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  1. "Random Event - Evelien van Strien" all of the references for the player's name are showing "&Player Name&". Also probably not a bug (if I understand this is possible on exams) but Cosseta Re has scored a 0 on her first 3 midterms (haven't taken the others yet). I mean, she is probably the student I despise the most, and this amuses me, but I can't recall ever seeing a student manage a 0 on even one exam in the past. I do look forward to her being stuck in hall sessions though. I don't have info on her so I can't really see what she's up to.
  2. Syntax pheme description (not the subskill but the pheme) suggests it should increase favor with a professor, but it doesn't. The difficulty and skill boosts make me think it shouldn't increase favor, but the text doesn't agree.
  3. Excellent, thank you @Metis! Interesting, wasn't expecting the serenity boosts. I'm also a sucker for chasing phemes and spells... Maybe it'll fit somehow. It maybe my Avila boy (next char) will go full slacker .
  4. What's the Relaxation subskill got in it? So many things to try I'm not sure if I can fit in another school survival subskill ( I also have most of DLC 16 to explore to)!
  5. @Schwarzbart Those look really cool - I've already started this game, but I'll definitely check out that mod and I think the "Old Familiar" mod when I start my next game [probably an Avila boy, as I've only played through Avila with a girl MC].
  6. I kind of always liked that skipping to do stuff and focus on skills was more rewarding than attending. Seems close to real life, in my experience, where one can learn subjects quite a bit faster than school teaches them if one really put their nose down and ground, but normally kids don't skip school to pick the brain of an all knowing Sphinx (I never found the Sphinx in RL sadly), but rather to waste time with friends. I definitely learned a ton more chemistry (biology and US government as well) by starting to just study for those rather than attend classes - granted I got permission so wasn't going to get in trouble unless I got caught sneaking off campus for lunch, which was a perk I definitely indulged in but I really did work hard, and ended up way ahead of my peers in those subjects. I like that trying to really excel at something means skirting some rules that are meant to keep most kids on the "path". I also think as a game play mechanic it make a lot more sense for class attendance to be in Stark tension with other options, where the "best" path is to push right up to a discipline, but not to cross over. I tend to think year 1 is a bit too lax on attendance overall (my chars have all been skippers), though I'd also agree that the balance I enjoy would hardly be destroyed if classes got a little nudge so that you get about 1 ss per time slot, assuming 2 slots for clases like year 1. Then you'd never skip to just use train - but who uses train - but to do other things it'd still be better.
  7. Just stopping in to say hi on my favorite indie developers forums (and playing the lovely steam edition as I get the time) but would chime in as someone who's played all the colleges with at least one Uber completionist type char. Vernin has the adventure on the Wall... And that one is just too good. It was really hard not to want to play that adventure as I was starting my recent new game. There's no moment in the game for me like the MC and Professor Briardi on the Wall - after the first time I played that I developed a real appreciation for Briardi and a bond between the character and the Professor that comes from knowing each other's mettle that I just don't get in other colleges or from other adventures. It's the one moment of absolute courage I'm certain of in the game. I'd have played Durand in a heartbeat in my recent new game except they never get to have that moment...
  8. I check in about once a month . Been really busy for a while with RL, but looking forward to playing another round when the next update drops!
  9. Only use I ever found was for old RT gaming. Some early games relied on clock speed as their temporal controls. Without the turbo button turned off the game ran unplayably fast. Happy Holidays! Also as a unix sysadmin *'s warm my heart .
  10. I backed that. Fallen London seems like a pretty good browser game, though I've not played it extensively.
  11. Spell: Planar Displacement - "not enough to through him" "through" should be "throw"
  12. Study Natural Philosophy - This NPC ability appears to have an issue a clique member of mine (Luti) keeps using it and failing even though it has no rolls, and none of those skills are maxed. I think as it's set as a "choice of subskill" and he knows none of the subskills of Natural Philosophy he can never use this successfully. I've scene this fail with other students in the past, and I don't think really any of them have the natural philosophy sub skills open. Maybe not an error per say, but it'd be a lot better probably if it just randomly granted one step expansion to natural philosophy. Random Event Friendship 2 - Endurance exit tries to expand your "DELETE - Obedience (Skill)"
  13. Probably been suggested but something fairly basic that I'd love to see in year 2 - Rename your clique and familiar. I'm pretty happy with this characters clique name, but I really wish I'd named my familiar something other than the default (I kind of want to name my shade something other than Shadow!). A bit harder but I'd love to have is an ability to have lore items cross reference each other that allows you to tie the related lores/locations/phemes/spells into a lexical narrative that lets you go to related items without having to find them in the index (which isn't bad when they're next to each other, but is really frustrating when they're all over the place and you want to find out what happens next in a story/myth/legend/history). Textual search through the lores would also be handy (and possibly easier than key words all tying related lore together). I thought of it because I wanted to see if my character knew anything else about Umbrius Caius Abominatus in the Grim Occurrence adventure. I'm sure some (or all of this) has been asked before, but I haven't followed this thread very thoroughly so I apologize if it has been.
  14. Pheme: Thought - The description claims a 1 point bonus to Creativity, Dialectic, and Intelligence (at a cost of 4 this is a phenomenal buy!) but in reality it give +1 Creativity and Dialectic and +4 Intelligence! My character was using this pheme to buff for exams (with 6th finger) and now has an Intelligence of 53 for the next 7 days.
