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  1. Hi there, quick question; I have unfortunately developed a negative friendship (-1) with one of the instructors early on in my first year after ignoring a plea for help.....well, I was busy you see. Anyway, what is the best way to overturn a negative score bearing in mind how early into the year I am (3rd month). TIA.
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply. No problems. I`m one of those types who plan ahead and micromanage their diaries so as to not be caught short when studying for exams (Thats in real life LOL) so anything which could be added (even a counter - days remaining until mid-terms etc) would be appreciated. -- Chav --
  3. Hi, first post and just a quick question which I have tried to search for unsuccessfully; Is there a quick visual way of seeing where you are in the year? I saw a post which listed out the months and where mid-terms came but a quick, on-screen visual reminder would be most helpful when planning and prioritising your study diary and when to concentrate more academically. Loving the game....very addictive. -- Chav --
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