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  1. Be at ease Legate, it's not your fault that your playerbase are aspiring to be evil overlords.
  2. Question Actions and abilities are the ones on the Dialectic skill ( I think ). Such as "Question Self", "Question Surroundings" and so on. Since those abilities are on a roll, a bonus to them would increase your chance to succeed.
  3. My friends are mostly idiots, one of them stopped playing starcraft 2 because she lost to a player from a lower league. I could never get her to play Academagia sadly. Others, I plan to coerce into trying it out when the mod tools are out.
  4. Noooo don't fix it, I love going there on weekends and blast myself some undead =P
  5. You probably got a research increase on a subject instead of a skill :]
  6. To be honest I don't know why people would play through a fantasy themed sim at lightening speed. My ex boyfriend used to do that, but on dating sims. Sheer content and lore are the selling points of the game. And, um, magic.
  7. Perhaps it could be related to what you did at first year? If you were a great student then you'd give, say, some study points to the clique members since they can just ask you about what to do with their homeworks ( actually I earn my life writing people's papers for their classes so yeah, you'd be suprised how much $$ people will drop just to be able to graduate ) or if you're very good at rimball you could give, say +1 to their rimball skills ( you eventually learn about things your close friends like doing, even if you don't like it ) and so on.
  8. You can always ask at the spoiler section, some of us are lazy and don't contribute to the wiki.
  9. There's already a content patch up that adds new adventures and random events, there's the DLC1 on the works, another content patch is also being developed. As our Legate said, all first year content upgrades and DLCs will be free of charge. So yeah, we constantly get patches to fix the bugs and new content. And believe me if you just finished your first year, you haven't even seen %10 of the content in the game. Most of us have played over 10 different students and still haven't discovered everything there is to know.
  10. There's already a thread about the adventure difficulty and rewards discrepancy on the spoiler section. I'd be happy if you'd put your input there as well. As to the adventure names and overall ease of use, I believe it will be fixed in the next patch.
  11. Yes, it is a sad lonely world out there, you wouldn't believe how many times a day you have to tell people where your eyes are. Anyway, it's not that I'm offended by the lack of the filter but I know that there are parents who would like the feeling of control over that sort of thing, it won't really stop anyone but maybe make a few parents sleep better at night. ( and more importantly dish out some $$ for our Black Chicken overlords )
  12. Well, if you played Fallout 3 or Oblivion or any other moddable game, you'll see things that will make you wish you could bleach your brain. Give a man a pencil and he'll stab himself in the eye. Give a man a pencil and paper, and he'll draw you a %&^. That's the society we live in at the moment in a nutshell. edit: so there's profanity filter in the forum, good.
  13. I reloaded like 20 times for the fitness, I'm not good with being lucky. Thanks for the tip on dancing, will assimilate it to my training practices now.
  14. And train concentration for Selective Focus.
  15. @AdW At which point the professors just gave up and declared that you graduated and they should probably ask harder questions.
  16. Wrist flick should be Sleight of Hand if memory serves, I got it from an adventure skillup though, so no promises.
  17. Mods are a choice though. I mean, I'm pretty sure there will be mods involving intimate romance *cough*. I also know a few people who grounded their kid for a week for playing Mass Effect 2. "You don't %*!+ with Aria." And that's like the only cuss word in the game.
  18. Well, good points.But usually the profanity filter is put for the parent's benefit anyway, such filters are called "Parental Control" for some reason.
  19. I just tried making a clique named "Fart Smellers" and it worked. Maybe I'm just dirty, but is this intended for a game rated for 9 year olds?=P Those are the same little people who look at dictionaries for dirty words and laugh inanely after all.
  20. Was it dlc1 that we got to use our forbidden arts on adventures, or find an easier to discover way to get admitted to the Gates School? Or was it Content Patch 2? Oh also, how many people are working on Academagia?
  21. the band? Frank the Baptist. Mod tools for the Mod god! Mods for the Mod throne!
  22. By the end of the year I had somewhere around 30 vitality maximum unbuffed =P
  23. How do you mistype "sword" as "bag"? I'm not asking to criticize but to possibly hear a very funny story.
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