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  1. I came back after a long time and decided to try my hand at modding again.   After getting the new modbase and dusting off the amo and tool, I was unable to open the mod base.

    This is on windows 10

    It says" The database you are opening was created in previous version of Mod Tool.   It must be converted to the format used by this version.  After a database has been converted, it can no longer be edited in previous version.  Click yes to conver and open your database or No to cancel operation.

    I click yes and it flashes a progress bar for a second or fraction thereof and then nothing.  No errors or any database to pick things from.   I can open the amo and see from there, but I wanted to use the new modbase.


    Is Mod tool 0.63.3 still the latest?   Am I missing something else?  






  2. A few more


    3 on research lvl 10s

    Art Appreciation has no no lvl10 bonus not sure if that is on purpose

    Eunacia's Haven has no lvl 10 bonus either (and only 2 lores)

    Biology research lvl 10 expands the skill instead of skill max


    Said these before except Manipulation the

    Pallettes 11-> Enspell not a subskill

    Manipulation 11 -> Beguile not a subskill

    Armorer 11- >Weaponsmith skill instead of skill max

    Coordination 11-> Logistics skill instead of skill max

  3. Is there a list of what areas you have visitation rights to in game someplace? I'm probably blind, I know there is a lists of areas discovered, but how do you know if you have VR to them?


    If not, perhaps when looking in lore tab or choosing where to do things we could color locations with visitation rights a different color.

  4. What does expanding the maximum of a skill that's not a subskill do for you?


    For example the Skill perk 11 of pallets is to expand the of enspell, but you can't study enspell directly.


    Doesn't getting 3 subskills higher then 10 get you an 11 there regardless of max? (not sure here)



    Also a few skill perk 11's seem to be expands instead of expand max. Is this intended?

    For example Armorer 11's skill perk expands Weaponsmith by 1.

  5. I finally trying out dueling for the first time, but I missed the 3 different types of duel


    I think I guess what

    first blood and wound mean

    but what does quietus mean?


    Is it something like this?

    first blood = first time someone takes vit damage

    wound = opponent to 1/2 vit?

    quietus = opponent to 0 vit?

  6. Quick Modding question.


    Are backgrounds applied only at new game start?


    If I want to expand a mod can I add to an existing background and have it pick up the new stuff without starting a new game? (Are which mod's are applied picked only on starting a new game?)



    For examply my mod adds 4 new actions then uses a background to add them to the player. Let's say I want to create 1 more action. and have the same background add it too.


    If the mod name and filename stay the same do I need to start a new game to see that action?

  7. I can't seem to get my new actions to appear. I removed the prerequisites and they still are not on the pick list. Is there a step after defining the action? I did make it a magnitude 10. Do I need to set that back to 0 like train. Other then that I don't see anything different. (and a day to test it make iterating frustrating.)

  8. I'm probably going to wind up spoiling myself quite a bit. (I've got my favorite 1st year saved off anyway, now is time for silly fun) But


    I see a spells and wands background section. Did you guys decide that that was too many backgrounds?


    I don't remember actually encountering weather in game, but there is a whole chart for the weather of each day. Does weather affect anything?


    What does Random Effect Chance do?

  9. Does that mean that each time you do a dlc we have to download a new base?

    (and is it only legal to have 1 active mod at a time?)


    I was excited to get my mod to work, but i forgot to put a target on the add memory. So I can add the background, but it doesn't do much. Oh well. I'll have to publish it again tonight.

  10. Can we get a little how to on the mod tools? I figured you create mod, give name, point to mod base.


    But I'm not sure how to turn the mod into an .mdm file


    My guesses resulted in

    ( created Acedemagia.amo by doing transform to official content on the modbase.


    Impossible to publish mod. The basic official content of mod 'C:\Acedemagia\Acedemagia.amo' differs from c:\blah.amm'

  11. Are passive bonuses supposed to do unlocks as if you had trained to that level? I didn't think they were, so I didn't realize it was a bug. I think I have had the same issue (the first part at least). That is why I asked for the bonus display to see if I needed to train more or if my base skill had reached 10 (or 11)

  12. It is intended that random skill increases can land on skills you've already maxed, but would it be possible to make maxed skills not appear on the list of skills the random pick does? (and only get nothing if its an empty set) That might make random too skill increases too good, but I've found that I still sometimes do this.



    Library of Man... that gives 1 random revision skill

    when I've 10 in every revision skill but 1 and then reload until I get that one randomly.


    I'm conflicted on if that would be a good idea or not, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

  13. It may not be wanted by some people, but it is possible to make it so that skills you have maxed out are not on the pick list for random skills expansions? I'm of two minds here. It mean you can't just keep going places that give two random skills in a category instead of picking one, but it also makes the random ones less valuable as you move towards 10s. (of course if the pick list becomes empty drop it)


    Could I maybe do it as a mod once the tools are out or is this more in the realm of code?

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