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  1. Really enjoying the game so far! I haven't gotten too deeply into it yet, but here's a few things I've noted: Typo: In the mummy adventure, in Egypt, one of the conversation branches says this: "You're a riot. If Zul al Zan is an archaeologist, he knows his history. He have to stop him" Error (maybe?): In the info that pops up when you click on an attribute, most of the attributes just have a large blank space between the attribute and then ways to increase it. Wit, however, has a line in that space, "This is wits description" Also, it makes sense mini-events don't have a journal entry, but it seems inconsistent on whether or not they're even noted; for example, it notes that I looked out over the city on June 27th - a minor action. But June 26th and 25th seem to have had nothing at all happen, when I must have done similar minor actions on those days. The inconsistency makes it feel strange, like there was an error somewhere. Is there a reason some actions are noted and others aren't? And on that note, a suggestion: while some of the skills and attributes are self-explanatory, it might be nice to have a description of them listed in that blank spot I just mentioned. For example, while I've heard the term Moxie before, I don't really know what it means.
  2. This looks great! You can definitely see a certain 'style' of things that reminds me of Academagia, such as how the skills appear to operate with the player's choices. It seems like you guys managed to do quite a bit with the ren'py engine! I'm looking forward to it coming out
  3. I just wanted to chime in with my two cents on some of the new suggestions. I'm with the people who prefer it to be text-based: it makes it feel very different from a lot of other games out there. There's definitely room for a 3-D exploration type game (in fact, it sounds very interesting!) but that seems like it would be a different game than Academagia. Using such a visual interface would draw attention away from where Academagia really shines: the stories. I'm neutral on voice-acting; it's really unusual for a game to have voice-actors that I actually like (although it does occasionally happen), so I'd want the option of turning off/muting the voices. I do like the idea of having an image of the character demonstrating emotion, though. Something like a little portrait off to the side, that might raise eyebrows, grin, glare, etc... Heh, and I second the suggestion to romance Pamela. Now that would be interesting!
  4. Academagia Year 2 Long Live the Queen (by Hanako Games - I don't know if that's the actual title of it, but that's what she's titled the thread about it in the Hanako Games secrets forum) 7 Grand Steps (by Mousechief) Fortume Summoners (by Carpefulgur) Yeah...I don't exactly have normal tastes in computer games.
  5. I've been around for a while, and just now realized I never have posted an introduction. For how long I've been in the forum, I don't post all that much. You'll mainly just see me lurking in dark corners I've been gaming since I was a kid, although amusingly enough, the first computer games I can remember playing weren't meant for kids at all. They were Doom and 7th Guest. 7th Guest is a bit more obscure of a title these days, but was an adventure/puzzle game that I have very fond memories of; I remember thinking it was absolutely amazing due to actual video clips in parts of the game, heh. These days, I mainly stick with life simulations (when I can find them ), adventure games, and the occasional RPG. Most of my spare time is spent reading, or playing computer games. I also do some table-top gaming, having just rejoined a group this past year, when I hadn't done it since high school. I'm finishing up my last year of college - at least the undergraduate portion - and am hoping to soon be moving on to graduate school for Anthropology. I discovered the game back in August, and have been semi-obsessed with it since then. I have this thing about making lists and recording information...which is perfect for this game, and working on the wiki, hehe; I spent quite a bit of time on there. The depth of the world is pretty spectacular, and how the characters develop is something I just love. I can't wait to see where the game goes in the future.
  6. It also seems that Character level 5 is missing any perks. Edit: Doing some more checking, Rhetoric is definitely having some issues; Confidence level 7 and Passion level 8 also seem to be missing perks.
  7. It also seems that Character level 5 is missing any perks.
  8. It looks like Passion levels 3 and 4 might not have any perks, either. (I'm on a roll for finding stuff tonight )
  9. This one's an issue with an adventure. In the "Find a Way to Pay for Entrance into the Town Fair" adventure, the "Thief!" part of it, there don't seem to be any rewards for completing it. I had blue for the blackmail option and green for running; Blackmail told me that I didn't find anything on my second search, and the running, I caught the boy. It seemed like a success (and the adventure wasn't listed as failed in the daily summary), but nothing was awarded.
  10. Found something I wanted to ask about - it's not an item bug, but I figured I'd just post it here rather than make a new thread. Does Pure Luck level 8 have any perks? My character didn't seem to gain anything at that level. Luckily, not much happened that day, so I'm pretty sure if there were any perks for it, they didn't inform properly. There's nothing under the info about gaining skill steps that says you've learned anything, and in the total day summary, there's only a comment about someone else competing (so it's not there).
  11. I noticed this when working on the Wiki. There are two items exactly the same, with different names: there's "Bow: Standard", and "Bow"; they have the same attributes and description, as well as price. The only difference is that the Bow: Standard is sold in the Tikandara of the Ulmenth's Catalog, and the Bow is sold in Tikandara of the Ulmenth (Merchant). In fact, the Bow is the only item sold at the merchant shop, which is strange since the merchant shop is gained at Archery level 8; the catalog is gained at Archery level 4, but it has many more (and much better) items than the merchant shop.
  12. Aletea

    Patch 21 bugs

    Something I noticed - the Clique Meeting Marker location doesn't have anything listed for region.
