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  1. I did not read the whole thread, so I apologise if this was mentioned before. But here are my suggestions/impressions. 1)Change the color of the text from white to black on save and load screens. White is really hard to read on yellow and gray. 2)Make save slots bigger in size. A ton of space is wasted on the splash screen. While the text in the save slots and the screenshot inside are ultra small. 3)Make it obvious in options, which option is chosen ("pressed") at the moment. Right now it's impossible to tell which is which. Just take a person from the street, who never played the game, and make him guess. See what he thinks about that. Is black the active one? Or is it white? Why is one of them gray? I am playing in window, but both windowed and fullscreen are same color. So... that must mean... black is fro "not pressed"... I guess. Aha, I feel like a detective alread! But white is so hard to read whithout squinting, I have no idea what is actually selected. And why is there no border around "display", "windowed" and "fullscreen" showing, that they are related, and it's one option? These are the things that jump at you in the first five minutes of starting the game. Before you even begin to play. They are small and you can get USED to them and OVERCOME them with DEDICATION and BURNING PASSION. But I would think you lose a lot of sales, just because the interface is hard to use even for the simplest things. After ten minutes 4)I think a quick save, quick load and mute sound buttons in the main window would do lovely. Inside those leafs at the corners of the textbox there is enough space for icons. After fifteen minutes. 5)An option in the options to make the music stop when the window is out of focus. Emphatically. And especially since there is no mute button. 6)Is there a backlog? I tried to scroll up. No backlog appeared. Am I doing something wrong? Is there really no backlog in this game? Black Chicken, why do you torture me so?! p.s. Sorry, for the snark. Bought the game, love what you are doing. But ah, I really wish the interface was thought out and play tested better.
  2. Does not really seem like it would meet the goal. Which is a shame. This is a kind of game I've always wanted: the game that at its core is about being a magician.
  3. Ahem. I haven't touched the game in a reeeeally long time, but I still check the forums one in a while. So today I stumbled upon this thread and did a lot of reading. Quite a lot of smiling to myself also. And I just had to come out and say "Keep up the good work!", because the whole thing, hidden in a Corner as it is, looks beautiful. Sorry for a lack of any other input or constructive criticism. I am usually good at criticism This time a content smile is the only reaction I can manage.
  4. Fhoenix

    Cheat Mod

    How about you add something like "Cheat Matchmaking": 5 X "Increase the relationship between 2 students by 10" Basically what Clique Relationship does only between any students and for several pairs at a time. Also how can I open your mod? I tried downloading the mod tools, but when I click "Open mod" it wants an .amm file, while your mod is mdm. And how did you create your mod in the first place? I do not see an updated mod AMO anywhere in the forums.
  5. I would like to ask for an option to turn random events off temporarily. The thing is, sometimes I play a day to test something. To see new abilities, to check if I have a chance of success at an adventure, or if a spell will work. To learn what I will get from this or that or what will happen if I use compete straight for several days. The bottom line is, I know that I will reload after an action whatever the result will be. All I want is to get to the end of day results as fast as possible. I think many people play like that, especially those filling the wiki. And then we get an event. You have two options in such a case: to click through it, which takes several seconds and really is a disservice to the writers or to read it, knowing that whatever you read won't actually happen to your character next time you play this day for real. Neither is pleasant, hence my request.
  6. I never had a problem with seeing them as thirteen. Aging portraits would be cool beyond cool. I do hope they will age well
  7. You can max or nearly max a lot of skills by using these abilites, the only problem is that it does not leave you much time to actually use them in different adventures) Also it kind of shifts your perspective, after using abilities that give you 3 skill steps in a given skill tree, learning other skill trees one point at a time seems slow in comparison.
  8. Luck is too random. Question Surroundings gives you TWO random skills and it is still pretty hard to get what you want from it, unless you reload for ages and ages. Other phemes... well you have to get them first, which can be as hard as getting the skill itself if not harder. And you must know which pheme it is that you need. For example what pheme would actually increase acrobatics?
  9. Well, yes, these are the basic wey to get new skills. There are also some abilities that give you skill point in a particular skill tree at random. I got all the astrology skills that way. But some skills are notoriously hard to come by. It is most annoying when you have two sub-skills but can not find a third one and so can't increase a parent skill.
