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    While I love to play soccer and other sports, my main interests lie behind the computer and then mostly playing games. Ranging from a wide scala of genres I prefer RPG's, RTS and Shooters. Though the occasional point and click adventure might grab my interest above average as well.<br /><br />However above all those interests and hobbies there is one towering above it; writing!<br /><br />I love to write, create new stories, even read other people's stories. Unfortunately I am not skilled with an abundance of talent, especially trying to write in a foreign language. My biggest dream however is and will always be that one day I'll be good enough to write a book and get it published.

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While not the most talented, I always come through in the end. When I set my eyes upon something and make it a goal I will either achieve it or burn myself out trying to achieve it. Hard work, dedication and an iron discipline is how I manage to struggle myself through life. And if you don't believe me, just wait till I set my eyes on you!

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