  13. That would seem likely, but at the time the only Natural Philosophy Subskill that the character even had was archeology - the Natural Philosophy Parent Skill was 0. If it does unlock with Natural Philosophy 7, it's also still unlocking with Archeology 7 and 9.
  14. I think I may have found a bug: The Wyrm Yurarauth Archaeological Dig location is unlocked by Archeology level 7 - but then it's also unlocked again by level 9. Just thought I'd let you guys know
  15. Something a bit unusual just occurred. I had continued playing on a save file that was corrupted (it's the file I sent you the other day, Legate); I wanted to keep going with it, so I just minimized the game and left it running. I continued playing it today, and after two in-game months I decided to try to saving, just to check - and it saved properly. This is a save file that, when I attempted to save it right after it's previous saves, would only create corrupted files. But with leaving the game running all night, or the in-game time itself, it suddenly isn't corrupting the save files. Here is that save file http://rapidshare.com/files/423327614/Dean.ams
  16. I'm not sure if it's been doing this my whole run-through for this particular game, or if it just started - whatever the case, I just noticed. I'll gain a passive ability, and while it will be shown in abilities section - and the skill/attribute increase shown in those respective sections - it doesn't actually impact anything. For example, my character started out with a 1 in insight, and currently is 4(through passive abilities); yet all the skills that rely on insight still are doing training like it's a 1. (ex: Danger Sense was requiring 3 trainings to get to level 2, even with a 3 (at that time) in insight. Oratory was doing the same thing, except I started training it when I had the 4 in insight). Passive abilities from locations also don't seem to be working; I tried an adventure where I needed high oratory, so I had the location be at the great gate (which is supposed to be a +2 to oratory). Rather then be upped by 2, oratory skill remained the same. The Champions room also doesn't seem to be improving the attributes for the duration of the stay, as training there did nothing to help with training these skills. Another example also involves danger sense; I was trying to get the passive ability Goosebumps. I already had a passive ability that gave me +1 to my danger sense skill; so before I even started training, it said my skill in it was a 1. When I trained it up, however, I had to train to to level 4 rather than level 3 to get the ability. I've included the save file. EDIT: I've never had this happen before; I only noticed after I'd gotten mostly through the Content Patch 5 Aranaz adventure. [redacted]
  17. I also have this problem, but it doesn't occur very often; it's happened to me three times. Each time, it was at least midway through the game - it never happened before midterms. I tried the fresh installation of .Net 4, but it happened again after that, so it didn't fix it for me. I've been saving it every week in a different slot (I was varying between two slots); I was also saving it right before adventures. The last time it happened, was when I had saved it for an adventure, and then went to reload it - that save was gone. The previous save had been the day before, so I loaded it. Anytime I tried to save with that one, however, it suffered from the same issue. The saves were only a day apart, and while the first one was good, any later ones from that one were corrupted. I'm trying the running as an admin now, and I'll see if this pops up again.
  18. I saw it on Gamersgate - and then came to the official site to check it out. Kinda strange, but I wound up buying it from the official site rather then the place I found it on
  19. I'm a new player (just got the game yesterday), but I've been playing quite a bit. I really love the game, but I have some suggestions (maybe for future games, or if this one is updated at some point). I made up a list of suggestions as I was playing, and I think I've seen some of these on the boards already. Sorry for any repeats, in that case. Exams: I can't figure out how to know what exams are scheduled for a particular time; perhaps allow them to be clickable, so you know which exam to prepare for? The same goes for classes, although that isn't nearly as important; I'd just like to know quickly (without having to check previous days histories) what classes I'm going to be skipping if I do something else in that time slot. Locations: Having locations listed in the lore section is fine and dandy, but what would really be helpful is to have their abilities show up when you're selecting locations for particular activities. (not necessarily the whole description- just, for example, +1 Innuendo, etc.) Phemes: Same goes for phemes, as locations; having them off to the side is fine - but when actually adding them to a spell, you have to close out the entire box to go and check which ones do what. Some way to see what the phemes do when you're trying to add them would be very helpful. Random Events: These are fun, but my only problem is that sometimes - especially when I first started playing - I had no idea where to find the skill that was added. For example, say I chose an acrobatic path, so that skill was added. I had no idea what category the acrobatic skill was under, so I had to go through each individual one and find it. It's ok to do that once or twice, but then you also have to memorize which one it falls under, and doing a lot of searching, even after having located it. Many of the skills are self explanatory (such as theory of enchantment under enchantment), but others could fit more places (like memorization, patience, artisan, etc. etc.). So what I would really love is this: after a random event (on the last page of it, after you've made your choices) say what was improved. (for example: Rimbal - Endurance +1). In the history section would be ok, but having it right there would be nicer. Detentions: This is like my suggestion with exams and classes...honestly, I've gotten my character a lot of detentions. Enough so that it can be hard to remember how I got them - I'll peek ahead and see more detentions and wonder "where on earth did those come from?" So my suggestions here is to make it possible to see exactly what each detention is for. (skipping classes, etc.) Schedule: It can get a bit monotonous having to click through each individual day and set it up. If I'm doing different things every day, it's fine - but when I'm just cramming for exams, or trying to work on a particular skill, I'd like to be able to use another day's schedule. That's all I've got for now; might think of some more later. Great game
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