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  1. I agree to the user's ambiguity problem as I haven#t gotten to sell anything yet ). Also a good product requires a good criticism so don#t bash the bashers. I do agree that the developer seems to be working rlly hard on this an salute with open heart their comitment towards the product and it's users. Cheers, Bigmouth. EDIT: I sold! As another user said, doing some mentor meetings yelps alot.
  2. When charging money for a product you should expect such comments for flaws. It is prolly Vista and I'm glad I dont't generally use it, BUT it does not fall under my duty to do more. You are here to answer for flaws and again, what happend is a big flaw even tho it's most likely an OS issue. So, letting others know about this is bannable? I think not. This is support and patch\hotfix, had to post it here too back when I did. On topic and damn right. Cheers.
  3. Are you sure they didnt cash in? I had the same impression but then i saw them grayed out in the abilities tab if I remember corectly, that isn't a bda thing to see them there atleast to keep track. Some are repeteable some are only earned once. Maybe I too didn't get the increase but I didn't notice.
  4. Well, I see support is very promt , you are doing a gr8 job on it. Another plus then. If we keep chatting a bit more I'll go ASL pls ). Wish I had made the damn backup faster :-(.
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  6. Well, Hello and ty for your swift response. Before buying something, I like to take an interest in the product of my desire . Thus I have visited the forum and after reading that it has just begun and about a few serious bugs I decided to try it out first. On the other hand investing a good ammount of time into something just to have it lost afterwards seems to me as the biggest issue there is. As for the rest, I always support games I like and buy them but tend to react differently, in that case, to issues like this one. This being said, congratulations on a nice game with mechanics I like and enjoy. It did get me hooked till losing my char. Also, I found that the manual actually relates to explaining matters that are quite easy to understand without reading it, but doesn't explain how to sell items for example as you don't do this thru the action of SHOP. Hope you solve the saves issue so I can wonder about the Academy once more in the official version... I do hope you understand that 'it has something to do with..' doesn't do for 30 bucks :'>. Cheers and good luck. P.S. maybe you could set the parent folder for saves in a more accesible area as i have scaned my laptop for them several times and didnt not get to them (have read the 'saves can be found here post'). That would prolly make it easier to make backups.
  7. It would have been nice if you had fixed the bug where saving the game erases the save permanently when being close to the ending of the game and after hours spent playing it.
  8. WTF!!!! I saved game as usual before next day and it erased my save!!!!! Then i saved game over another save and it deleted that too... I thought it might be a bug and tryed a brand new save and it showed the save progress bar as for the rest but no savegame! I restarted the game, hit 'continue BUGS WRESTLING adventures for 30 BUCKS' and NOTHING! I've played the game for 5 days now and it didnt do this till here in the second year. There is no way in the world I#ll restart playing this if i can't get my save back somehow...and that is very, very unlikely to happen. GOOD thing I didn' buy the game lol.... :-L
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