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  1. ...talking about which... Are you sure this is what you meant to say? ;-) (Sorry, couldn't resist. But seriously: thanks for the patch!)
  2. Either way, I'll have to hurry up and finish my current game -- a couple of weeks left to finals now...
  3. Absolutely! It's much better this way! Unlike knowing the exam dates, which is important and after all only reasonable, knowing this only encourages min-maxing, which I don't think is a good thing. This game is original and has a lot of scope within it, and I would really hate to see it pander too much to munchkinism. Mods, that's another story. Make a Mega-Munchkin mod where you get Mega-Skillz for winning every possible bonus in the game, and the L33t can go and play that and leave the rest of us to enjoy a game that isn't based on Mega-Winning
  4. On a related note, I loved the Prescriptivism spell. It's something I feel quite strongly about and it was so nice to find that bit of linguistics-geek-targeted humour in the game :-)
  5. I have this item identified. It has an ability also called Lucky Sprite's Coin, which is supposed to increase Pure Luck by 2. The item type is Miscellanea. It's in my knapsack, and my Pure Luck is 1 -- which means it's not having an effect. I can't put it on the paperdoll -- in fact there is no space for it (I have Bracelet, Hand and Plant, which appeared as I acquired appropriate items). There is no Action or Ability by that name in the lists of stuff I can select, and it's not listed under "Use Item" when I select actions (in fact, nothing is listed, but then I'm not carrying other items I'd expect to be there). ...so, how am I supposed to use the thing? Or is this a bug? [Edit: Sorry, I meant to put this in the General Discussions parent forum, not here. I suppose it's not wildly out of place though -- not exactly FA, but at least it's a Q ]
  6. Ah-ha! That's useful information! ...quick, someone write it into the Wiki! :-) (And maybe it should also go into the manual at some point?)
  7. I was going to ask the same. I hadn't thought of that explanation, but it makes sense. The people I see (those in my clique) are all quite skilled, so it's quite plausible that they would have reached the maximum. In that case, I would definitely call it a bug -- they shouldn't be wasting their actions on something that can only fail.
  8. Maybe someone could make a first Shop page? I've posted a few detailed lists of goods on sale in the Shopping thread. I'm not familiar enough with wikis to start a new category, layout etc. all by myself, but if someone else created one shop I could use as a model I could probably add information for other shops myself as I come across it.
  9. Yet another shop for the Wiki: "Vincent 'Lucky' Dawson (full shop, allows selling) Vincent [...] was a professional dock hand [...] has found himself something new with a tinge of the familiar: selling gear and information from his days as a dock hand to those who would need them the most." Back Brace, $970, +1 Strength attr. Float Pheme diagram, $75, (Inform Float Pheme) Lightened Pack, $75, -6 to inventory Size Feathery Gel, $206, -1 to one item's Size for 2 days (10 doses) Wand of Lift, $535, +1 Economy and Transport; Affinity for Load and Unload phemes (x3) and for Air pheme (x1)
  10. A curious one. In the description of the Combine pheme: "The Combine Pheme will Increase two of the benefactor's Language sub skills [...]" Caster?
  11. Details of another shop for the Wiki: "Willy's Analytical Assisters: Willy sells basic necessities for analytical actions and much more. [...] he sells things like draught recipes." Spectacles of Creative Discernment, $347, +2 Analyze, +1 Creativity Finely Balanced Scales, $400, +2 Analyze, +1 Materials Knowledge Draught of the Forgotten Lyrist, $88, -1 Music skill, -1 Finesse attribute, lasts 3 days, required contested roll (Finesse/Sleight of Hand vs target's Insight/Danger sense) Draught of Brew Mastery, $250, +4 to Brew sub-skill of choice [it doesn't specify duration, but other potions seem to be temporary] Draught of Analytical Intensification, $200, +3 Analyze/Materials Knowledge/Chemistry, lasts 2 days. Aetherial Basic, $10 [Potion ingredient] Aetherial Neutral, $12 Aetherial Poisonous, $75 Aetherial Ruinous, $22 Purified Water, $18
  12. I went to shop at Cheryl Aemegus (a catalog shop), but there are no items for sale in the shop. From the description, it should sell athletic-related items.
  13. @Draigh: "Willy's Analytical Assisters: Willy sells basic necessities for analytical actions and much more. [...] he sells things like draught recipes." "Gutross' House of History - The Early Empire: Supposedly, Iu Gutross is a former professor. [...] Gutross carries several authoritative texts by the most noted and respected historians. But he also carries items said to have belonged to the children of the New Gods themselves. As always, the buyer should beware." (Sorry, not copying the whole text, just the most "mechanically" informative parts. I'll edit this message later if/when I visit the shops, it may be a while because I've just managed to land myself a few detentions...) "Maxtentius: [Catalogue shop, can't sell items. Drat. I wanted to sell...] The former judge Maxtentius retired [...] and found himself drawn to the period of the Middle Empire. Since beginning his studies, Maxtentius has become one of the premier authorities of this time period" Antique Necklace Replica, $200, +1 Cosmetics skill Antique Ring Replica, $200, +1 Courtly Fashion skill Quality Bracelet, $150, "quality 2-3 times higher than normal counterpart" (for adding phemes) Iron Wand, $890, +1 Revision skill, +1 Enchant skill; good for Artifice; Affinity for Earth (x2) and Solid (x1) Rise of the Merchant Houses (book), $100, +1 Economy skill Trade Maps (book), $250, +1 Economy/Transport/Logistic while in the character's possession Spiked Bracelet, $800, -1 Max Vitality while wearing, +2 Gates/Gates Methods skills Marcula of [text cut] (wand), +2 Incantation Methods/Theory/Phemes skills; affinity for Wind (x2), Water (x2), Earth (x1)
  14. Generally I hate games that can't be windowed, because I tend to play in small bursts between "serious"[1] tasks and switching is a pain. Also notifications from e.g. email or twitter are a pain with fullscreen games. However, I must say Academagia plays nice with Alt-tabbing and with notifications, despite not being windowed. I've no idea what technical detail makes it different from other (casual) games played fullscreen, but it's as good as a windowed game. I can even view other windows -- like twitter or chat -- on top of it, though obviously not the reverse. (Well, the taskbar is still missing, but I can bring it up with a key or use Alt+Tab, so no great loss). ...so you might ask, what's my point, exactly? Er, I guess just another "thank you" to the game designers :-) [1] Who am I kidding?
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