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  1. I found that out after I spent about 2.9 thousand gold on books. Accepting Commissions is an easy way to earn copious amounts of gold pieces. I wonder if your wealth will matter in the second year. I mean, it is possible to make a character who is probably richer than his parents.
  2. This, a thousand times this. Passive increases sort of sneak around you and makes it very hard to catalog the changes since by the end of the year you have dozens of phemes and locations, it's an unnecessary hardship. The game shouldn't withhold information from the player. After all, if my character learned something about a pheme in class in a passive manner, she'd still know what she has learned by the end of the day, no?
  3. More long adventures would just make the game even harder, you barely get enough actions a year to do a few of them and still get good grades. I suppose this will get better when we expand the wiki so that we can see exactly what each adventure entrails. Going blind usually ends in a wasted action. Because you suddenly find out you need some obscure skill to proceed, and that is just cruel.
  4. You need at least 10 in Enchant and 10 in Forge to accept commissions. Arrange Workstation and 6th Finger work wonders there.
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