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  1. Thank you very much for your replies. I'm now 10/9, so getting there. EDIT: Ranielle, it's just as you say. Thanks! On a related note, I do not know how to get Forge abilities like 'Forge Hearth' or 'Jeweler's Workstation' to be active. I have Jeweler's Picks that are required for Jeweler's Workstation in my knapsack. I have trouble moving the Anvil though. I got it in an Adventure, dropped it in the Personal Workstation and now I can't pick it up because I'm encumbered by the Tongs! http://academagia.wikia.com/wiki/Grand_Forge Thank you in advance.
  2. I have 'Accept Commission' ability listed under Abilities and Actions. However, it is not active. Its description says: "if your skills at the Forge and with Enchantment are sufficiently high, people are going to start commissioning you to create works of art or magic". I am Enchantment 10 / Forge 7 and still no commissions / ability inactive. What can I do to get them? Thanks.
  3. Legate, Thank you for the reply. How do I get crafting commisions? I am Enchant 10 / Forge 7 and still not getting any.
  4. I have gone for 'Secure Apprenticeship' with Brisbane and as far as I can tell it has done nothing (except eating my $500 of course). What is it supposed to do?
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