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  1. Couple of events i've encountered also had Observation check which seemingly did nothing as it opened no new options, *but* reading the daily log afterwards showed entries about my character "temporarily increasing chance to success" by 20-33% and such, so i'm guessing this is what that succesful observation translated to, buffing up the chance to pass other available options? (it didn't seem to change anything in couple cases though, as the required skill was at 0 so --seeing how the option remained red-- perhaps percentage-based buff had no impact. Maybe linear + to skill level would work better in such cases, but then maybe it's actually working as intended)
  2. Current amount of points allow to pick (generally) one option per screen, with 2 points left (caveat: that includes attributes screen) Most of screens have 3-5 different sub-groups to pick from so if the idea was to allow the player to pick something from (nearly) every sub-group then the amount of points feels low. If instead these bits are supposed to be something special and player is supposed to acquire only few of them, then it seems pretty right. But maybe some aspects should simply cost no points -- like what part of the world you come from, because everyone comes from somewhere, while others aspects like familiar or being born under omen are optional perks. The only thing that threw me off personally was seeing the attributes of some of the NPC students. They're supposed to be the same year but while player is limited to 7-12 points theirs seem to be in 14-15 range with as much as 5-6 in single stat compared to player being limited to 3. Feels bit odd and it's made more acute by the attribute points eating into the perk points. Maybe if attributes used their own pool of points separate from perks, it'd fix the feeling of 'point crunch' people experience?
  3. That could get wordy, but i'd imagine an equvialent of having a symbol composed of 0-5 stars or something to indicate the difficulty could also work, and would help the colour blind people like mentioned. regarding the purple/red thing, as far as i can tell purple *is* easier than red because red is a flat-out-no while purple is no-unless-Satan-happens-to-be-skating...
  4. Ahh yes, the description made it sound sacrificing a member is guaranteed success that sort of steps around the whole choosing the option process, so it never occured to me i had also to switch from the option selected by default. I.e. thought that the 'sacrifice' was an Exit in its own right. I think it get slightly more confusing also because 'sacrifice member' shows up with the first available option other than the 'give up' selected, but disappears when you select the other option ('social skills') the stage being linked to Familiar adventure also makes sense now -- i've noticed it show up in the list but thought that was unrelated, like the Familar adventure being scheduled to show up around this time or something. Thinking of it more, there may have been also another instance where a yet different adventure showed in the list instead of the either the Underground or the proper followup but i can't remember any better details of it so that's not very helpful, sorry.
  5. Something regarding the Familiars -- if i understand it right, at the moment the owner gets benefit from the Familiar's skills, by getting bonus equal to the skill of familiar, halved. Could be interesting if this link worked both ways -- that is say, giving the Familiar bonus to skills based on skills of the owner (halved and capped to the level of established bond) Mostly useful during the Familiar's own adventures but it'd make the familiars appear to take after their owners to a degree, as the bond between them develops.
  6. Ahh i see. Yup, because the associated text never made the act of borrowing to be a problem in itself, and the failure always was described as character not being able to keep up with the Familiar on the track, it winded up confusing and i chalked it up to bug in skill check. For what's worth, that adventure makes a good excuse to pick up some hunting skill, imo regarding the save, i should have one where you can initiate the Underground stage i think. will check and let know.
  7. Think for the Character Creation even something simple like "stage 1 of X" that gives overall idea how many screens is there total would be helpful. It's not big issue once you go through the process, but initially the concept there's many more perks than points so you should choose sparingly can catch people unguarded. On another note, an actual suggestion. At the moment it appears the random 'events' you can experience come after all scheduled activities for the day. However, since the day is broken into morning/afternoon/evening this can result sometimes in rather jarring experience when you get class-based event *after* going through say, adventure or whatever that took place in the evening. It can create feeling you experience your days backward, if that makes sense. So just wondering if it couldn't make for more smooth experience if these events were instead triggered between the scheduled blocks rather than afterwards. More ideally you could have them then roughly classified as 'class event' or 'outdoor event', 'city event' etc and pick them more matched to character's actual schedule (so someone attending classes would be more likely to have class-based event while someone using city-based ability or visiting place there would be more likely to have city-based experience etc) but that's another story.
  8. Didn't see a topic for it, so... couple potential issues in the adventures i've tried "Mystery in the bushes" chain, in the "Family Crisis" stage the game has you try to track down a missing man. The skill check is for "Social Skills" but if you fail it, the penalty is applied to "Hunting" skill. Based how other adventures work and given the context, i'd guess the skill check should actually be for "Hunting". in the "Underground" stage sacrificing clique member to pass the check says to complete the stage successfully in the daily summary screen, but the follow up ("Looming Fortress") doesn't become available. Also failing the skill checks appear to _sometimes_ result in both the "Underground" no longer being on the list and the follow up obviously not showing, though maybe that one is intended, hard to say.
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