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  1. Permanent attribute increasing spells that can be cast repeatedly invariably leads to singularity, even the temporary ones are dangerous.Let me pick an example at random: You make a spell that increases your intelligence, then use your newfound intellect to make a spell that is better at increasing your intelligence. Eventually you'd discover or invent a way to make it permanent. Then you use that spell to make even more powerful versions until you transcend and become post-human. Which might actually be a nice plot hook, to cast such spells the big bad evil would need certain reagents, such as draining a magical nexus of power and exotic materials and you'd have to stop him before he's intelligent enough to foresee and stop every action you can take. Or just blast you off the planet. I'd ask for mod tools, but this is not 1st year material =(.
  2. It's too early to make advancement plans, we should make mod plans instead! Come to think of it, one of the Mastery lore snippets should be: "Stop hitting yourself"
  3. Who would want that kind of responsibility anyway? If we get to laugh at newbies whining about bugs while talking about good old times when we could abuse the puzzle block to get %100 success on skills we don't even have then I'll be happy.
  4. There are a few random events that unlock interrogation. For the insults, you get skillpoints for being in one of the law related location abilities which is certain to unlock it. I'll see what it is in a few minutes, actually. Oh yeah, it's the Listen to the Arguments action, it's on Lesser Court of Civil Law location. You can get it by starting with Courts discovery. And by Civil Law skill, I presume.
  5. Ranielle Limeleaf, Goddess of Irony. I believe it has a nice ring to it, if I dare say so myself. Joking aside, while the dev team, bless their hearts, spends time with us and reads every topic, they probably won't have time for it when the flock becomes bigger. Which will inevitably happen if they keep up the good work since the sequels can only get better and more refined with this mindset. There will be a time when our esteemed Legate won't answer to every petty question. Then it will be up to the community itself to help the newcomers, be nice to them and help with their problems. And that, my friends, is when we'll strike.
  6. I can settle for being a demigod if I still get a temple built in my name. =<
  7. And imagine some years later when there are more players, we would be like gods to them. Gods! Since we came first! ( I really should stop planning to take over the universe, I really should )
  8. I presume skulls of our fallen enemies will not be an option. A shame. That one? That is Joana Lio y Rossollo. She won't bully anyone anytime soon.
  9. I'm waiting for the patch to write the first year from the perspective of the player character ;]
  10. Which makes getting study bonuses to attributes before doing any serious skill training a good idea.
  11. When patch 3 arrives I'll squeal like a teenage schoolgirl in glee. There aren't any strong enough words to describe what I'll do when the mod tools come out. Take "explosive ending" and extrapolate from there.
  12. Right now it generally goes like this: 1-Save the game 2-Start the adventure 3-Go as far as you can and note down the skills needed 4- When you fail load the game 5- Cast a spell that increases a required skill 6-Start the adventure 7- Go as far as you can and note down the skills needed 8- If you can finish, save the game 9- If you fail, load the game Rinse, repeat
  13. You can get a few from maxing the study ranks of some skills, which is on the wiki. And you can get a bit more from maxing various skill levels. It is rather rare. You have a chance to increase your fitness by running ( location Academagia Groundskeeper's Office ) and some others. Like I said, it's rather rare.
  14. I believe that's what the Mastery skill is all about! Stealing people's underwear.
  15. This is Ranielle, I'm a 23 years old university student in Europe. I study Philosophy in one, and Literature in the other which pretty much takes all my time and means that I spend more time in various libraries than at home. It's not that I'm complaining, I like reading and thinking, this allows me to do both in extreme amounts. Anyway, I saw Academagia on Rpgwatch news, and I was interested in it almost immediately, fortunately you were selling on impulse and well, here we are. I probably hold the record by buying the game about in 20 seconds after finding out that it exists. And now I'm trying to find out everything secret in it with the obsession only a real bookworm can muster.
  16. In a world where you can use magic to lift the hammers and do the actual work, there is little use for being strong. And I'd assume the worth of the item comes from the magic involved in the creation.
  17. Just find a poor illiterate kid and make friends with rest of the University!
  18. Could Voldemort put people under his control on his first year?
  19. Do you get to take over the universe by being an evil overlord?
  20. I see that usually after the midterm exams, some students try to use the Study action, but fail at it. Is this possibly because their study levels on the subject is already 10? Is this is a bug or is it possible to fail studying?
  21. Most of those interface issues can be solved in a patch, I think. Keep in mind almost all the indie games have interface issues at release, and most are solved within a few months. The general point is, these games aren't watered down for mass sales, the amount of detail and content makes it almost impossible to make everything readily apparent. With feedback these issues can and will be solved in a manner satisfactory to most. The Black Chicken boys are pushing out patches like they are baking cookies, I understand the frustration but comments that hurt the team spirit doesn't really help at all. And soon the wiki will be complete with all kinds of information as well.
  22. Well it makes sense in a way that Enchanted and Masterwork items "should" be expensive. And considering the prices on some of the items on the shops, 300g for a craft is rather cheap. Also since you need 10 in both Enchanting and Forge, it probably means that you are a master at that craft ( insofar as a first year student can be ) I for one do not believe that it needs cutbacks. The real issue is the ease of getting forge subskill extensions by doing stuff that actually helps your grades. You can go about your business training enchanting and some others and you'll have 10 in forge in no time.
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