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  1. Cool. And I was definitely wrong on the limit 9 thing.
  2. Sure. Something odd here. I tried doing it in Althetics a Deep Breaths with Accuracy 9 Muscle 9 boosted althetics way too much Athletics 9 -> 43! Archery 3->21 Compete 6 Running 11->14 Swim 6 Wrestling 6-> 15 and I'll send you the save soon as I upload it.
  3. Oh and Alteration says it increases Revision Spells by 2 but it only does by 1. Hmm, It did not increase the parent in the case above. I had 3 skills min 17 +9 spell bonus +2 revision passive from mastery should be 28 not 21. It is because phemes was being used as one of the 3 before?
  4. I was wrong. You can add a bunch, but adding phemes to spells sometimes doesn't take. I got a 9 anatomy pheme to boost anatomy 18. I cast Deep Breaths with Alteration 9 Between 9 Anatomy 9 resulting in Enchant Parent 1->10 Revision Parent 12 -> 21 Revision Methods 11-> 20 Revision Phemes 10 (unaltered) Revision Spells 8 -> 17 Theory of Revision 11 -> 20 but often adding phemes dissappear after saying confirm. I tried building Deep Breaths with Alteration 9 Between 9 Tangible 9 I found that the act of scrolling down to tangible would erase alteration and between from my spell. (if I scrolled back up before hitting confirm they would still be listed as in the spell, but they were not there when I hit the execute schedule brown button. I found I could get it if I added the 3. A and B would drop. I came back in to defining the spell and added alteration and between without scrolling down to tangible and all 3 stuck. The exact same thing happened when just trying to add 1 of each. Is adding to 3 subskills with a spell supposed to add to the parent? It doesn't seem to be above. So there is no max, but at least I have disappearing phemes. (further experiments let a spell with Alteration 9 and Restoration 9 give me a 30 revision, but I did have to re-add alteration)
  5. Ok. I'll try it again and report with specifics.
  6. Besides the built it it gets too hard to cast, is there a limit to the number of phemes, skill bonuses a single spell can do? Is there a limit on how much the spell can boost a skill? (I seemed like +9 was the limit when I tried earlier) I think that I succeeded in casting a spell and ended up not getting all the skill boosts that I tacked onto it. (I was using a test/cheat student at the time w/ 100 on stats)
  7. This might be broken in some cases. I'm 98% sure the unlock for Archeaology Research is "The Wyrm Yurarauth Archeaological Dig", but I didn't gain that topic until after I had visited it. I visited it then rested twice and the topic appears with no new locations discovered.
  8. I hope mod tools are September now that CP 1 is out. Or are they pushed to October?
  9. Best I've seen is 280. 10 study 10 natural skill boost 3 subskills by 9 and the main skill by 9. ( I think 9 is the maximum boost, but not 100% sure)
  10. So it's fixed? And the unlocks come from Skills and Locations?
  11. What does unlock more research topics? It is random when I study a skill dependent on my current research skills. I've got 10's on all 4 research skills and my research topics are pretty lean (4 ) I guess my real question is whether it is random or fixed when to unlock a topic. (i'm trying to unlock mastery and subskills and have them all at 10's too, but i did that before I trained research up to a 10.)
  12. Not sure If I'm just failing to do that last training, but ... A few times (two I'm sure of) I've increased a skill maximum then skill been unable to train it to 11. Th most recent was when I got decipher handwriting to a 10. It said You increased your Cryptology Skill level Maximum by 1. I then tried using train and locations to increase Cryptology from 10 to 11. No luck. Clicking on the ability still says it's at maximum. I tried boosting my cryptology with a spell. I made it a 14 then it said I had 0 of 1 to expand it, but still can't seem to expand it that last step. (this was on consolidated patch after a fresh install) The previous instance I'm sure I couldn't increase was Theory of Mastery Skill from the Theory of Mastery research. (this was patch2) Is it actually increasing the max. Can we get feedback on what our maximum actually is? And can the x of x to expand reflect our actual maximums and not just our current boosted skill?
  13. mhv3


    Are we allowed to know the format of saves/mod files? before/after release of the mod tools? I was toying with them. I noticed that mods and saves are zip files. Resources tend to be .png pictures with the extension dropped. Are the Xheader.bin and Xdata.bin files an off the shelf database format (like sqlite) or something custom? Anyway if this is forbidden knowledge don't answer or delete my post or something, but I'm playing around as I wait for patch3.
  14. I've seen it too. I just assumed that someone had "framed" me that I didn't know about. Since I'm such a min maxer I end up reloading when it happens
  15. And to pay the money I believe you have to visit there while doing something else. (ie put it in the prep spot) then it will add the "paid" flag to you and you'll have the Study at Esteban's school of Incantation available.
  16. Can you befriend someone in another clique already? One someone is in a clique is that it or can you "steal" them into yours?
  17. Is it possible we could get the ability to see native vs boosted skill levels. I've noticed that boosting skills doesn't unlock everything, but if I think I've got a real 10/11 I don't try to train the skill up to max. (That and being able to see what group a subskill belongs to easily would be great) My #1 request is that the location passives get reported, but I think that's already planned for the content patch?
  18. I found it. It was 10 on theory of incantation. (I had stopped since I had a 10 in the overall skill)
  19. I learned a spell "From nothing knowledge , but it takes the pheme "superior mind" Anybody know how to learn that one?
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