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  1. Too bad I don't use facebook, or twitter. I just don't like how everyone around me seems to have given the reins of their socials lives to the fabled internets. And it seems that in their never-ending quest for new things to update their statuses with their stupidity has escalated to levels previously thought unattainable by mere human beings.
  2. I modified the Dark Heresy system to play Academagia on pnp, it works for us ( even though the term start sort of made it hard to get together and play ) I've found that the various starting background options in chargen can be mirrored to Dark Heresy easily and I treat the perils of the warp as miscasts. Copious amounts of reflavoring needs to be done, of course, but we wouldn't have our games less deadly, and it's always good fun when you make someone's head explode and shower the person next to him in blood, who slips and falls down. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay would work as well, I suppose. I don't have the books for those, though.
  3. I like it. And the writing is edited to fit the style of the game anyway, no worries there.
  4. Considering the rate you're pushing out patches, you'd have made a new game by now =<
  5. For a diplomat? Mastery, of course. Too bad you can't get it as a class, though.
  6. So guys I heard you like fixing so I put a hotfix in your fix so you can fix while you fix. or something like that.
  7. It's okay, I never post anything productive ever. And this fact doesn't seem to stop me now, does it?
  8. I'd probably choose Aranaz. but then it was obvious.
  9. Oh very nice, it looks very friendly and not intimidating at all. (I'll probably have to eat these words later )
  10. Well, when you have a magical sword and you don't know what it does, you can still use it ( at your own risk ) but if you see that it glows when goblins are near, you know it's enchanted for that sort of thing. But then, correlation does not imply causation. Your problem probably is that you get the effects of the items if you equip them, but your character doesn't really know what happens. It is a game mechanic thing but it is also in character for some items. This could be improved, as in, you would probably know what a book is if it is in a language you can understand, sure you might have to take it to artifact registry if it's in, say, draconic. A lot of room to improve, sure, but it's not as bad as it sounds.
  11. That's why the old games were so good at the time, they were products of love, not the mentality of "we can also sell the ingame cinematics bundle for 30$ too for even more money". Gah.
  12. I'm looking at the improvements since the release version, and thinking that all these improvements ( and more ) will be in Year 2, one should imagine that it has the potential to be legendary. I'm just hoping that you don't have development issues ( read: money problems ) along the way. We take so much for granted with the frequent updates, but I think most of us would find the release version unplayable compared to what we have now. Not that it was bad at the time, it's just so much better now.
  13. Hostile spells overrepresented? Magic is for burning stuff to death, freezing stuff to death, disintegrating stuff to death and generally being a zombie moving slowly towards an unprotected sunflower. I for one support the casting of spells in adventures in year 2, and will hope for more death and destruction unicorns and flowers.
  14. You should see my room, I graphed my life for the past 6 months as a project, everything from relationships to food consumption is documented ;] So yeah, I see the numbers in my real life as well! Trying to determine determinism ( hah ) in human life is hard work, even though physics seem to have disproved some of the concepts, the new age of information and insight into human behavior, mainly the advances in psychology, sociology and biochemistry suggest that our actions depend on certain variables %100 of time. As far as I know right now, the paper I will write in a few years ( long term assignments, yey ) will again suggest that all human life could be simulated with enough computing power and information. In an age where even the television advertisements are tailored to human perception and psyche, effects of the certain "random" forces in the universe is minimal at best.
  15. I'm embladed with anticipation. No I don't really know what that means.
  16. How 'bout adding an "Elite" option to the game which shows the rolls and results? Like, say, D&D adaptations on PC?
  17. Excellent work Black Chicken, you do have a way with keeping promises. Why hello there mr. DLC 1, we shall have so much time together, you and I.
  18. Affirmations! ( a girl's gotta have something to do until the term starts... or we get a new Academagia patch! )
  19. I certainly hope that murder will be an option!
  20. So, I wonder if there are hints about that "path" in game, since you can't be seriously expecting people to come across the locations in a certain order to discover it without knowing it beforehand, eh? =P
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