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  1. In some recipies I see in the Recipe Information the word Quality followed by a number 1,2,... Also, in the item Small Emerald in the section Affinities, it says: Air (Value = 1) What do they mean?
  2. The explanation ingame about how things work is horible. How am I supposed to know that "Cherryl Aemegus" or "Vasik P'Shaw" doesn't offer the option to sell items. I finally found that "Ricardus Allepio" offers the choice to sell, but I should be able to tell before I had to spend several actions to try all shops. Also, the description of items available to buy is limited in the smallest possible window and the fonts that are used make it extra difficult to read. One other thing is that the names of the objects in the store don't show their names when the mouse hovers over them.
  3. When I enter a shop (and I've entered a lot) I would like to sell some objects (an anvil I got while exploring).The problem is that I see no option to sell. I can buy objects, by selecting the desired object and purchasing, but when I select objects in my inventory I see no way to seel them . Additionally, when I click on obects to sell, they don't stay selected when the mouse goes to another object. I installed the patch 2 (without instaling the patch 1a since I couldn't find it.)
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