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  1. Yes, your right. That was it, Thanks
  2. I downloaded patch 8 this morning. I started a new game and when i picked my studies for the first day and confirmed, (the panel that opens on the right where you select where you are going to explore and which adventure you are going to do) opened off screen. I could just see the left edge of the panel, but could not select any items from that panel. I am now running 64 bit Windows 7, with nvidia GS 8400 graphics card. I do have the latest 64 bit drivers. My last patch was patch 6 and that worked fine for me.
  3. ok. I have redownloaded and repatched and it seems to be working now. Thanks for your help.
  4. ok. Found log file and emailed to academagia@gmail.com
  5. I have copyied all files into another folder. Uninstalled the game and am currently redownloading game from Impulse. There is no .log file in the folder i copyed all files into. I have the show hidden files option set. after i uninstall the game, I delete the academagia folder, so no old files or folders are available to corrupt the new game. Wait a second, I may be looking in the wrong place.
  6. So I uninstalled academagia under Impulse. Deleted the Academagia folder. Waited 1 and 1/2 hours during redownload under Impulse. Installed CP1 and patch3. Started a new game, and when i go to enter my name I get System Error occured. Application will be terminated. This happens on the page where you enter your name and you do not have to enter anything before it occures. I tried both with CP1 checked and without. I am starting the application as administratior. FYI i uninstalled .net 4 client and extended several days ago and rebooted. Using .net 3.5 SP1 now.
  7. Impulse will provide an update 1-2 weeks after you create it, who can wait that long? I would prefer the zip files that you are using now. Thanks
  8. DWhite6666


    I have installed Content Patch 1 and started a new game. I spent 21 sessions using the Compete Action and my college Durand is at 114 and Vernin is at 156. I think theres a bug here as who wants to compete on every action?
  9. I am concerned that an installer will not help as people that purchase the game direct from you will have the game installed (probably) \Program Files\Black Chicken\Academagia and people that download from Impulse will have the game installed \Program Files\Indie games\Academagia. Will the installer check for both locations?
  10. I have installed content patch 1 and love the way going down the path opens the next path location, but i have reached the end of Chauanglaith Path and do not get the ability to enter the cave. It says that it lowers leadership by 3. Do you have to have leadership at 3+ to enter?
  11. I have the Impulse download for Vista 32. when i downloaded patch 3 into the same folder that has Academagia.exe and installed here, it created a new folder called Content Patch 1 and installed a new folder inside content patch 1 called mods, with the content.mdm inside that folder. When i started a new game there were no new mods available. Knowing a little about programing i moved the content.mdm file from /academagia/Content Patch 1/mods into academagia/mods and started a new game and the mod was available to be checked and used.
  12. The Action Question Knowledge says it will raise your choice of Sub-Skill by 3 and reduce a random Sub-skill by 5. I have used it twice and it only raises my choice by 1 and the skill it reduced (mimicry) which was not above 3 was reduced to 1 on the first use. I would have thought it would go to zero. On the second use it raised my choice by 1 and reduced nothing (i think it selected a skill i have not learned or a skill that was zero already).
  13. The Champion Room unlocked via merit X (i think) gives +2 to all atributes while inside it.
  14. I have had it for some time. I went shoping so it may be i spent all my money. i am showing 26 pims now and it is back, so that was probably it. Thanks
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