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  1. Oh. Sorry for being confused, since you already have a concept called Content Pack, and the term DLC is usually used for stuff that is completely optional but very advantageous if you pay cold hard cash for it =P So yeah. In other news, I've bought starcraft 2 because my friends wanted to play with me, logged in and had to do some ladder matches for qualification for some league or another. I won all of them, yey. Then went back to playing Academagia, this game is addictive. I wonder if I'll be able to stay on my deadlines with so much forum watching and gaming. And the artwork is really good, I was thinking of getting my own portrait made in this style then remembered that I'm a student. Oh well, Faculty of Fine Arts is across the main library on this campus. Time to make some friends.
  2. What will be the price of the dlc pack, I wonder?
  3. There is some discrepancy between the Nanteredal's Headstone location lore and the ability itself. While the lore talks about how advanced negation students could learn from it, the ability to visit it lists the roll as ( insight / temperance roll v 8 ).
  4. is that for CP1 and Patch3? Because in the finals I got like 220 on Arithmetic and nothing special happened =( Yes Arithmetic is one of the easily broken exams. Probably the questions are easy =P
  5. Let's not get too specific, to utter their true name ( or description, in this case ) is to call them.
  6. Protip: the files in the resources folders are actually PNGs without an extension. Do the math before Black Chicken copyright ninja wizards come and take me away. I hear they are really nasty and they have this trick called AAH HELP MR. LEGATE PUT DOWN THAT AXE PLEASE
  7. What was your inspiration for the names of the months in the calendar? It's really melodic.
  8. Heh, my latest savegame ( with which I plan to take over the world with ) has mastered all the spellcasting skills and gates and mastery to boot. Sure, she sucks at social interaction but mastery takes care of that =P Actually it takes care of everything. Also, I fully support this little game, nice idea Mecharm.
  9. Thanks for your hard work Black Chicken, I've been playing the consolidated Patch 3 and Content Patch 1 since it's release, and it's much more fluid and responsive. Yes, I mean that literally, I haven't slept. Does it show? Are there bags under my eyes? Don't you like me anymore? heh. Is it just me or is the game overall faster with some of the bug fixes? Even though it is harder with the glory and passive skill increases nerfs, it is so much better. We'll be able to mod the cheats later to discover everything, but at this state game is %150 more playable than at launch. As it turns out, you can improve on perfection!
  10. I just kept casting damaging spells on her. After a while she died. Or gave up. Heh.
  11. Calomantia's Gym: Athletics Room is still passive, and for the benefit of players it has %75 chance to expand 3 Athletics subskills by 1 point each. Abuse it while it lasts! This is patch3bundle, by the way.
  12. Funny nobody noticed the typo on the topic title.
  13. The overbearing title says it all really, what do you listen to when you're not playing ( since the soundtrack of the game is so good ) Think of it as a personality test for Black Chicken, they can get some customer profile information from the music tastes!
  14. On another note ( totally stealing your topic ) I never get any Fitness increases when running. Sad panda. With that out of my system, on topic: Well, the game tries to inform you of what happened to your character and it makes you smile when you see that your skillpoints in investigation skills are well spent and actually helped you.
  15. And the first cheat mod that gives 10 to every skill as a background rolls out approximately 3 seconds after mod tools hit the interwebs.
  16. Ah, this is really good. Very well done Mercharm.
  17. My character could use a fancy mirror. GO TEAM GIRL
  18. Oh my god I go away for a hour to watch the basketball world championship and you release it? That is so cool, thanks everyone at Black Chicken, you are cogs. ps: I keep the game open on the background for the music, yes I know I can download it but feels more cozy this way, call me crazy. Also, okay, who came up with the Bad Luck Magnet background, it almost made me fall from my chair. So much win.
  19. Making social, adventure and spellcasting a 4th action a day would be awesome as in, an action you can only use one of those three and nothing else, that could make people enjoy more of the gigantic content. Here's another cupcake Academagia Fan. And BAD VEGEJOR, BAD, NO BANANA
  20. Yey that's great news. Here, have a cookie. Or even a cupcake. *bakes a red velvet cupcake* here you go.
  21. Grimdark wouldn't really work in full effect on first year, the character is supposed to be 13 or something. But a magical world would be a really scary world, for those who leave the safety of the Academagia grounds and ventures into the wilds.
  22. I don't think people who like you do anything special other than cluttering your day report with what meager poems they wrote and how they failed at their studies. Some of them you can trick into being minions, but these people usually don't like each other anyway. But then, I never have time for people who are not me, I have skills to train, studies to complete, spells to cast to rate over 200 in an exam, a galaxy to conquer. Ehem. You were saying?
  23. I usually work alone, but maybe it would be easier and faster if we pooled ideas and resources. Introduction is on the introduction ( duh ) thread ;]
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