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  1. Fair enough. Good to know it's still on the agenda!
  2. Out of curiosity, any idea on when a Windowed mode might be added? Thanks!
  3. Quick, probably silly question. Does the above patch/content package also include the DLC material? -Tug
  4. I can confirm this. If you plan ahead and then get detention, the detention does not override what is planned. There is nothing that ever specifies WHEN a detention will be held. Currently, the only way that we know that we actually have detention is when it shows up automagically in the schedule. We need either a message telling us WHEN a detention session is going to be held, or detention needs to override everything else when it appears in the schedule. It's one thing to choose to miss detention. It's another to miss it because we never knew it was scheduled. -Tug
  5. I noticed something interesting. Not sure if it's a bug or something else. I have been informed of locations in the Vin. Library several times (Different locations). However, I had previously used the "Explore the Library" option. It seems that option either doesn't register those locations correctly, or there's still an issue with picking random locations. -Tug
  6. I'm Housellama, a 30something dabbler in many things. Currently I'm going back to school to finish my psychology degree and hopefully on to grad school after that. I grew up gaming, both role playing and video, and was very active in a number of gaming communities. One of my best friends is actually a writer and game designer who has done work for one of the more well known role playing game publishers. I've had the pleasure of helping her with some of her projects. I've had computers for as long as I can remember. Started with an Apple II+ and now I have three of my own at home. I started doing computer support in high school, and have been doing that ever since. My first time through school I took a number of programming classes and loved it. My day job is as a IT support tech for one of the largest food companies in the world. Although it's not something I do for a living, chasing bugs and doing qa is something I love doing. I have a thing about systems and learning how they work and making them work better. I've been somewhat active on the boards, just started on the wiki. Thought I should introduce myself.
  7. Noted. It also happened with Cartography as well, but I suspect it's the same bug in a different place.
  8. For several of them, they say "+1 to (Attribute)" or +1 Skill Maximum, so they tell you what they are doing. These don't tell you anything. If they are doing something, It'd be nice to get a hint about it. Re Astronomy: I was running a test game and I got two Research topics called Astronomy. I researched them both to 10. They both had the same lores, both missed lore 9, but one gave a +1 to Intelligence, and the other did not. I can pull the save game or log if you'd like to see it.
  9. Installed Patch 4/Content 1 on this system and went through and did some checking into Research things, because I could. Nothing for R: Astronomy 9 (No Lore) Nothing for R: Astronomy 10 Nothing for R: Character 10 Nothing for R: Cooking 10 Nothing for R: Mimicry 10 Nothing for R: Wrestling 10 More to come as I find them.
  10. Research: Astronomy 10 didn't give me anything. Says "Skill at Max" but nothing was granted. Related question. Where do the Expansions/Increases from Research topics show up? I might just be missing them, but I can't find them in Lores or Abilities. Edit: Client v1.0.3.1 Publisher v0.63.3.0, Content: 1.0 -Tug
  11. Works for me. I was going to suggest a 1 step increase to Playfulness or perhaps a random Competition or Athletic skill in addition to the Stress reduction. However, I'm sure you guys already have an excellent idea. -Tug
  12. I noticed this with "Work Til You Drop", but I am guessing it might be part of something bigger. When picking a Random subject to Study, sometimes I wouldn't get a Study increase. This happened mostly when I was already at 10 Study Level in one or more subjects. I'm guessing that picking a Random thing doesn't exclude things that are already at max level. -Tug
  13. I've made this thread to point out game balance issues or items that might need to be retooled or revisited. I've found one so far but I know that there are others that just haven't surfaced yet. What is the advantage of using "Visit the Athletic Fields" over "Rest"? Visit the Athletic Fields removes two points of Stress. But Resting removes ALL Stress AND restores Vitality. Both take one action. So what's the point of Visit the Athletic Fields? It offers no apparent advantage and there is no incentive to use it over Rest. So why is it there? -Tug
  14. So I have a bit of a silly question. Other than being fantastic flavor, do all of those books, passages and other random things that get put into Lore actually DO anything? I mean, most of the choices are dictated by skill levels and not by player knowledge. So I'm a little confused what exactly they are for. Do they have any in game function? Or are they just flavor? -Tug
  15. housellama

    Full Screen

    Out of curiosity, is there an option to play in a window as opposed to full screen? If there isn't, could one possibly be added? -Tug
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