging from a wide scala of genres I prefer RPG's, RTS and Shooters. Though the occasional point and click adventure might grab my interest above average as well.<br /><br />However above all those interests and hobbies there is one towering above it; writing!<br /><br />I love to write, create new stories, even read other people's stories. Unfortunately I am not skilled with an abundance of talent, especially trying to write in a foreign language. My biggest dream however is and will always be that one day I'll be good enough to write a book and get it published.

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  1. No I wouldn't mind breaking up the event, but I don't want to make it an adventure. And that is where the problem lies; while adventures allow multiple actions in one, events don't. and by all means I am not stuck upon the event, but I'd rather not turn it into an adventure. So feel free to give me the analyses, I'd like to read it.
  2. Hold on Schwarzbart, I see your point, but your point also points out how these games should be; 1) not forced upon, but rather chosen. 2) in agreement with the setting and content off the game. Now take for example a little game of dueling. Why not make it a "minigame"? For instance every saturday there are practice duel lessons for which the user could subscribe anytime they wanted. Would that be an idea? Perhaps even add a ranking list with the other students and let the user rise to the top? Would that be a minigame you could agree to?
  3. true, but let's say I am studying in a library for a specific topic. I somehow already learn a part of revision. Now how and where would I learn how to powder my nose in that situation? Or learn how to blow up a cow with an incantation spell? Random is nice, but not to the extremes that everything is possible.
  4. Then would it be an option to create a system that allows us to cross off skills we don't want to learn? I like those random sub skills, but not in aesthetics, something my character would never want to learn about. It would be nice if we could manually vink off such skills so random sub skills aren't thrown into such things. I mean if you want to make it realistic, that would help. I mean what is the point of focussing on let's say 50% of the skills so I can create the character I want if the game keeps throwing/wasting skills on things I wouldn't want to be near even if I were dead.
  5. actually I experienced a bug with that in patch 2. (haven't tried it in the third patch and with the new content) But exploring always fails when I select a location other then my room.
  6. Well I have been wondering about the same thing. We can study things up till lvl 10 in year one. However surely a second year is superior to a first year, but how are they going to express that? Can we study skills up to lvl 20 then? In the third year to lvl 30? etc. etc.? If so wouldn't that lead to major gaps in the skills you didn't have enough time to learn during the first year? So that has me wondering. Especially since we know nothing about the other year students. Which is strange as most bullying is done by the older year students, picking upon the new guys. Which is btw something I'd like to see add to the game; the students of the other years so we can interact with them. I mean we have a whole adventure with the mentor. (two actually) and "we" become good friends. Yet that is it. I can't do anything else with her.
  7. Actually the answer is quite simple .H, and while I really appreciate your feedback I can't break up the event. The reason is that I wrote the event while knowing this would lead to an adventure. And while I regret spoiling suprises, the ghost isn't actually a ghost. It is something the player would learn in the second or third event of the adventure, but the ghost is actually coming from the wall. Not sure how yet, I have several scenario's in mind, but the wall is basically using the ghost to distract you. One of the requirements for finding the wall is walking into a wall without hesitation or seeing it. So while I probably could work around that, I'd rather not. I have most of the adventure planned out and while I will do some minor tweaking, breaking up the event would force me to reconsider considerable parts. That said I appreciate what you said and will be certain that my next events will be a bit shorter.
  8. Legate might I ask why you have chosen for this approach to magic? While I agree being able to use everything to cast is cooler and more diverse, it kind of brakes with the whole wand thing. In my opinion wands need to have a special place and are not to be substituted by any object lying around. Not only will they lose their value, but also their mental worth. (meaning that the wand will be nothing more then a piece of wood.) While there are countless of books about magic that avoid wands at all, there are also countless that require a wand. There are only very few books that allow both. I think the reason is that wands either need to be special or as I said they lose their value. I mean why buy a wand if you can use the pencil in your pocket? Ok perhaps they don't have the enchantments needed. But let's face it; if people could substitute, wouldn't everyone choose the item that works best for them instead of a standard wand that is rather impractical to carry with you? I mean face it we don't walk around with branches for fun now do we? Ok I just realised that was alot darker then I had in my mind. As I am not aversed against the idea of using other things then a wand. However I was wondering about the choice you made, since it is rather... unique in magic settings.
  9. Ok so far I am seeing a series of great idea's and suggestions. Glancing over them I have found three things I want for certain in the mod, though I am not sure how I will get them done yet. I am considering multiple ways, for instance making one or two people responsible for one section or do it all together. However this is the list so far with the three things I think we need to do and that can be done rather swiftly without doing any extensive modding. * Adding events/adventures and perhaps make it a bit more grim. * Change the pictures of some of the students * Add new familiars. While this list is far from incomplete and not certain, it might be a start to work from. However since this will be a team effort; what do you guys think of it? Is this list an acceptable start or are there points you absolutely disagree with?
  10. Rammstein Deep Purple Red Hot Chili Pepper Cruelty and the Beast Metallica Rolling Stones There are currently 12 albums in my to play list divided over each off these bands and scrambled for a nice randomness feeling.
  11. Ok that makes sense. Is it possible to use multiple requirements, but rather then "and" to program them as "or". Meaning that if either off those requirements is fullfilled the event will trigger.
  12. Damnit Legate, stop ruining my theories!
  13. I think I have to agree with ya. I reached the same conclusion after doing an event in which I used a random piece of wood to cast a spell. That said I think that only goes for the easy spells. (easy if off course different for everyone. For the headmaster an easy spell would be something you'd probably need 5 wands for.) By using your surplus of magic energy you can easily cast a few spells through normal wood or even without anything to help you. However the way I imagine is that it would be like trying to force electricity through wood. It is possible if you use incredible amounts of it. However if you only run a tiny fraction of that energy through steel or another conductor it will pass through the same amount as the wood which drained much more. So while not necessary a wand acts as a conductor, perhaps even drawing out your magic energy automatically, reducing the amount of energy you need and thus allowing you to cast more often and much stronger spells.
  14. Oh Legate, since you have the log file, could you also look into the sound bug? I reported this earlier that when I try to shut down my sound it also crashes? Back then I let it slip, but after 50 hours of playing the game the game music is 1) giving me a major headache. 2) See 1 but in words that I could never use on the forum. Off course I could turn off my sound, but I want to listen to my own music instead. Thnx, Veggie
  15. Botany is one of the easiest classes. Study the field gives you a point to three sub skills. So doing that about 20 times (depends on your attribute off course) and you got it to maximum.
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