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  1. Ahh, i see. It just got me wonder because Character Study option provided in that stage turns green with skill at 10, and description of failed Jeweler test talks about failing to persuade Sheary into getting his ear pierced... so started to think maybe it checked different skill than it said it did.
  2. Grand Forge: Personal Station appears to have unlisted effect -- the bonus to Enchant and Forge subskills seems to work as advertised, but the parent skills also get large bonus by the looks of it. Here's numbers my character got while in location: Enchant: 12, with subskills of 5, 12, 11, 9 (numbers are with Station bonus added) Forge: 18, with subskills of 5, 6, 9, 5, 4 ... my Forge skill without buffs is 1 so well, that was quite a "huh" to see. Though i suppose it does make the final Finesse/Forge roll vs. 24 for "Accept Commision" ability somewhat easier additionaly, this makes me wonder if Sheary's adventure isn't bugged -- the part "Turn Sheary into a smooth, bad boy" has Jeweler skill as one of the options, but even with Jeweler skill at 9 it still shows coded purple?
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    doh, that explains it. Think the Enspell is at 1 if that.. no wonder it fails
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    Not sure if it's a bug, but... description of "Glow of Victory" spell says it's Finesse + Persuasion roll vs 4, yet my character is repeatedly failing to cast it, with Persuasion of 7 (base 4, expanded with math acuity spell) Finesse is at 1, but was under impression the skill bonus alone could push it over the limit. This is for basic version of the spell, with no phemes added. Running patch 5 version of the game. edit: failing it with base persuasion at 5 as well.
  5. Got this rather out of blue in daily report: "You have decreased your Anthropology skill step by 5" "You have decreased your Acting skill step by 1" the former in particular seems rather excessive (plus i didn't even have this skill trained until penalty happened) and seemingly noting happening on that day links to it. There was random event (which i failed) that involved demonstration of spell casting in class and getting distracted by sight of birds and 'memory lapse' as failure result. Available checks were on concentration, composure and incantation. The other event on that day was failure to make Sheary Warrington behave like a smooth, bad boy but i'm guessing that's where the penalty to Acting comes from... edit: on second thought, the anthropology hit may be actually result of Sheary's adventure -- failed it again, got the same note in the daily report.
  6. Stalking ability, trying to use it causes System Error and game exits to desktop. Posting the log here since it's not very long so that's hopefully ok.
  7. Yup that feels rather odd. Although i think it'd be more sensible if these places weren't known to the character from the start and were acquired just through the skill gains and/or exploration like the others (and like they're granted now, sort of ignoring the character already knows of them)
  8. Got the following note in daily report: "You have learned about DELETE" clicking the hotlink gives a note: "DELETE You have not learned about this skill yet." bit contradictory not sure what triggered it, but it was on weekend so possibly linked to Mentor's adventure about Professors (which i failed) or random event which involved old man telling story in tavern (which had options of just listening or trying History check, picked the former) Third option is hitting Observation lvl.4
  9. OK that makes perfect sense now; thank you for explanation
  10. Ahh i see, thought there's a dice roll added to the attribute/skill and comparison is then done against such combined result. Hmm guess that colour coding for ability difficulty when/if it comes will be pretty helpful
  11. I may be understanding it wrong, but isn't it tested like: dice roll + (attribute * 2 + 1) + skill vs the difficulty, in this case 4? Because if so, then wouldn't having luck just of 1 and no explore skill mean having to roll 1-2 on the dice to fail? If this is the case, then getting ~15 fails in a row sounds quite unlikely and that's what's happening in my current 3a game so far. That's presuming some locations are still possible to discover without the Explore skill, of course.
  12. Visiting the Grand Forge using Tidy After the Smiths ability seemingly resulted in permanent gain of 2 points to the parent Forge and Enchant skills -- the individual sub-skills reset back to their respective levels after leaving, matching the description of location's passive ability, but the parent skills remain displaying levels quite above what the trained level of sub-skills would grant. Don't know if it's display bug or if the game didn't re-calculate the parent skill levels after the buff expired.
  13. Ahh so it takes away a step if you have more than 0 in the current level, but otherwise has no effect? That'd explain it then. Maybe the note could just be shown if the skill step is actually lost, otherwise there'd be no mention? Though i guess as long as one actually knows how it's supposed to work then it's not much of issue.
  14. I guess this may qualify as "stuff" since no idea which part of the behaviour is bugged, if any -- failing an event/adventure occasionally results in a note "you decreased your X skill step by 1" in the daily log, but there actually isn't change to level of said skill on the Skills list as far as i can see. Can't quite remember if the same messages resulted in actual permanent penalty pre-patch 3 but mentioning it just in case. At best, getting such note can be somewhat confusing
  15. Experiencing rather odd behaviour with Explore in a patch3+cp1 game... literally every single out of ~12 attempts of using it failed, while using it in earlier version of the game worked most of the time. Character stats are the same in both situations -- Luck 1 and no Explore skill (is that a skill?) which perhaps has something to do with it, but then the desciption says it's Luck/Explore roll vs.4 which sounds rather low, so... just not sure if it's working as intended or if something is up with that.
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