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    Is there a way to run this game windowed? If so, I can't find it...
  2. Edit: Details on Windows 7... And I didn't solve the solution I just avoided it, so I am sorry that I can't help with a direct solution...
  3. No, I wasen't able to make it work by changing permissions. And I suspect its my OS that is the problem. I will try another one, and see if I have any success.
  4. It didn't do a difference. :/ I guess [Edit: Expletive Deleted] happens. Edit: If I find a solution I will post it. For future reference, also feel free to use some of your Academagic to fix the problem
  5. I actually did go the the exe in the Youtube clip. And I got no idea whats happening. Not having this issue with any other software.
  6. Thanks for the fast answer mate, but yeah. I already have tried running it as an Administrator, also in different compatibilities. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yukm5HBDG0g Watch it to know what I mean with nothing.
  7. I can't get the game to start. I press the exe file and nothing happens. No errors messages. I would love some help.
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