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  1. You can also own adventures with it.
  2. Speaking of which, cleanse and remake needs a cooldown so you can't stack it. It is quite overpowered at it's current form.
  3. did you check if you gained a point in research topic with that name? Happens sometimes.
  4. I believe if they weren't going to do that, they wouldn't put an age appropriate portrait in the first place =P Always look on the bright side.
  5. Because you're 13 years old on your first year? And that practically means that you're a kid?
  6. I gave it a 1 because it is the 1st game in my heart. /joke
  7. depends on what you want to do for your character. and also the courses you select at the start. Some of them practically train themselves over the year without you doing anything about it. And you want to use actions that expand more than one skill. It doesn't matter if you'll never use it, 2 is always better than 1. Get your study habits and library knowledge high or outright start with the libraries discovery. Before you start studying for your courses, learn about Venalicium library and study there for free research subskills. There are many more tips and tricks, but it all depends on what skills you want to focus on. Specialization is a must, but there are plenty of opportunities if you know what you're doing. ( we only have little knowledge about the game at the moment as a whole since it's so big, so any information posted should be taken "as is" and when the mod tools are released we will start posting guides for pretty much everything. )
  8. Yes, there seems to be a problem with detention detection ( heh ). You get detentions for skipping detentions that weren't there. And since you don't know that ( you don't get the reprimand message either ) there's nothing you can do about it.
  9. http://cl1p.net/academagia Some basic info on some locations that aren't mentioned on the wiki. Will post more later, need sleep =(
  10. Well it does say that my chance to get a random event should rise by.. %300.
  11. I visited the Mysterious Island a few times, but didn't have any random events. Not posting this on bugs thread because I'm not sure if it's a bug or not since it's supposedly random, but the description would lead one to believe that one or more events should be guaranteed. A quick elaboration, I didn't get any events after using the ability to visit the location until the ability became available again on all cases. So not even any "random" events either. Most peculiar luck.
  12. Being a dabbler in witchcraft myself, I can tell that there are some traditions where using metal as a focus isn't forbidden. While it is not exactly a rapier per se, it is my firm belief that a rapier would fit the renaissance theme nicely and whatever difficulties might arise from using a rapier is simply offset by "rule of cool". for more information on witchcraft and some other traditions "Buckland's Complete Book Of Witchcraft" is a good starting point.
  13. What are the rewards for it? Since if it's so hard...
  14. That happened to me only once, I think, and I had 0 on explore and was using the spell "Private Chariot" to explore for hidden places. So I can attest to the "I should win the roll, but it sometimes fails." issue. No clear reason for why it happens though. As an another question, our esteemed Legate, is there a minimum skill requirement on exploration for some hidden places?
  15. Random adventures seem to have lower difficulty which makes sense since you don't know when you'll run into one. That leads to you owning most of these after the halfway point and failing them before that =P But some of the long adventures have very good rewards and the high difficulty is understandable and I love having to stack up buffs on saturday and sunday to succeed in an adventure I do on monday.
  16. excerpt from Ranielle's playlist Frank the Baptist - Silver is Her Color Controlled Bleeding - Headcrack ( pt 1 ) Joy Disaster - Take the Time The Brides - New Shocks Adam and the Ants - Stand and Deliver
  17. Oh yes! I love Autumn. My favorite band will release a new album on October as well, I couldn't be happier if I tried.
  18. That's an awesome idea, a Vernin student that falls in love with the rapier she just made and enchants it to use it as her wand. *starts scribbling*
  19. New concept: A character that uses the point of her rapier to draw phemes.
  20. I have a long long long list of locations with effects, but I have no experience in writing at the wiki, apart from a few at dramatica ( that hardly counts ). so I could paste the information somewhere if anyone wants to take the noble and holy duty of formatting them.
  21. Right now playing an enchanter at Vernin. I was disappointed when I finished the Vernin adventure and got a regular longsword. Oh well. The badge makes up for it, I guess.
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