  10. I am in Aranaz, since it is the best college. We are the best. Go Aranaz, go! *Ahem* Default subjects are so so. Calligraphy is cool (mostly because it has Orthography), History not so cool. Both are almost useless in day to day skill checks. But well, we are going for the classical education. My only gripe is that since my character chose to study several magical schools at once (namely Glamour, Revision and Enchant plus Dialectics for good measure), I can't also add Grammar and Rhetoric to the schedule. My character would love to have some additional classes on them. Do you hear me developers? My character is weeping for some extra lessons. Our motto is delicious. Our college history is alluring. Order and perfection for the win. Most important of all, we have great people. I am blessed to have such interesting people as Aveline Cincebeaux, Carmine Sturzo and Emilia Strolin as my friends. Emilia in particular is my most favourite character in the entire school. Oh, I would love to have more events with her. Yes. She is that good. I also like Aranaz's choice of color for the portraits. The color is pretty important I think. Blue ones are the best. Green is decent. While orange and brown make most of the characters look ugly. Then again maybe it's because we are competing with Hedi and Vernin. Or maybe not. As for the merits, I think it greatly depends on your game. I have seen Hedi, Morvidus and Vernin take the lead in the beginning. But if I use two whole days to generate lots of merit, so that my college takes the lead, we stay in the lead. If you are in the lead your students work harder to generate point, at least from my expirience. I don't know if this is by design, but I think this is a great feature, since you can be in any college and make it stay in the lead, even thouth usually your college would lose by points. Your effort really matters, and you can be in the winning college. That's a double win.
  11. Is there any way to stop the fighting?
  12. As soon as I got her into my clique relationship between her and everybody else began to decrease. I did not get any messages about this (a big problem, I think we need some notification, that shit hit the fan within the group). In several turns one of these things happens: 1)She leaves the clique silently 2)EVERYBODY leaves the clique silently 3)I get a strange dialogue box that pits her against other members of the clique, but does not tell what it actually asks of me. It's just a grid with members of my clique. This dialogue box is the only indication that something has gone wrong. I tried to gossip fervently but there is just too many members, by the time I get one of them into plus, otheres fall even lower. And at the very least if everybody hates her, she is the only one who leaves. I do wonder what would happen if I managed to get everybody into plus. Would the collapse stop? Anyway, all of this happened out of the blue. By the time I noticed it, her relationships with one member were at -4 (the only way to notice is to start gossiping). If I did not save and reload a lot I wouldn't even know what hit me until much later time.
  13. Individual study plan for the win I think unlocking skills up to 15 is unnesesery as you have enough things to study in the game. But yeah, unlocking afternoons through some ultra hard study adventure wood be really cool.
  14. Another suggestion then. I wouldn't normally make this one, since I haven't seen the code and really have no idea what I am talking about. But there is a small chance that I am right, and if I am wrong, well, it will take very little of your time. Opening the history of a single day takes a lot of time. Closing it and opening calendar after that takes a lot of time. I see no reason why it takes so long, other then that every time it reads history using some complex query. Excuse me if I sound naive, but I really can't think of another explanation. Perhaps this query can not be optimized, but why can't the game cache the results? History of the day, as the user sees it, is basically a glorified string. You generate it once at the end of each day. If you just keep it in memory, showing it once more shouldn't be any slower than showing a lore entry. Calendar history is a sequence of choices. With the very limited amount of days in the year, it shouldn't take too much memory to hold it in an array. Then opening calendar should be much faster. So, am I wrong, or am I very wrong?
  15. Another idea I had about reducing the amount of clicking for choosing actions. By the button that opens a dialog for choosing actions for the day there is enough space to place for two, maybe three buttons of the same size (although I don't know how hard it would be. but at least it is a very small change to the graphics). If it can be done, then by right clicking on these buttons the same menu for choosing an action could be opened. And that action could be "quick saved" into this button. By left clicking the button the saved action would be placed on the corresponding slot in the calendar. This way it would take exactly one click to place the three most used actions (usually train, study, gossip or some variants of them). Not a very elegant and less universal solution then a custom list, as some abilities such as libraries tend to disappear for a day, but it would be very efficient for some actions. I don't know, maybe there are some better ways to do this.
  16. Well, one way would be to simply place Locations before Lores. Another is to make some kind of scrollbar. Scroll buttons are fine, but with a proper scrollbar you would be able to go almost anywhere on the list in one click. That would reduce the ammount of scrolling dramatically. And yes we need some hot-list of abilities and actions. Most of the time you only use a few and finding them in the list takes time. I think when choosing an action for a part the day, the dialog should open not on "Choose Action" as now, but on some custom list of actions and abilities chosen by the player.
  17. Draigh, it's nothing really Befriending loses steam fast as the number of people in your clique grows, so I can't really add a lot of people. I've also been thinking that maybe at the moment we are doing it wrong. Creating separate pages for every character will make sense when/if we get permission and means to copy the whole text/picture and create a complete bio. As we concentrate on stats for now, it would more usefull to create tables as Mikka did. Location - General Area - Passive Ability - Active Ability Character - College - Clique Ability That way you would be able to compare different abilities and know what every place does without visiting a whole lot of pages. I wouldn't hold my breath for most things staying relevant in the second year. Sure lots of descriptions can stay the same (though I hope there will be a major update on character bios after year one), but numbers and even game mechanics will change. They can't just add 10 more levels to learn for the existing skills and be done with it. That wouldn't work for many reasons. But that's all in the future, I am sure we'll think what to do with the wiki then.