  15. The Restless Temple 05 - "you made your every own wardstone" "Every" should be "very" instead. Watcher Adventure 03A - The exit for deceit refers to Professor Sido as Side. This is the actual exit option, not the text that plays once you choose it. The Restless Temple 07 - "you can fain see the other ghosts" "fain" should be "faintly" instead. The Restless Temple 07 - "that a huge copra snake " "copra" should be "cobra" probably. The Restless Temple 07: Exit Negation - "but Cyril and Zanni is locked" "is" should be "are".
  16. Also there are a couple other steps in this chain the oath appears and the same 2 points are true there too. Those are steps 02 and 07. The Restless Temple 02 - “As a child I used for fight the other kids, it was fun.” "For" should be "to". The Restless Temple 02 - "... not just past through him." Here past should be pass.
  17. Grim Occurrence 03 - "Ssssimply place your fingers upon me and say, 'I ssstand with thee, and pledge by the mark of Umbrius Caius Abominatus, Saint of the Wrathful and the Cruel, to give thee door and anchor an thou dost serve the shape of my will.” The "an" in red is probably supposed to be "and" and the opening single quote is never closed making the oath's end ambiguous (and if it doesn't coincide with the sentence end very different).
  18. Item: Crystal Eye - Has no assigned image. I mean the little icon that represents it in inventory or shop screens.
  19. Pheme: Pierce - This is described as adding the effect "penetrated" Looking in the mod tools it appears that in the effects tab there is simply a placeholder (i.e. it's named but it makes no references). It's possible this is hard coded and not really "viewable" via the mod tools so it may be working, but as I can't find any other references to that effect or what it does I thought I'd mention it at least. Out of curiosity can you tell us what it's meant to do - or is it something we'll learn more about in Y2?
  20. Haha, I'm sure. Ability: Serve Food at the Travelers' Society - The description of the ability and the location that hosts it suggests that there should be a 2 point expansion to stress, but it's not in the coding for the ability. Holiday [The Pellae]- Call for expert help exit leads to a Schoolyard Education Skill minimum increase, which is likely supposed to be a step expansion.
  21. Typo: In the Negation exit for "Student Adventure Orso 7" - "... glitter before the blue." --> "... glitter before the glue." Not sure how I never noticed it before, as I've played this adventure and exit a million times.
  22. A couple fairly minor things from the Shade familiar based abilities: Ability: Icy Breath - Description doesn't describe the role required (Initiator Rhetoric+Charm vs. Danger Sense+Insight, without bonus or penalty) Ability: Fade at Will - Shares the issue with Dream Scout from my last post. I do kind of think the benefit here isn't nearly good enough to warrant a 40% success rate, so I don't really mind it as it is but it definitely doesn't work as described. Also a weird shop, not necessarily and error but maybe worth looking at: "Tikandara of the Ulmenth (Shop)" - Only sells 1 item a Bow. As this is the Archery - 8 reward it's pretty underwhelming as the catalog you get at Archery - 4 (from the same merchant) has a fair number of cool items for archery.
  23. Mikka, know this was from ages ago but your problems with MS Word are probably due to end line encoding. This is a pretty common issue, but a sure way to fix it is as follows: Type your text in Word. Copy and paste it into Notepad++ (a free text editor) Hit <Cntrl>+<H> (find and replace) In the Search mode box at the bottom of the new window change normal to extended or regular expressions (the second has a more expansive search capacity, but beyond what you probably need here) In the find what field enter "\r\n" without the quotes In the replace with field enter "\n" without quotes Hit "Replace All", this should replace all of the \r\n with \n encoding which is usually what causes these funny results you describe. Copy and Paste the text in Notepad++ to the mod tool. This should re-encode MS-Word's end-of-line character that includes a carriage return (\r\n) with the more universally acceptable end-of-line (\n). If anyone knows what text encoding the mod building tool is expecting (probably latin-1 or UTF-8), I can probably figure out what other issues you might run into using MS-Word as a text editor. May also be able to simply pass it through Notepad too, but haven't used that in ages and maybe mis-remembering.
  24. Random Event Theft 2 - The wrestling exit incorrectly assigns you detention rather than Joana on success. So instead of the three thieves getting detention, You, Philippe, and Vettor get detention and Joana gets off! Pheme: Even - Has "DELETE - Odd" as an opposition pheme. Skill perks "Inform Lore 7" and "SP VIII" are the same text in the Voice subskill, though with different titles. Ability: Dream Scout - This always succeeds. It has a 40% success rate in the mod tools but doesn't have a roll so it succeeds by default (check out how the "Academagia Public Practice Room #4" ability is set up, as that works perfectly). It looks like success rate only kicks in after failing a roll. So without a roll or with an easy roll it always succeeds. Action: Hypnotize - This is broken in a similar way as "Dream Scout". In this case a contested roll exists that isn't described in the text that pits the PC's Charm+Mastery Methods against the NPC's Insight+Perception. Since the PC is usually vastly better statistically than the NPC the roll succeeds and the chance of success is meaningless. If the NPC is stronger then it kicks in and if the PC is so inferior that the NPC always win's the role Hypnotize will then have a 50% success rate. i.e. success rate only kicks in if the PC fails a role. I'm guessing failure rate works the opposite. This is why someone else reported never failing at Hypnotize in the thread on controlling students.
  25. I'm actually referring to getting an actual failure while using it rather than the color (which I'm pretty sure doesn't account for familiar). EDIT: Following up, I checked the editor but don't see anything amiss. Only thing I can thing of is if I've got some unknown %failure on social actions/abilities. As far as I know I should be fairly positive as far as % chance of success goes, but if I've got any chance of failure it may lead to a constitutive 1% failure chance. Not aware of anything on this char that would give %failure to any action/ability/spell type but I'll have a look tonight, as I'm a bit short on time now and the character is very far along and has a lot of passives to check.
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