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  1. I DID find the sleeping old guy in the warehouse and succeeded in the diplomacy (or what was it) roll. He opened the doorway for me after I smooth-talked him a bit. So... why am I not seeing any options in the glade?...
  2. Oh darn, I missed the Big piece of wood already, I think :S Could you tell me the "other thing" please? I can't figure it out and the wiki is very unhelpful.
  3. I checked the wiki and saw that yes, there should be two options out of here. I'm confused, what Items or Memories (and what are those??) would I need? There is no hint for why the sudden dead end occurs - definitely look into some way to convey that "if only I had/knew... (item or memory), I could do... (next step). Right now it is VERY confusing. The trail just stops. (that's what made me think it's a bug)
  4. Hi. I'm playing Search the abandoned warehouse part of Oan's quest. I just went through the tunnel and have black-coloured options to search for someONE and look around the glade (can't remember exactly what they said). I pass them successfully - I find a small withered dude and a trickle of water. After that , the only option available is "How can you refure? EASILY!" Which means I can't continue the quest. I am patched up to patch 40. How very incredibly frustrating.
  5. HEY GUYS ANOTHER QUESTION SURPRISE I know that member within a clique need to get along with each other at least a bit, or they won't join my circle of friends - which makes sense. However, where can I see their relationship with other students? How do I know whether person A dislikes/likes person B enough to join/refuse? I haven't noticed any active rivalry in my game so far, and I've gotten everyone I've wanted to join me, but the question still stands.
  6. Oh, thank you. In short - I shouldn't be expecting a steady increase in attributes, but rather a few points towards the end of the year (when presumably I'll get around to maxing study/train). I haven't managed to research yet, I keep failing at that...
  7. Hey, I have another pretty basic question. How are the attributes - Fitness, Finesse etc - increased? Which actions increase them? How long does it take to achieve one extra point in, for example, Insight?
  8. Oh, okay. I'm currently doing one "meeting the mentor" adventure per week - there's just so much else to do! Again, don't you think this is at least a minor flaw? Some people, I assume, don't/won't bother with the mentor meetings at all. Perhaps Oan, or the intro letter, should mention all the subjects to be discussed very near the beginning or something like that. For example, I decided I wanted to "shop" on the very first week, or at least to check out what the shops had to offer and at which prices. Perhaps so I could know whether and for what items to gather money. I assumed there was simply an agora or something like a marketplace. This is why I asked the question here in the first place - since my character didn't yet know of any shops, this just made me waste an action with the message "you have failed to shop" and no explanation as to why.
  9. I think I actually saw the lore entries for the different shops, I think they were calligraphy-related? Maybe? But the thing is, when I "discovered" the lore, IT DIDN'T SAY THEY WERE SHOPS. I read the lore and then just went "huh? okay then" because I couldn't figure out what it was talking about. If I could be critical for a moment, I think that Academagia is an extremely awesome game, but at this point, it just has so many tiny hiccups that make the game much harder to play from the get-go. I can't exactly visualize how it would/should look like, but for example with lore and location explanations, it should be easier to get information about them. Like, with pop-up windows perhaps - this way you don't have to navigate away from your choices. There is also inadequate explanations for many things, or they are confusingly written and etc. This game has huuuuge potential to become even more awesome though. It is my hope that when the game for Year 2 comes out, it will be much better from the get-go. As I understand it, I have the base game right now and if I want to install patches, I have to make a new character? That seems awfully inconvenient, actually. So hopefully by Year 2, you will have learned a lot about how to make the game easier and more intuitive to play.
  10. Oh I've got it now, thank you. It appears I did not *know* of any shops - that's why I failed. Maaaan.. this game has REALLY huge flaws with explaining things clearly. How was I supposed to know my character did not know of any shops? Ugh...
  11. Yes but the problem is that I cannot figure out how to get to the shopping screen itself, you see? If it tells me I have failed in shopping, it means I am doing something else wrong. I choose the action "shop" and it gives me options to choose an area to go shopping or whatever, nothing is explained and I don't know what the hell that option means. And then when I begin the day, in the history it tells me I have failed.
  12. Hey... I just got the game and I still have a lot of confusion with some areas. The biggest question I have right now is HOW DO I SHOP? I swear I'm not an idiot, but I've tried 3 times now and every time I get the message that I did not succeed at shopping. What the heeeellll? Please, could you explain step-by-step how it's supposed to work?
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