  18. Ok, the thing about the secret enemies. I like it, but at the same time I hate it. From my experience events/adventures in Academagia work the best, when they invoke not some random people, but concrete students. I just had this great Aranaz-specific adventure aboout inter-college rivalry and it had predetermined actors, poles of power in the colleges, that had you go "Oh, snap, that's exactly the right person for this story!". You see, people have personality in the game. You are given facts and hints about them in descriptions and clique abilities. After a while you come to expect that bullies will bully and trouble will be stirred by the troublemakers. Even if an honor student does something bad, I'd like it to be in-character, not because some random generator told it so. So I hope there will be no enemies randomly chosen for the sake of randomness. And I'd hate if Relationship numbers started to lie. It's one thing if you use a skill and the game tells you that a character seems honest. Taking a system that tells you relationship dynamics on the level of the whole school and in hard numbers, then making it lie in a specific case just because... that would be bad. That would be not a character lying to a character, but a game lying to a player. An entirely different thing for an entirely different kind of game. IMHO if somebody is an enemy then either do not allow his Relationship value to rise, or make him a friend if it rises.
  19. Mikka, Mad props to you. No, no, there isn't, it's just that looking at your post I began doubting that simple fact I was actually writing about this just now. Here are my thoughts. I think academ wiki is a wonderful thing. Sure some people like to explore. But other people like to get all the data right away and in one place to analyze it and devise useful strategies. And however you play, sooner or later you have a question about something that should be described in game but either is not, or it's buried somewhere and you do not know where to find it. On forums this leads to several people repeating the same questions in different threads (like how do you get befriend). But with a wiki you have a single place to add whatever information you find in the game and everybody can read it with ease. That being said, I have a question for Legate of Mineta. Is it technically possible to add the ability to copy text from the game? Specifically text from the left and right screens: spells, abilities, locations and all that. We obviously do not need text from the main screen where adventures take place. At the moment I am adding whatever characters I befriend to the wiki, but typing takes time (not so much for some of us, as I just discovered ) and entries for the students do not look pretty when the only thing there is the stats for a clique ability. Copying text directly from the game would really help us fill in the Wiki and in turn help a lot of players to understand the game better. Maybe this will even take some pressure from yourself, as there will be less trivial questions in the forums. There will obviously needs to be some agreement about how much text can be copied from the game into the wiki, if we can do it word by word, but I think some policy can be create. I think an argument can even be made that having a good wiki with lots of text and maybe some pictures from the game can alleviate some problems of the game's interface. People would be able to read the same text but in a much bigger, scalable window of the browser and it wouldn't cost you a dollar. As it is now, I gave up after reading maybe 30 student entries. I liked all the fluff, and really wanted to know more about my classmates, but the interface kills half the fun. Wiki can fix this. Perhaps even advertise the game a little, as seeing a good wiki full of lore would leave a good impression on people who like lore in their game. Maybe someone can even make a student roster. Maybe that someone will even be me. I LOVE the pictures of the students, but HATE clicking 166 times (and scrolling, oh the horror, scrolling) just to see all of them. Hm, I think I am getting little carried away. Anyway, Legate, can we please get a working copy & paste in game? Pretty please? Pretty please, with sugar on top? And what do you think about copying game lore (as opposed to game mechanics) into the wiki? Is it a good idea, a bad idea, a heaven-forbid-no idea?
  20. Mikka, did you type all of that by hand?
  21. I am trying to make as much friends as possible and want a little guidance from the Powers That Be on how befriending a person works when you have several people in your clique. Basically I know that you need to have a positive relationship with the person you are trying to befriend and a good befriend skill. This is a given. The question is, how high the Relationship between that person and other people in your clique must be in order for the attempt to have some chance of success? Is it enough that everybody has a relationship of 1 with the "victim"? Is it alright if some have 2 and others 0? I am not asking for a working formula (though if you give it I would be delighted) but I have several poeple in a good relationship with me and I could train the skill, but I really need some indication on whether the skill fails beacause it is too low, or because the clique does not like that person enough.
  22. In that case this is probably what is happening. But successful isn't exactly the right word for it. Insight is 4, Conversation is 3. I guess people with 0 Relationship had some other stat that made them more susceptible to Confide, because I tested it on maybe 6 people.
  23. Or maybe having a bad desciption. I've succeeded several times using confide, but I only get a 3 point increase in relationship if it is zero to begin with. I also noticed that I get Alram instead of Anxiety if I have Alert. Triple A Effect!
  24. I think saves should be sorted by date with the newest one at the top. Otherwise all kind of problems appear. Also the load game menu at the start of the game does not show dates (even though the one in game does) so there is no way to tell what is your most recent game from there.
  25. Youtube agrees about not looking: "This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."
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