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  1. As the title says in my last game I created a smart (Int 6 currently after midterms) character to play with researching things... And I seem to be having issues getting things to research. My first game had 7 or 8 research topics available. My others vary from 2-6. This one has 4. I can't seem to figure out what causes research topics to become available.... Anyone help me out here...?
  2. I've had a character who just kept failing... at everything... her days became filled with detentions and she couldn't seem to not lose merit... and who skipped classes because she'd (finally) mastered the skills in them only to end up with more detentions... I gave up eventually I couldn't do anything and they wanted to expell her... and she was a good girl... x.x
  3. I must seriously train my characters more than others... but getting 10's in 4 skills before midterms isn't so hard and ending with 10-15 maxed... and even with 12's in skills the final steps to adventures can be impossible... Certain spots are key to maximizing skill growth though, train itself is underpowered... Maybe if it could 'grow' to let you develop more than one skill at a time...? Then again I spend no time on non-random events or even befriending people until after midterms in my games... I hate failing all the randoms, so I work until I can reasonably pass most of them... Most 'helper' locations give at best +2 subskill steps and especially in skills your base stats don't work well with higher levels can easily be 5-6 steps. Also those locations have risks... I've had one character end up having detention every day of the week due to skill training in the libraries... x.x dialetic, forging, and enchantment have the best increase spots and can be done once a day.... where as the spot that gives a skill step randomly, and a skill step in concentration, plus one step in the subskill of your choice is weekly... with enough of these spots though the worst I'd suggest is making them once a week places you can visit. But I've found it just about perfect for a single year using them myself...
  4. The biggest problem I've found is random events that no matter what you do you can only fail (skills not of sufficient levels for any option and no non-skill escape option). It makes you dread random events, especially in the first days when all your skills suck... Adventures need to avoid these pitfalls. Also for adventures more reason to take certain skills, like languages... In 6 games to date I've only needed a language skill once... Once! And there are what? 6 languages, 7...? To help this a system that can use any of a number of related or similar skills would be a good idea, so if you have X, Y, or Z you will see your highest option out of that set among the choices. You may also have G, H, and I and the highest of those will be listed as well. This will add some depth to certain subskills and avoid over duplication (such as 'social skills' invovling parts of gossip, persuasion, manipulation, etc) Knowing a skill is part of categories X, A, D, and V is helpful to. Dueling and Rimball adventures would both be good, currently they do occur as random events but they lack cohesion and feel forced... Cohesion is what will make them adventures and not simply random events that end up meaning nothing. Also more items from events of all types (random and not)! My very first character had quite a few items, the rest barely have had any... The most recent bought all but 1 that came from events and was my first to encounter discipline from carrying to many...
  5. Up and down arrows already scroll in certain windows (though oddly not in all), so I wouldn't suggest that. And rather than having the blue borders, how about a windowed mode...? The game is what? 800x600? That's an easy enough window and works for both desktops which often have really high res (1600x1200 or more, which means Academagia is 1/4th the screen) or laptops where they are widescreen these days. Both have plenty of room for being on screen while having other things open *cough* wiki *cough*.
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